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Doom Eternal release date, Battlemode, trailers

Hell on earth

Featured post Doomslayer shooting a Cacodemon in the face. It's a rather large face, granted, but it's still the face.

With Quakecon just around the corner, we can expect more information about Doom Eternal. In particular, there should be some more about what exactly Battlemode is and whatever happened to that “invading other players games” thing that seemed to be absent in the recent footage at Bethesda’s E3 2019. Below then is everything we know going into it, from the multiple trailers to the all-important release date.

Doom Eternal release date

Bethesda confirmed that the release date for Doom Eternal is 22nd November 2019. As for where you can buy it, it is available either through Bethesda’s launcher or Steam.

Doom Eternal gameplay

There will be twice as many monsters in this one, with degradation in their character models as they’re damaged. The Doomslayer has new weapons to contend with the fact that everything’s gone to pot. Secondary fire has also returned from the previous Doom game, including a grappling hook that’s attached to the Super Shotgun, but another big new feature is that you can now climb certain walls. It’s also more arcade-like in nature, with extra life power ups and abilities that trigger when certain actions happen. For example, there’s a punching ability that allows for the Doomslayer to punch things really hard after a takedown kill.

It’s not just taking place on Earth though, as the Doomslayer will also journey through a UAC space station before touching down on Phobos – a highly industrialised planet filled with the demonic hordes. This part of the trailer is also where we first meet the marauder – a demon that suspiciously looks like the Doomslayer and is armed to the teeth with fiery powers in the trailer, and a double-barrelled shotgun, and what looks like a plasma axe from the concept art.

Doom Eternal Battlemode

We’re not entirely sure if Battlemode is replacing the whole “enter the other player’s campaign” thing or not, but there’s a new multiplayer mode where two players as demons would face off against one Doom Slayer over the course of multiple rounds. Demon players would then be able to summon the hordes of the damned to try and stop the Doom Slayer, while the Doom Slayer just goes around butchering everything in sight.

Previously, id Software announced that there was a feature to invade other players games, similar to how Dark Souls did it. The idea is that you take on the role of a monster, with the techniques and arsenal that an AI-controlled version would have, and are tasked with stopping the human-controlled Doomslayer.

Naturally, they’re packing a lot more heat than you are, but you’re usually not alone in your mission to take them out. At this time, it’s unclear what the rewards for doing this are if any, but who needs an incentive when you can mess around with another player’s game?


Doom Eternal trailers

Since the teaser trailer at E3, id Software and Bethesda have only shown off the game as part of a gameplay reveal at QuakeCon 2018.  It’s a very high-octane video. Given the tone of the previous Doom, it’s unsurprising that there is some rather dark humour in Doom Eternal, with the overhead speaker transmitting messages about humanity’s transition to the demonic side, such as “Remember, demon can be an offensive term. Refer to them as ‘mortally challenged’.” All of this is accompanied by a new soundtrack overseen by Mick Gordon, who stated the following in an interview with VGR:

“I always feel really disappointed when I play a game and I think the music is great, and then by the time the second one comes around, the music is completely different and it loses the feel of what you liked about the game in the first place. We spent so much time defining the sound of DOOM, we’re not going to abandon it now.”


Doom Eternal special editions

The Deluxe Edition is available both from Bethesda’s store and Steam. It’s also available in physical form from retail shops. It includes:

  • Year one pass – includes two campaign add-ons
  • A “Demonic slayer” skin
  • Classic Weapon sound pack

As for the Collector’s Edition, we’re not sure if this is just an oversight, but you can’t buy the PC version of Doom Eternal collector’s edition in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and UK. It’s available as normal everywhere else as far as Bethesda’s own website states. It includes the following items:

  • A copy of the Deluxe Edition of Doom Eternal
  • Full sized wearable Doom Slayer Helmet
  • A playable cassette tape and download codes for lossless quality full soundtracks of Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal.
  • Doom lore book with customised art from id Software
  • A “The Gift of Argent Power” 11″ x 17″ lithograph

Doom Eternal has a pre-order edition which includes the “Rip and Tear pack”, which includes a player and weapon skin, as well as the “Cultist Base” master level. We don’t recommend that you preorder games as it’s better to wait for reviews, though the collector’s edition’s helmet could make that edition somewhat sparse.

There was also an announcement of a “Doom Slayers Club”. To celebrate Doom’s 25th anniversary, Bethesda opened up membership to the Doom Slayers Club that offers goodies for fans. There’s even an exclusive skin that you can get to use in the game once it has been released.

There’s probably going to be more details over the course of this year’s QuakeCon, so we will of course be updating this hub for Doom Eternal with details as soon as they are made available. We’ll also be updating if the situation changes about Doom Eternal’s collector’s edition in other countries.

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