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Dota Underlords items list - best items for early-game and late-game

Time for a refresher (orb)

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Dota Underlords goes big on basically everything it does, with 60 different heroes, 23 different alliances – and 68 different items to help your army triumph over your seven opponents. Whether they’re equippable items that bestow great benefits upon a single hero, or Global items that offer an army-wide passive buff, you need to have a working knowledge of the best items you can procure if you want to succeed. Our Dota Underlords items guide will walk you through the very best items you can find in Dota Underlords, along with stats and explanations of every single item currently in the game.

Dota Underlords items guide

New players may not realise quite how important a role item selection plays in determining the course (and outcome) of a match. Victory might require something as simple as a well-placed Mekansm. It might only take the offer of a Coordinated Assault to get you to completely change your build. Items are incredibly important, as you’ll see in the below words. Click any of the links just below to skip ahead to a section of your choice.

Dota Underlords best items

When talking about the best anything in something as complex as Dota Underlords, you’re going to run into problems because of how contextual and layered the game is at every turn. An amazing item can become relatively useless if used at the wrong time, on the wrong player, or in the wrong build. Likewise, there are certain fringe scenarios where items that don’t often see the light of day can become incredibly influential. But despite this granularity, there are a few items that have emerged at the very top of the list.

For the Equippable items, Mask of Madness is a great early choice for boosting DPS, and the silence doesn’t apply to passives. Skull Basher is a fantastic item to place on heroes with a high attack speed (and therefore works particularly well in Troll builds). Pipe of Insight and Black King Bar are both phenomenal anti-ability items (the latter for a single target, the former for the army as a whole), and offense-focused items such as Daedalus and Battle Fury can make all the difference when it comes to melting down enemies that much faster. All told, though, I think my absolute favourites late-game are Refresher Orb and Assault Cuirass, because both have the ability to just completely turn the tide of a battle as long as you place them with the right hero.

As for Global items, really what we’re talking about here is the most dominant alliances – but there are a couple of exceptions. Strange Bedfellows and Fall From Grace allow you to take certain alliances in a very different direction, and you can easily snowball as a result if things go your way. Final Flash is possibly the most influential late-game Global, particularly if you’ve filled your army with Mages (as you should, because the Mage alliance is god-tier right now). Coordinated Assault is incredible for Troll builds, and ditto Age of Chivalry for Knight builds. If you’re going for summon-heavy heroes such as Nature’s Prophet and Lycan, then a Summoning Stone can help them be more than just a distraction for the enemy. And obviously, if you survive long enough, then Desperate Measures or Expanded Roster can turn you into a truly unstoppable force.

But as I say, it’s all contextual. Procure the best items for your current build, and consider how possible it might be to transition your build if you come across a particularly decent Global item. The best Dota Underlords players are those who use everything at their disposal to be as flexible as possible.

Dota Underlords item list – Equippable Items

Equippable items in Dota Underlords are divided into three types: Offensive, Defensive, and Support. But all of them work in the same way: once you’ve gained an equippable item, you must drag it from the items tab onto a viable hero on your board. Each hero can only carry one Equippable item (and by the way, you can swap out items during combat, but it won’t actually take effect until the next round). Let’s take a look at every single equippable item currently in Dota Underlords.

Note: both the below tables are split into different “pages” for each item tier. To navigate from tier to tier, click the Previous/Next buttons at the bottom of each table.

Blight StoneTarget gets -3 Armor.Tier 1Offensive
Brooch of the Martyr+50% Mana gained from receiving damage.Tier 1Support
Chainmail+10 Armor.Tier 1Defensive
Claymore+21 Attack Damage.Tier 1Offensive
Cloak+15% Magic Resistance.Tier 1Defensive
Gloves of Haste+20 Attack SpeedTier 1Offensive
Tranquil Boots+100% Move Speed.
+16 Health Regen.
Tier 1Support
Vitality Booster+250 Health.Tier 1Defensive
Arcane BootsWhen equipped hero has greater than 50% mana, restore 25 mana to all allies 1 cell away. (Once per battle).Tier 2Support
Blade MailReflects 30% of damage taken back to the attacker.Tier 2Defensive
Blink DaggerAt the start of battle, teleport behind enemy lines to the enemy farthest away from equipped hero.Tier 2Support
Brooch of the Aggressor+100% Mana gained from attacks.Tier 2Support
Mask of MadnessHero is silenced. +10% Lifesteal, +40% Attack Speed.Tier 2Offensive
Octarine EssenceReduces ability cooldown by 50%.Tier 2Support
Eye of Skadi+400 Health. Slows enemies on attack.Tier 3Offensive
Hood of Defiance+50% Magic Resistance. +10 Health Regen.Tier 3Defensive
MekansmWhen equipped hero has less than 50% health, heal allies up to 3 cells away for 250 Health. (Once per battle)Tier 3Support
Sacred Relic+60 Attack Damage.Tier 3Offensive
Skull Basher+25 Attack Damage. 25% chance to stun targets for 1.5 seconds.Tier 3Offensive
Vanguard+250 Health. 50% chance to block 70 damage when attacked.Tier 3Defensive
Battle FuryMELEE ONLY.
Melee attacks cleave 30% damage to nearby units.
Tier 4Offensive
Black King BarEquipped hero becomes Magic Immune for 7 seconds once the first enemy has 100% mana. (Once per battle)Tier 4Defensive
Daedalus+80 Attack Damage. 30% chance to Critical Hit for 235% damage.Tier 4Offensive
DagonDeal 800 damage to a random enemy unit that has 50% or less Health. (Once per battle)Tier 4Offensive
Maelstrom25% chance on attack to cast chain lightning for 100 damage to 4 targets.Tier 4Offensive
Moon Shard+80 Attack Speed.Tier 4Offensive
Pipe of Insight+50% Magic Resistance. Once the first enemy has 100% mana, apply a shield that blocks 400 magic damage to allies up to 1 cell away. (Once per battle)Tier 4Defensive
RadianceBurns enemies up to 2 cells away for 60 damage per second.Tier 4Offensive
Refresher OrbRefresh all cooldowns and restore 50 mana after casting an ability. (Once per battle)Tier 4Support
Assault CuirassEquipped hero and adjacent allies have +15 Attack Speed and +10 Armor. Adjacent enemies have -15% Attack Speed and -10 Armor.Tier 5Defensive
Bloodthorn+70 Attack Damage. When an enemy hero has more than 75% mana, silence them for 5 seconds. Attacks against the silenced hero can't miss and crit for 140%. (10 second cooldown)Tier 5Offensive
Divine Rapier+330 Attack Damage. If Divine Rapier is in combat and you lose a round to another player, they get the Divine Rapier.Tier 5Offensive
Heart of Tarrasque+1000 Health. Regenerate 2% of Max Health every 1 second.Tier 5Defensive
Shiva's Guard+10 Armor. Emits a freezing wave that deals 250 damage to enemies within 3 cells and slows their movement and attack speed for 4 seconds. (Once per battle)Tier 5Defensive

Dota Underlords item list – Global Items

Global items in Dota Underlords are even more influential items than Equippables. Rather than equipping them onto a specific hero, they stay in your items tab and constantly bestow a passive buff onto certain (or all) members of your army. Many of these Global items are tied in with a specific alliance (for full details on alliances, be sure to check out our Dota Underlords alliances guide), and these ones in particular can augment your build to an incredible degree. Below you’ll find detailed information on every single Global Item in Dota Underlords.

Embarrassment of RichesNeutral rounds offer one additional item choice.Tier 1
Soul Sucking SyphonAllied units 1 cell away from Warlocks heal for 25% of all damage caused by abilities and items.Tier 1
Strange BedfellowsDemon Hunters gain +30% Pure Damage for each unique allied Demon unit.Tier 1
Unstable ReactorAllied Inventors explode on death dealing 20% of their Max Health to all enemies 1 cell away.Tier 1
Aegis of the ImmortalPrevent your next loss of life and destroy Aegis. Win streaks are preserved.Tier 2
Age of ChivalryNon-Knight units gain +10% damage reduction for each allied Knight unit 1 cell away.Tier 2
Completing the CycleWhen a Druid dies, it heals allies 1 cell away over time for 30% of its total health for 6 seconds.Tier 2
Coordinated AssaultTroll units give +25 Attack Speed to allies 1 cell away.Tier 2
Fall from GraceHuman units count as Heartless when counting alliances.Tier 2
Forged in BattleBrawny units start the round with +50 Max Health for every unit they have killed.Tier 2
Indomitable WillDebuffs last 50% as long on Human units.Tier 2
SmugglerQuality of items from neutral rounds are offered from 1 wave higher.Tier 2
Summoning Stone,/b>Allied summoned units have +150 Health and +30 Attack Speed.Tier 2
Tooth and ClawSavage units apply a stackable 10 damage/s bleed on attack.Tier 2
UnstoppableWarriors survive for an extra 2 seconds after receiving a killing blow.Tier 2
A Higher Class of CriminalUnits in shop offered as if you were 1 level higher.Tier 3
Check the BodiesScrappy units have a 20% chance of producing 1 gold when they kill an enemy.Tier 3
Dragon's HoardDragon units gain 1% Attack damage for every gold you own at the beginning of combat.Tier 3
Elusive TargetsElusive units are invisible for the first 3 seconds of a fight.Tier 3
Final FlashMages reset their cooldown and get full mana when below 30% health.Tier 3
Font of CreationPrimordial units spawn Eidolons on death. Eidolons are weak ranged Primordial units that don't spawn Eidolons.Tier 3
Hunter's FocusHunters deal 10% extra Attack Damage for each other Hunter attacking the same target.Tier 3
Pocket SandAssassins blind enemies 1 cell away from where they land for 2 seconds (50% miss chance and 50% less mana when attacked).Tier 3
RetaliateUnits attacking Scaled units take 80 damage/sec for 3 seconds. This timer resets each time the Scaled unit is attacked.Tier 3
Shaman PluckUnits attacking a Shaman have a 5% chance of being turned into a chicken.Tier 3
Wicked IntentOpponent's healing is reduced by 25% per unique Heartless unit you have.Tier 3
Friends and Family DiscountAll units are 1 gold cheaper.Tier 4
Vicious IntentEach of your surviving units, including summons, deals 1 damage additional damage to opponents if they lose to you.Tier 4
Desperate MeasuresYour units gain +1% Attack Damage and +1% Mana gain on damage taken/received per 5 points of damage your Underlord has taken.Tier 5
Expanded Roster+1 Unit cap.Tier 5
RecruiterThe first reroll each round is free.Tier 5

Dota Underlords strategy guide page links

And that’s pretty much all we have to offer on Dota Underlords items – at least for this guide. Check out all our other Dota Underlords guide pages just below for more focused and in-depth overviews on various different aspects of this addictive autobattler.

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