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Apex Legends update [Iron Crown Event] - Apex Legends patch notes analysis

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Apex Legends is well into its second Season, and it’s been a while since there was an update that really shook things up. The Iron Crown Event update seeks to do that, with a brand new named location on Kings Canyon alongside a new set of challenges and cosmetics, myriad weapon and character adjustments, and – most excitingly – the introduction of a limited-time Apex Legends Solo Mode! We’ll break it all down in this here Apex Legends patch notes analysis.

By the way, this Apex Legends patch notes guide is but one small section of our massive Apex Legends tips/guide series, which now features over 50 individual guides on everything from the variousĀ Apex Legends characters to stats on each of the Apex Legends guns/weapons and types of Apex Legends loot on offer across Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends update analysis – Iron Crown Event patch notes

We’ve got a fair amount to cover with this Apex Legends patch notes analysis, as there are several rather important changes that have been introduced with the Iron Crown Event update. Feel free to use the links below to skip to a specific section.

Apex Legends patch notes – Iron Crown Event update (13 Aug)

First thing’s first: if you haven’t yet taken a look at the full Apex Legends patch notes for this update, you can read the official Reddit post here. So yeah, go do that. Once you’re caught up, come on back here and we’ll get stuck into the major plot points of this mid-Season Apex Legends update.

Apex Legends map changes – new Gauntlet location

To the west of the ever-popular Skull Town lies a brand new named location within Kings Canyon: Gauntlet. This is the first of what sounds like several “Town Takeovers” planned that will serve to refresh the map over the coming weeks. This time, it’s Octane who has snuck out after hours and given what is now named Gauntlet a very “Octane” makeover.

The area is now dominated by a central ring of fire, with multiple slopes and launch pads that serve to make fights around this area much bouncier and more vertical than you might think. The density of Loot Bins around Gauntlet is rather high, particularly on the east side – so it’s bound to be a very popular and busy drop location for the time being.

Apex Legends Solo Mode added as limited-time option

It’s been a (very) long time coming, but at last it has happened: Apex Legends Solos is now a thing! Granted, it’s only for a limited time, but the popularity of the mode has already made itself clear within just the past day or two.

With 60 players all dropping on their own across the (in BR terms, fairly small) map of Kings Canyon, the matches in Solo Mode are quite a bit more frenzied and intense. There’s no being revived by teammates: once you’re downed, you’re out. And the fact that everyone’s going around on their own instead of in groups effectively means your thrice as likely to run into someone, leading to faster-paced matches, quicker fights, and quicker deaths.

And it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Iron Crown Event challenges and store

As part of the Iron Crown Event, the Apex Legends Store and Challenges have both been expanded upon. Now, you can collect Iron Crowns either by completing specific Iron Crown Challenges (one of which is to jump through the aforementioned ring of fire while wearing Armor) or by purchasing Iron Crown Collection Event packs for 700 Apex Coins each.

Yes, that’s a ridiculously steep price, and the community is already in uproar about it. It’s a very silly move that completely undercuts all the cool new cosmetics they’ve obviously spent a lot of time working on.

Balance adjustments to characters and weapons

Finally, there have been a few targeted adjustments to certain characters and weapons as we head into the final stretch of Season 2. One of the most important is that the effectiveness of Disruptor Rounds on the Alternator (just the Alternator) has been reduced somewhat, to bring the Alternator a little further down from the top tiers that it was flung up towards with the start of Season 2.

Aisde from this, we’ve seen a slight RE-45 mag size buff, and – this may be upsetting to hear – increased recoil to the once-familiar and reliable R-301 Carbine, the favourite Assault Rifle of a great many players. It makes sense, because an R-301 really shouldn’t be capable of dealing such reliable damage over mega-distances. But still, it’s a shared pain that is now reverberating across the community.

As for Legends, we’ve seen a very, very slight buff to Bloodhound’s Passive and Tactical abilities, as well as adjustments to hitboxes on the lower end of the hitbox size spectrum, which has resulted in “hip-shots” now dealing torso damage instead of leg damage. Apex Legends has rarely had a faster time-to-kill as it does with this update.

And that’s pretty much everything for now! Hopefully you’ve emerged with a greater understanding of the changes that have been introduced with this new Apex Legends update. Keep checking back here for all the latest thoughts and facts about the current state of Respawn’s exceptional battle royale.

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