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Dota Underlords patch notes analysis - Juggernaut Update [#228]

Exploring the new meta

Featured post Dota Underlords patch notes analysis

Dota Underlords patch notes are something of a bigger deal than in many other games. Much like with Dota 2, Valve see each Dota Underlords update as an opportunity to completely rewrite the current meta much of the time. Thankfully (for me, writing this), the most recent Juggernaut Update is a comparatively minor one; but it still introduces a number of significant changes to certain heroes.

We’ll break it all down in our Dota Underlords patch notes analysis, exploring how each change may (or may not) shift the meta in a new direction.

Dota Underlords patch notes analysis – Juggernaut Update [#228]

Even though the latest Dota Underlords patch notes are quite a bit shorter than many that have come before it, there’s still a fair amount to cover. We’ll give you the chance to read the patch notes in full just below, followed by a rundown of the most significant changes to the game with this patch.

Full Dota Underlords patch notes [15th August 2019 – Juggernaut Update]

Before we get started talking about how the latest Dota Underlords patch notes change the game and how we’re all going to play it, you should take a look at the full patch notes below if you haven’t already. Just follow this link to view the latest Dota Underlords patch notes.

But don’t forget to come right back here and read our in-depth analysis of the new meta!

Dota Underlords patch notes analysis [Juggernaut Update, #228] – buffs, nerfs, changes

After the tumultuous August Update for Dota Underlords, Valve appear to be giving alliances and items a bit of a break. With the Juggernaut Update patch notes, they’re targeting a small selection of heroes, providing buffs of various shapes and sizes to each of them – and in certain cases even reworking whole abilities. Let’s take a look at the major plot points for these patch notes one by one.

Dota Underlords patch notes – Juggernaut buffed… again

Brawny players rejoice! Juggernaut has seen yet another buff with this update, and it’s a pretty big one. Now, Juggernaut will no longer have to choose between basic attacks and his Blade Fury ability; he can do both at the same time.

This is quite a serious buff to his potential DPS – though it should be noted that he still won’t use Blade Fury unless it will hit more than one enemy, which no longer makes any sense given the change above. So hopefully Valve will patch that out soon.

Juggernaut has seen a slow escalation up through the Dota Underlords meta for weeks now, with minor AI tweaks and enhancements – and then, crucially, the reworking of the Brawny alliance in the August Update. He was seeing quite a bit of action even before this patch as Brawny Warrior builds (such as the one we’ve created in our Dota Underlords builds guide) exploded across the meta; and now, we’ll see him even more.

Dota Underlords patch notes – Sniper is now Scrappy

Here’s something that no one saw coming: Sniper is now a three-alliance hero, and the third alliance is Scrappy. That means we now have 7 Scrappy heroes, which means you no longer need to wait for Techies in order to gain the full Scrappy bonus.

That’s huge.

Scrappy has already been a very powerful alliance, and one with a smooth power curve throughout a match as well. I don’t think it needed this (substantial) buff, but I won’t argue that Sniper certainly did. Now we’ll actually see him outside of just pure Hunter builds, and it might force us to bring Gyrocopter in as well. I can certainly see that working with a Scrappy Mage build that takes advantage of Gyro’s and Sniper’s magical damage potential.

Oh, and also – Sniper’s Assassinate will no longer rest if his target dies. FINALLY.

Dota Underlords patch notes – Tidehunter, Razor, Ogre Magi, Sand King changes

The above were the two main hero changes in my book, but that’s not to say that the rest are insignificant. Sand King’s Caustic Finale passive has been reworked so that there’s a 3.5 second delay after the attack before anything actually happens, but then the attack speed debuff is applied to all surrounding enemies instead of just the target. I’d still say that 3.5 seconds is too big not to call it a nerf.

The rest are most certainly all buffs. Ogre Magi’s ability now has no mana cost, so he can Bloodlust whenever it’s not on cooldown – a significant change that makes a 3-Star Ogre Magi a thing of terror now. Razor’s Plasma Field has received some damage tweaks to make him deal the damage he’s meant to at close and long ranges; and Tidehunter is now amazingly tanky if you get him up to 2-Star (2,700 HP and 10 Armor!), all but ensuring that he’ll get at least one Ravage off each fight.

Dota Underlords patch notes – Refresher Orb now affects adjacent allies

The one item adjustment of real note is a surprising one for sure: Refresher Orb, which was already a very powerful Tier 4 item, now reduces cooldown time by 50% and restores 25 mana to all allies 1 cell away.

Apparently their intention is to make Refresher Orb an absolute no-brainer pickup (to be honest it wasn’t far from that anyway), because this change is pretty massive. Imagine placing that on a Lich or a Lina or a Keeper of the Light, right in the middle of a Mage build. That would be just devastating.

Dota Underlords patch notes – Lord of White Spire rank now uses Elo

Finally, a change which will only affect a small portion of the Dota Underlords playerbase. While the rest of the matchmaking system remains unchanged, the system used to score those within the coveted Lord of White Spire rank has been switched over to the Elo system. Valve put together a post a couple of days back talking about this in much more detail than I can (be bothered to) provide here. In essence, it means that the scoring is now much more indicative of player skill than of how much time players have on their hands.

That’s just about everything we have to offer for now on the latest Dota Underlords patch notes – but do check out our other guides if you’re after more focused tips and strategies on other aspects of this addictive autobattler.

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