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The best Minecraft seeds 1.14 - Minecraft 1.14 seeds list with Amidst screenshots

You can probably learn a lot about me from these Minecraft seeds

Featured post Minecraft seeds 1.14 guide - the best Minecraft 1.14 seeds we've found

Minecraft seeds determine almost everything about your travels and experiences in Minecraft. They decide where you start, how your world is put together, what you may find if you travel north, south, east, west, or down belo ground.

Given that they’re so important, why leave the game to dredge up some meaningless string of numbers, when you could instead seed your world with something like “WeAreTheKnightsWhoSayNi”, or “I love you 3000”, or some other excellent film or TV reference? If you’re of a similar mind on this, you shouldn’t be disappointed by the amount of fun I had creating this Minecraft seeds guide for v1.14.

Below you’ll find a carefully curated selection of the very best Minecraft seeds for 1.14 that we’ve found. Whether you’re after a particularly challenging island seed, or you want to waste no time in exploring 1.14’s new Bamboo Jungles, we’ve got a multitude of worlds for you.

Minecraft seeds 1.14 guide

Minecraft seeds 1.14 & 1.13 – best Minecraft seeds for Islands, Pyramids, Temples, and more

Due to the nature of the Minecraft 1.14 update, terrain generation between 1.13 and 1.14 is nearly identical. The only difference is that in 1.13 you won’t find the new Bamboo Jungle biomes, and there may be some changes to the generation of villages and the like. So all the below seeds will work whether you’re playing in 1.13 or 1.14.

Below you can browse all the best Minecraft seeds we’ve found (and I hope you also have time to appreciate the sheer strangeness of my stream-of-consciousness, reference-fuelled mind when it comes to naming Minecraft seeds). You can click on any of the images to view it at full size.

You can also click on the seed itself to open up a screenshot of the world I took using Amidst, which is a nifty piece of software that allows you to check out terrain and structure generation for different seeds. Amidst isn’t updated for 1.14, so it won’t show things like Bamboo Jungles, but it still gives you a great idea of what kind of world you’re looking at.

“What A Corker!” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: What A Corker!
  • Features: Village, Desert, Savanna, Forest, Plains, Ravine, Mineshaft

Warm climates await you in this characterful combination of Savanna hills and sprawling Deserts with a multitude of nearby Villages.

“Once, long ago,” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: Once, long ago,
  • Features: Challenging, Frozen Ocean, Desert, Ice Plains, Savanna, Ocean, Mega Taiga

Fire and Ice combine in this hostile start on the border between Frozen Ocean and scorching Desert. You’ll need to travel to find trees.

“UnusualCrimping” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: UnusualCrimping
  • Features: Plains, Forest, Savanna, Mushroom Biome, Desert, Swampland, Extreme Hills

A lovely temperate start next to Savanna, Forest, and Desert – and you’ll also find a giant Mushroom Island only about 1000 blocks east from spawn.

“Mesozoic” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: Mesozoic
  • Features: Jungle, Jungle Temple, Ocean, Flower Forest, Taiga, Extreme Hills, Forest

Jungle lovers, this one’s for you. A game-crashingly large Jungle start (complete with Jungle Temple a stone’s throw from spawn), with Deep Oceans and a Flower Forest nearby.

“island?” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: island?
  • Features: Challenging, Island, Archipelago, Ocean, Ocean Monument

One of the better archipelago starts I’ve found. You begin on a tiny spit of land with a handful of sheep but no trees, so you’ll have to quickly hop from island to island in search of better prospects.

“I am the banana king” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: I am the banana king
  • Features: Swampland, Extreme Hills, Forest, Burch Forest, Ocean, Plains, Village

At the centre of this Swamp-dominated landmass, not far from spawn, there sits a perfect alcove hidden inside a tiny Extreme Hills biome. Perfect for mountain bases.

“3032979427952586570” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: 3032979427952586570
  • Features: Plains, Pumpkins, Plains Village, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest, Roofed Forest, Mansion, Taiga

An incredibly picturesque land, this one. Head east, and you’ll first find a sprawling Plains village, then Sunflower Plains and Flower Forests, then a Roofed Forest (with a mansion!).

“EatAJerkPal” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: EatAJerkPal
  • Features: Island, Archipelago, Ocean, Ocean Monument, Swampland, Savanna, Forest

Not a true island start, because there’s some mainland nearby. But I had to include this seed. I mean, just look at it. What a poor lonely tree. It needs some company, don’t you think?

“pineappleonpizza” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: pineappleonpizza
  • Features: Birch Forest, Forest, Extreme Hills, Sunflower Plains, Mineshaft, Flower Forest, Taiga, Desert, Swampland

Something for everyone on this expansive, diverse map, from giant snow-capped mountains to roofed forests and abandoned mineshafts. This would be a great seed for an Ultra Hardcore (UHC) match.

“I need a heroooo” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: I need a heroooo
  • Features: Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, Taiga, Extreme Hills, Plains, Jungle Temple, Village

Now this is one hell of a starting point. Surrounded by Jungle and the new Bamboo Jungles, you’ve also got a silly number of Villages and Jungle Temples in a few-hundred-block radius around spawn.

“15YemenRoadYemen” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: 15YemenRoadYemen
  • Features: Mesa, Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills, Ocean, Plains, Birch Forest, Savanna

A great mix of Mesa and Roofed Forest, this seed gives you one of the most colourful spawns that vanilla Minecraft is capable of, while still providing plenty of trees for your first day/night.

“-2561286611982351664” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: -2561286611982351664
  • Features: Ice Plains, Ice Mountains, Igloo, Ocean, Taiga, Cold Taiga, Extreme Hills

For those who prefer winter to summer, this start places you on a massive (but surviveable) Ice Plains biome, complete with Igloos, lakes, rivers, and more.

“I’m writing this in a Starbucks” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

Just look at that island village. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s as though it was crafted by hand. Plus, tonnes of Ocean Monuments, and a Mushroom Biome not too far to the East.

“somethingsomethingdarkside” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: somethingsomethingdarkside
  • Features: Forest, Extreme Hills, Taiga, Swampland, Birch Forest, Flower Forest, Mineshaft, Village, Witch Hut

A long-running river separates a large forest biome from massive, cloud-height mountains. You’ll also find a Swamp with a Witch Hut nearby, as well as a rich and colourful underground.

“Wakanda Forever” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: Wakanda Forever
  • Features: Challenging, Island, Archipelago, Frozen Ocean, Desert, Mesa, Savanna, Ocean

An unusual and exciting start, with just a couple of tiny islands and a handful of trees in the middle of a giant Frozen Ocean – which itself is surrounded by a colossal ring of Mesa, Desert, and Savanna biomes.

“RobertUnderdunkTerwilliger” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: RobertUnderdunkTerwilliger
  • Features: Roofed Forest, Plains, Extreme Hills, Mushroom Biome, Desert, Swamp, Ocean

Here’s a seed with a little of just about everything: a nice Roofed Forest start, with Desert to the west, a Mushroom Biome to the north, and some really nice Extreme Hills across the sea to the east.

“tali’zorah” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: tali’zorah
  • Features: Pyramid, Village, Desert, Swampland, Extreme Hills, Plains, Forest, Savanna, Mesa, Ocean

Yes, that is indeed a Pyramid inside a Desert Village, barely 100 blocks from spawn. Opposite the Desert, you’re faced with a gigantic Swamp, and patches of Forest and Extreme Hills.

“ResistanceIsUseless” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: ResistanceIsUseless
  • Features: Pyramid, Village, Desert, Mesa, Plains, Forest, Savanna, Mineshaft, Lava

If you’re looking to rush to the Nether as quickly as possible, this is your seed. Plains, Forest, and Desert – with a surface lava pool, Pyramid, and Village all in spitting distance from spawn. Oh, and mineshafts everywhere.

“-6904926439578529261” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: -6904926439578529261
  • Features: Jungle, Mesa, Jungle Temple, Shipwreck, Ocean

This might as well be a Large Biomes world. You spawn right on the border between a gigantic Mesa and a colossal Jungle, with at least 2 Jungle Temples and 1 Shipwreck nearby.

“SnakesAndBladders” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: SnakesAndBladders
  • Features: Challenging, Island, Shipwreck, Archipelago, Frozen Ocean, Forest, Savanna, Lava

Not the most difficult island spawn in the world thanks to its generous supply of wood, and the fact that the mainland isn’t TOO far away… But still enough to heighten the challenge a bit.

“Inconceivable!” – best Minecraft seeds 1.14

  • Amidst screenshot link: Inconceivable!
  • Features: Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, Savanna, Village, Extreme Hills, Desert

A sprawling Jungle, rife with Bamboo, is bordered by a Savanna (with village) and some fantastic mountain formations in this diverse and colourful world.

Well, those are all the seeds we’ve got for now; hopefully you’ve found one or two worlds that match up with what you were after. And if you want to let us know how you get on in one of the above worlds – or if you’ve found your own noteworthy 1.14 Minecraft seeds you’d like to share – then let us know in the comments below!

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