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Teamfight Tactics - best comps TFT [9.17]

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Teamfight Tactics had its 9.17 patch which introduced Pantheon to the roster. He’s made quite the entrance, disrupting the meta is somewhat settling over a wide variety of TFT comps. Nobles are still fairly dominant in the current meta, but there have been a few rumblings in the form of a Shapeshifter comp that uses the new champion. Jinx and Draven comps are still highly popular, but then again you also still see Volibear punching things occasionally. These are the best comps TFT has to offer that we have found as of the latest update.

TFT comps [9.17] guide

This guide will go over all of the best TFT comps, complete with team makeup, tactics, and recommended items to equip onto certain champions of each team.

TFT traits

Comps TFT [9.17]

To have the most success in TFT, you’ll need teams that have a great amount of synergy, the optimal items equipped, and decent skills that support the rest of your champions. It seems that certainly, for the time being, there are certain combinations of Origins and Classes that work very well together. As of patch 9.16, Gunslingers got a major addition and Hextech definitely made a splash, but Brawlers are still a highly viable TFT comp.

TFT Shapeshifter comp

Shapeshifter comp TFT

The Shapeshifter comp is extremely powerful thanks to the addition of the sixth Shapeshifter onto the team – Jayce, but the star of the show is Shyvana. With the right items, she can be an absolute monster. Gnar is also a good alternative for having all the items since he got a major buff in the most recent patch to up his ability damage. Nidalee will be bringing the early game and probably the majority of the high DPS items. The Shapeshifter comp does have one big weakness though – it takes a lot of planning and luck to get all of the pieces together.

You’ll rarely get beyond star rank 2 on any of the champions outside of maybe Nidalee or Elise. But then with the raw power that Swain with the right items, or any of the two main Shapeshifter carries brings to the table, you don’t need much more power to win games.

  • Champions: Shyvana, Jayce, Elise, Swain, Nidalee, Gnar, Aurelion Sol, Vi, and Warwick
  • Item suggestions:
    • Main carry (Shyvana/Gnar/Nidalee) – Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Bloodthirster
    • Secondary carry (Gnar/Nidalee/Shyvana) – Warmog’s Armor, Stattik Shiv
    • Swain – Luden’s Echo, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon
  • Dragon/Shapeshifter gameplan
    • When to create – An early Star Rank 2 Nidalee and the likes of Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster, or Statikk Shiv created.
    • Early game – Begin with Nidalee and Warwick as your champions to focus on. Have Garen, Vayne, and Lucian as an option if you need to switch to Nobles.
    • Mid game – At player level 6, you should have a rather formidable Nidalee. Begin hunting for the other pieces for the comp, with Shyvana being your main goal. Having Aurelion Sol is a bonus, but Shyvana at Star Rank 2 is insanely powerful. Augment the team by switching the nobles for more Wild or Demon traits if you need to.
  • Top Tip – Have the high-damage items go to Shyvana, Nidalee, or Gnar, depending on who is the best one currently. It’s likely to be Shyvana at this stage. If you happen to get Morellonomicon, Luden’s Echo, or Rabadon’s Deathcap, these should go onto Swain. Warmog’s Armor is a good defensive item for your bulky champions, while Shivs are also great on those champions that survive long enough.

TFT Nobles comp

Nobles comp TFT

With the latest patch, details of which are found in our TFT patch notes [9.17] guide, we’ve seen the full potential of Nobles come to light. The key champions in this TFT comp are an early level 2 Lucian to help carry your team towards having a six Nobles formation, with Jinx acting as the support from behind with all the big items. The Nobles will protect themselves, while the two Guardians also bolster your teams defence.

  • Champions: Jinx, Lucian, Leona, Kayle, Garen, Vayne, Fiora, and Braum
  • Items for carries:
    • Jinx – Rapid Firecannon, Statikk Shiv, and either Hush or Hextech Gunblade
    • Lucian – Hush
  • Nobles gameplan:
    • When to create – An early star level 2 Lucian is a good sign you should be going for this.
    • Early game – Early level 2 Nobles such as Fiora, Vayne, Garen, and Lucian, will put you in good stead. Have Darius in the team if you need it, but you will be selling him later on.
    • Mid-game – Here is when you should be fishing for Jinx and the other higher cost champions for your team. Braum and Leona will be decent for defence. Kayle is key to making the defence work, but you’ll never get beyond star rank 2.
    • Top Tip – Jinx is the main unit to protect from Hextech, Blitzcrank, or Assassin strategies later on in the game, so positioning will be key.
  • Variations
    • If you’ve maximised the comp, a Hextech champion should be the next priority. None of the rest have good synergy with the team, but  Vi is a good choice to help pad out your wall.

TFT gunslingers comp

Gunslingers comp TFT

Gunslingers are back in top form. Graves got a bug fix that makes Rapidfire Cannon a lot more viable an option, but this is a highly adaptable comp when it comes to item placement. The typical Hextech/Gunslinger build involves giving Jinx some excellent items for her to rain carnage on enemies. The more kills she gets, the deadlier she becomes, and making her a Blademaster only improves her chances of getting a kill. Pirates and Blademasters support the effort.

  • Champions: Graves, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Jinx, Pyke, Lucian, Gangplank, and Camille.
  • Items for carries:
    • Jinx – Blade of the Ruined King, Rapid Firecannon, and Hextech Gunblade
    • Graves – Red Buff
    • Other Gunslingers – Hush, Sword Breaker, and Cursed Blade. Make sure to scatter these among your team. Since back-line of enemy teams can have problematic champions, Pyke might be a decent choice for the Cursed Blade.
  • Gunslinger/Hextech gameplan:
    • When to create – An early star level 2 Graves with an early Rapid Firecannon.
    • Early game – Go grab the Gunslingers early on and focus on preparing some items for Jinx. If you can get a Rapid Firecannon and Blade of the Ruined King by the time Jinx comes, you should be fine.
    • Mid-game – Jinx is essential to this comp and having Camille there too will help for the Blademaster trait.
    • Top Tip – Keep moving your Jinx or Graves if you put the RFCs on him, as the enemy will try to outfox you with positioning once they see what you’re doing.
  • Variations
    • Though rare, you can put two Rapidfire Cannons onto Graves along with the Red Buff and just watch the enemy team melt.

TFT Void Brawler comp

Void comp TFT

Void has definitely seen a lot more use in recent days. This highly adaptable team is a Void/Brawler TFT comp primarily, but it also injects a bit of Wild and Sorcerer for attack bonuses. The key champions that you’ll eventually equip items to are Ahri, Volibear, and Cho’Gath, though you will be using other key champions such as Vi and eventually Lulu should you ever get to make space for nine champions.

  • Champions: Volibear, Blitzcrank, Rek’Sai, Cho’Gath, Kassadin, Warwick, and Ahri. Get Lulu if you make a Force of Nature.
  • Items for carries:
    • Volibear – Rapid Firecannon
    • Ahri – Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel, Statikk Shiv
    • Cho’Gath – Zeke’s Herald, Ionic Spark
    • Vi – Ionic Spark
    • Any champion – Force of Nature if you happen to get it.
  • Void/Brawler/Sorcerer gameplan:
    • When to create – If you get a good Ahri or Volibear build with at least an early Guardian Angel or Rapid Firecannon.
    • Early game – Get those Void champions in quickly before picking Ahri and Warwick for the Wild buff.  Have Kha’Zix at first, but replace with Cho’Gath later on.
    • Mid-game – Focus the mid-game on getting the items and Brawlers. You should at least have all three Void and the complete set of Brawlers going into the late game.
    • Top Tip – If you can build a Statikk Shiv early, you should be good for a long while. Spread the champions with items out in case any Hextech effects would target them.
  • Variations
    • You could go full Void as well with this comp, though the only benefit to this is that all your Void champions get the True Damage bonus. Only do this if Kha’Zix would easily become star rank 3. Replace Lulu in the comp for this.

Ranger/Guardian - TFT comp

Ranger Guardian comp TFT

This comp has seen a few updates, most notably the replacement of Braum with Pantheon and the introduction of Hush’s new ability. You’re still wanting to get key items, even if the key items are now very different. Ashe is now the main carry, thanks to her attack speed being ridiculous with a Rageblade equipped. Other Hushes should be spread out between key champions.

  • Champions – Pantheon, Leona, Sejuani, Kindred, Varus, Vayne, Ashe, and Mordekaiser.
  • Items for carries:
    • Ashe– Hush, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
    • Pantheon – Warmog’s Armor
    • Sejuani – Guardian Angel
    • Varus, Kindred, and/or Vayne – Hush
  • Ranger/Guardian gameplan
    • When to create – You have been getting a lot of Recurve Bows and you got Vayne up to a decent level. Enemies are also running Elementalists.
    • Early game – Make the Stattik Shiv early on and focus on drafting Nobles from the shop.
    • Mid game – Upon reaching player level 6, begin rerolling until you find either a Kindred or Leona. Build the team around them.
  • Top Tip – Make sure that the Guardians are buffing non-Guardians, that the items you’re creating are up to spec, and if Vayne can’t be star rank 3, to shift to upgrading Varus instead.
  • Variants – Replace Pantheon with Braum if he’s proving too difficult to obtain.

TFT Demon Shapeshifter

Demon Shapeshifter comp TFT

Our first comp with Pantheon and it’s a doozy. The general idea is to place a forward attack force, with the two Guardians acting as a buffer between the enemy and the more fragile champions in the comp. With the full Dragon and Guardian roster, as well as a sizeable proportion of both Demons and Shapeshifters being represented, the comp will feature a lot of trait bonuses and is rather formidable as a result. It does use a lot of high-cost champions, so it’s likely that you’ll be creating this mid to late game.

  • Champions: Morgana, Shyvana, Gnar, Pantheon, Leona, Evelynn, Brand, and Swain
  • Items for carries:
    • Gnar – Warmog’s Armor, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Dragon’s Tooth
    • Evelynn – Guardian Angel, Dragon’s Tooth
    • Shyvana – Hextech Gunblade, Warmog’s Armor, Rapid Firecannon
    • Swain – Guardian Angel, Morellononicon, Dragon’s Tooth
  • Demon Shapeshifter gameplan
    • When to create – Look to see if key champions are available to you. If you can’t complete either Dragon or Guardian early, go with a different comp.
    • Early game – In the early game, you should focus on item gathering. Warmog’s Armor, Rapid Firecannon, and Dragon’s Tooth are the critical pieces to stay competitive.
    • Mid game – Should the stars align, you can have the likes of Aurelion Sol and Braum take the place of Pantheon early on. Getting Shyvana online early will help mid-game, while Gnar can bowl through enemies.
  • Top Tip – Place these champions with Morgana, Shyvana, and Gnar up the front, Pantheon and Leona below them, and Evelynn, Brand, and Swain under them.
  • Variants – If Pantheon proves too difficult to obtain, have this as a nine-champion comp and put in both Aurelion Sol at the back, and Braum next to Leona.

TFT Brawler Glacial Volibear comp

Brawler comp TFT

Brawlers are essentially the bulkiest of the TFT champions, but if there is any Brawler that has dominated the meta over the past few weeks, it’s Volibear. This is one of the more precise builds as it requires Rapid Firecannon to work, but even with this advantage, he needs the backup of others such as Blitzcrank for dealing with problem champions at the back of enemy comps, and Glacials to put the enemy team on ice.

  • Champions: Volibear, Blitzcrank, Rek’Sai, Cho’Gath, Ashe, Anivia, Brand, and Lissandra
  • Items for carries:
    • Volibear – Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Warmog’s Armor
    • Cho’Gath – Morellonomicon (optional), Ionic Spark (optional)
  • Brawlers/Glacial gameplan
    • When to create – Getting the Rapid Firecannon early and some Brawlers is a good indicator you should go for this comp.
    • Early game – For this comp, focus on the Brawlers first. Getting four of them in the battlefield sets you up for a good mid-game. Use Wild champions like Warwick to help bolster your damage.
    • Mid game – Shift your focus here to ensure you have got Elementalists. There are some high-cost champions, so this could take a while. Keep buffing Volibear.
  • Top Tip – The key to making this deck work is using Blitzcrank well. If you ensure you make him target the right enemy, you can melt the enemy team. Any components to make Warmog’s Armor and Redemption in the early game can help a lot.
  • Variants – There are no variants right now, but it’s likely that 9.16’s introduction of the sixth Brawler will ensure that a full Brawler team is possible. To that end, replace Lissandra and Ashe with two Brawlers. You can also put a second Hextech champion instead of Brand.

Six Yordles - TFT comp

Yordle comp TFT

Some champions and items in recent patches have also seen improvements, but Yordles are still a big issue for many TFT comps thanks to their evasiveness. Since the crafting of Stattik Shivs and the Morellonomicon are essential to the construction of this comp, you’ll probably want the recipes on hand. You can find our TFT item cheat sheets in our TFT item cheat sheet [9.17] guide.

  • Champions: Tristana, Poppy, Gnar, Kennen, Veigar, Ahri, and Lulu
  • Items for carries:
    • Gnar– Stattik Shiv x2
    • Kennen – Guardian Angel, Morellononicon
  • Yordles gameplan
    • When to create – If you have made a Stattik Shiv early and Yordles keep appearing in the shop.
    • Early game – Your focus is to make Stattik Shivs, so craft them and look for highly defensive champions in either Knights or Noble traits.
    • Mid game – At player level 6, you should be shifting towards getting to a position where you have four Knights and three Yordles, before proceeding to find all six Yordles.
  • Top Tip – Lucian is a good champion to put your items on early on, but once he’s sold, prioritise buffing your Yordles.

Imperial/Guardian - TFT comp

Imperial comp TFT

Draven is your main champion in this TFT comp as he will be throwing knives at enemies at an alarming rate if you put on the items. This one begins slowly but ramps up dramatically once all the pieces fall into place.

  • Champions: Leona, Sejuani, Braum, Katarina, Draven, Swain, Darius
  • Items for carries:
    • Draven – Bloodthirster, Rapid Firecannon, Runaan’s Hurricane
    • Swain – Dragon’s Claw
  • Imperial/Guardian gameplan
    • When to create – Should you make an early Darius star rank 2 and get really lucky in finding Recurve Bows.
    • Early game – Darius will be doing a lot of the work in the early game, so just choose your third and fourth champions to get you to mid-game. Vayne and Tristana can carry Draven’s items prior to switching.
    • Mid game – The idea here is to have Draven all buffed up and ready to rock for the late game. Brawlers can help until you get your Guardians and Imperials to a good spot.
  • Top Tip – This comp relies a lot on Tier 4 and Tier 5 champions, so level up early. Once you have Swain, that’s when you should shift from using either Brawlers or Blademasters and create the full comp. You can use Guinsoo’s Rageblade in Draven’s third item slot if you prefer.

Glacial/Ranger/Elementalist - TFT comp

Glacial comp TFT

This is another comp where Ashe and Kennen are your main carries, though the three traits that make up this TFT comp are perhaps more vital to get together. Elementalists give you an extra tanky Elemental to soak up damage while your Glacials freeze your foes to the spot.

  • Champions: Braum, Brand,  Kennen, Sejuani, Ashe, Varus, and Lissandra. Anivia instead of Brand will also enable Leona instead of Sejuani. Leona is an optional eighth champion.
  • Items for carries:
    • Ashe– Stattik Shiv x2, Spear of Shojin
    • Kennen – Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel
  • Glacial/Ranger/Elementalist gameplan
    • When to create – You have been getting a lot of Recurve Bows and you got Brand before Kindred.
    • Early game – Make the Stattik Shiv early on and pop it onto Vayne. You can sell her later to replace her with Ashe.
    • Mid game – Upon reaching player level 6, begin rerolling until you find the other champions needed for this team.
  • Top Tip – If you should see an Anivia early on, you can substitute Leona for Sejuani as she’ll be a better fit at that point. Otherwise, focus on getting Stattik Shivs and the Morellonomicon online early on.

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