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Minecraft command list [1.14] - server commands

It's not cheating, honest!

Featured post Minecraft Commands

People have been tinkering with Minecraft commands from the moment they were able to early on in Minecraft’s alpha. Since then there have been some incredible feats possible in Minecraft, like creating custom game modes that use Minecraft the template. Without commands, popular game types including “Hunger Games” would likely not exist.

Even if your ambitions are more humble, we’ve put together this collection of Minecraft 1.14 commands. These include cheats for items, as well as those important Minecraft server commands that are useful for those who are creating their own servers.

Minecraft commands guide

Minecraft commands list guide [1.14]

Our guide to Minecraft commands contains cheats and server commands that all work with the latest version of Minecraft, 1.14. You can tell that they work with 1.14 because that patch included pandas and foxes. These commands range from giving players items, commands to teleport players, and even some more advanced commands for use in creating your own game modes within the Minecraft world. Research has said Minecraft can make you more creative, and these commands can help with that.

You can use the links below to skip to a particular cheat or command. Clicking back on your browser will warp directly back to the contents, allowing you to look at another command.

Minecraft summon command - Summoned a chicken.

How to enable Minecraft commands in version 1.14

To enable cheats in your Minecraft worlds and seeds, you’ll need to ensure that you enable the cheats in your world. To find it, create a new world, then click “More World Options”. Here you’ll see the option to Allow Cheats, so make sure you click it so that it says on. You can then click “Create New World” to generate the seed. There are plenty of seeds in Minecraft and some are objectively better than others, so have a look at our Minecraft seeds guide for a selection of the best ones.

To begin entering a cheat, press the / key. As you type in the code, you’ll see suggestions for words to type in to modify the formula. Press the TAB key to automatically fill in the word that is currently highlighted, or press the up/down arrow keys to cycle through the options. Everything is case sensitive.

Minecraft Help command prompts with the weather commands.

Minecraft key commands 1.14

These two Minecraft commands are key to not only understanding how the command prompt works in Minecraft but also are required for any command that targets a player or entity. If you ever get stuck, these are the two commands you need to have memorised if any.



Entering this command will provide you with more information as to which options you have available and what variables you can enter for each one.

Example: “/help /weather” – shows all the commands related to /weather.


Anytime that the command asks for a [TARGET], you can type in one of the following entries to get the following results:

  • @p – Nearest player
  • @r – Random player
  • @a – All players
  • @e – All entities – including NPCs and enemies.
  • @s – The entity that is executing the command
  • [PLAYER NAME] – Replace with the name of a player to target them specifically.

Example: “/give @a minecraft.oak_button 1” – gives all players in the game one Oak Button.

Minecraft Give command - player is given 10 obsidian.

Minecraft item commands 1.14

These are the bread and butter of the Minecraft commands, giving players items, recipes, levels, and XP. They can also be used to summon new entities and reload loot tables. They’re essentially the most basic commands to understand and are a good way to learn the concept of “Targeting” a specific command.



Entering this command will give the named target the specified number of the specified item.

Example: “/give [TARGET] minecraft:obsidian 10” – gives the specified player 10 Obsidian.


/clear [TARGET] [ITEM] [COUNT]

Entering this command will remove the named target the specified number of the specified item.

Example: “/clear SkirkRidgeEX minecraft:obsidian 10” – removes from the specified player 10 Obsidian.



Gives/Removes the specified recipe from the specified player.

Example: “/recipe give [PLAYER NAME] minecraft:baked_potato_from_smoking” – Gives the specified player the recipe “Baked Potato from Smoking”.


/summon [ENTITY] [X] [Y] [Z]

Summons the chosen creature or item to your position if not specified. Begin typing the name of the entity you want to see its code, then press TAB to auto-fill it.

Example: “/summon minecraft:chicken 154 87 328” – Summons a chicken to coordinates 154 87 328.



Grants or revokes achievements depending on the variables set. I highly suggest that you manually enter this and scroll through the options in the [ADVANCEMENT VARIABLE] list as there are a lot of them.

Example: /advancement grant [PLAYER NAME] from minecraft:adventure/kill_a_mob – Gives the target player all the advancements in adventure mode up until “Kill a Mob”.

Giving/Removing XP to players


Adds or removes experience levels or points to the set value.

Example: “/xp add [PLAYER NAME] 12 levels” – Grants the specified player 12 levels.



Enchants the target holding an item with the specified enchantment at the level indicated.

Example: /enchant @a minecraft:fire_aspect 2 – Enchants every player’s currently held item with Fire Aspect II enchantment.



Reloads everything from functions, loot tables, and more.

Minecraft weather command - Lightning strikes because weather is set to thunder.

Minecraft world commands 1.14

We’ve lumped these Minecraft commands into the world commands section, but really these ones also affect the game world as well. From which game mode you are using, to the weather, and the difficulty. You’ll also have the time of day, teleportation, and locating special structures covered. There are also commands here to change the game mode on the fly and even change game rules such as items dropping or not dropping upon death.



Changes the weather to the specified weather – either Clear, Thunder, or Rain. If you set the duration, it will be for that many seconds.

Example: “/weather thunder 20” would make it rain and thunder for 20 seconds.

Default game mode

/defaultgamemode [GAMEMODE]

Sets the game mode to the specified game mode when players join the server. You can set it to Adventure, Creative, Spectator, or Survival.

Example: “/defaultgamemode adventure” – Sets the default game mode to Adventure mode.

Game mode

/gamemode [GAME TYPE] [TARGET]

Entering this command will instantly change the game mode to the specified type to the specified target. You can set it to Adventure, Creative, Spectator, or Survival.

Example: “/gamemode adventure” – Sets the game mode to Adventure mode.

Time set

/time set [TIME OF DAY]

Sets the time of day to the specified time of the day. You can choose from Day, Noon, Night, and Midnight, or enter a value from 0 (Day) to 23999 (Almost Day).

Example: “/time set 1000” – Sets the time to Day.


/difficulty [DIFFICULTY TYPE]

Sets the difficulty of the game. You can choose from Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Example: “/difficulty hard” – Set the difficulty to hard mode.

Game rule

/gamerule [GAME RULE] keepinventory [TRUE/FALSE]

Changes the rules to on if set to “True”, or off if set to “False”.

Example: /gamerule keepinventory true – Sets the game rule “Keep Inventory after death” to true.


/tp [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Teleports all the specified targets to the specified coordinates. If no coordinates are entered, the targets instead spawn directly at your position.

Example: “/tp @e -615 63 -439 – Teleports every entity to -615/63/-439.

Locate a special area

/locate [LOCATION]

Will find out how many blocks away you are from the nearest specified location and its coordinates. The locations are:

  • Buried_Treasure
  • Desert_Pyramid
  • EndCity
  • Fortress
  • Igloo
  • Jungle_Pyramid
  • Mansion
  • Mineshaft
  • Monument
  • Ocean_Ruin
  • Pillager_Outpost
  • Shipwreck
  • Stronghold
  • Swamp_Hut
  • Village

Example: “/locate igloo” – Displays the coordinates for the nearest igloo and distance between you and the igloo.

Minecraft whisperc command - allows players to whisper to each other. Note that whispering to yourself brings up two dialogues and is a sign of madness.

Minecraft communication commands 1.14

The following Minecraft commands for communication are simple-to-understand ways of talking to other players. They range from standard talking, whispering, and performing actions. You can use this to add a bit of roleplaying to your games to say your character has done something, or share a secret with one other player at a time.


/say (message)

Displays a message from you to the other players.

Example: /say Hello! – Brings up a prompt in the chat window from you saying “Hello!”.

Whisper to a player

/msg [PLAYER NAME] <message>

Types a message for a player that only they can see. The player will always see who had whispered to them.

Example: “msg [PLAYER NAME] Hello there! – Whispers to that player “Hello there!”


/me <action>

Puts a status saying “[YOUR PLAYER]” and whatever you’ve typed into action.

Example: “/me went to lunch.” – Generates text saying “[YOUR PLAYER NAME] went to lunch.”

Minecraft fill command - demonstrated by having a massive block of water tiles.

Minecraft server commands 1.14

The last Minecraft commands listed below are all of those that are a little more complex, mostly for creating your own Minecraft servers. These are the most complex ones to understand and are primarily for advanced players, but if you want to do things like generate tiles en-masse, change the world borders, play a specific sound effect when a player walks near a particular tile, or even run some JSON script for a specific player, then these commands will allow you to do so.

If you’re looking for something with a more educational purpose, there are also custom versions of Minecraft with a computer that you can use to make code. We have a short series from Duncan Geere that teaches players how to code in Minecraft. It’s not part of the official Minecraft 1.14 version, but it’s still a cool thing to play around with.

If you just want to find a cool server to join, we have a list of the best ones that can be found in our Minecraft servers guide.


/kill [PLAYER NAME] 

Instantly kills your own character if you don’t specify a name in the [PLAYER NAME]. Kills the player specified instantly if you specify their name.



Puts the current seed you are playing in. Click the ID to copy the seed number to your clipboard so you can store it for later. You can then use this to generate the same world seed from the New World menu. If you need a particularly good seed for your Minecraft world, head to our Minecraft seeds guide for the full list of the best Minecraft seeds.


This one is a lot more complicated and has multiple definitions depending on what you want to do.

  • /worldborder add [DISTANCE/TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE/TIME VALUE] Adds or removes blocks from the world to the value set.
  • /worldborder center [X] [Y] [Z] Changes the central position to the coordinates
  • /worldborder damage (amountbuffer) sets how much damage anything outside the border takes.
  • /worldborder get finds out how wide a world is.
  • /worldborder set [DISTANCE/TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE/TIME VALUE] – Sets the distance/time for the world border.
  • /worldborder warning [DISTANCE/TIME] [DISTANCE VALUE/TIME VALUE] – Sets the warning of the world border to the specified point.

Example: “/worldborder center 91 74 123” – Sets the centre of the world to coordinates 91/74/123.


/debug [START/STOP]

Either begins or stops debug mode, depending on if you typed in Start or Stop.



Opens up the created world to LAN. You will need to open the port in question to allow other players in your local area network to join the game.


/clone [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [X2] [Y2] [Z2] [Type]

Copies the area in the first two sets of coordinates ([X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ]) and pastes it to the ones set in [X2] [Y2] [Z2]. Types include more variables for you to mess around with.

Example: /clone 71 63 72 93 63 91 12 63 18 replace – Replaces the tiles around 12/63/18 with tiles from the surfaces between tiles 71/63/72 and 93/63/91



Gives the targeted player the effect specified for the indicated amount of time.

Example: “/effect give @a minecraft:bad_omen 12 12 true” – Gives the target player a “bad omen”.



Allows the player to view, modify, or delete data.

Play Sound Effects


Plays a specific sound to a specific player at certain coordinates. Volume must be at least “0.0”, pitch between “0.0 and 2.0”, and minimum volume set between “0.0 and 1.0”.

Example: “/playsound minecraft:ambient.cave block @a 71 18 123 1.3 1.2 0.4” – Plays the Ambient Cave sound to every player at 71/18/123 at a volume of 1.3, pitch of 1.2, and minimum volume of 0.4.



Executes a specified command at the location of the player or entity specified, relative to the coordinates.

Set world spawn point

/setworldspawn [X] [Y] [Z]

Sets the world spawn when players join to the coordinates.

Example: /setworldspawn [71] [71] [123] – Sets the world spawn point to 71/71/123.

Set spawn point

/spawnpoint [TARGET] [X] [Y] [Z]

Sets the specified player’s spawn point to the coordinates.

Example: /spawnpoint @a [71] [71] [123] – Sets all players spawn points to 71/71/123.


/particle [PARTICLE NAME] [X] [Y] [Z] [DX] [DY] [DZ] [SPEED] [COUNT] [TARGET]

Shows a specified particle effect at the indicated coordinates to a specific player at the indicated speed and count.

Example: /particle minecraft:angry_villager 11 64 10 11 64 10 2 23 force – Displays the Angry Villager particle at the specified point of 11/64/10.



Create a set of cubes based on the perimeters given in a square from two separate points. The tiles made can be made hollow, destroyed, an outline created, or “keep” to fill in all the blocks in question.

Example: /fill 0 62 0 12 72 12 minecraft:water outline – Fills from 0/62/0 to 12/72/12 with water tiles.

Set Block

/setblock [x] [Y] [Z] [BLOCK NAME] [VALUE]

Changes the block location to the tile indicated. You can then choose to keep the block, replace it, or destroy the tile.

Example: /setblock 29 62 -12 minecraft:red_wool replace – Replaces the tile at 29/62/-12 to a Red Wool block.

Replace Item

/replace item [ENTITY] [ITEM] [QUANTITY] or /replace item [BLOCK] [X] [Y] [Z] [BLOCK TYPE] [QUANTITY]

Replaces the block or item in a players inventory with the block or item indicated.

Example: /replaceitem entity [TARGET] armor.chest minecraft:diamond_chestplate 1 – Changes the item in the armour slot for target player to Diamond Chestplate.

Tell Raw


For those who don’t speak JSON, there is a handy little JSON generator for Minecraft that can assist you in what you are looking for.

/tellraw [PLAYER] [“”,{“text”:”HEROBRINE APPEARS! “},{“text”:”This is fine.”}] – Displays text saying “HEROBRINE APPEARS! This is fine.” to target player.

Scoreboard & Trigger


Changes the scoreboard settings/options with the information used.


Adds or sets the objective specified to the value indicated.

Spread Players

/spreadplayers [X] [Z] [Spread Distance] [Max Range] [RespectTeams] [TARGET]

Spreads players teleports to certain distances based on the perimeters.

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