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Teamfight Tactics patch notes [9.17]

Featured post Twisted Fate and Graves having each other's back like the best friends they are.

Normally when a big patch drops for Teamfight Tactics, it’s a bit of a pain to sort through and work out exactly what has changed and how it affects the game, with a massive list of changes to champions and items.

The TFT 9.17 patch notes dropped a few days ago and I’ll be honest, it’s not as bad. A new Dragon/Guardian champion in addition to changes to several traits and how healing works for most healing sources is about as bad as it gets.

TFT little legends

Teamfight Tactics patch notes [9.17] guide

Our TFT patch notes 9.17 guide will go over the latest updates as of the current patch, including the new champions, Hextech origin, and other big changes introduced in this patch. We also have some information on potential changes to 9.18.

TFT Pantheon

TFT patch notes [9.17]

This is otherwise known as the “Lucian nerf” patch in our eyes, as the main focus seems to be to make him a more balanced 2-cost champion. There are other changes too, but we anticipate that the TFT 9.17 patch notes won’t matter a great deal to a lot of champions in the meta outside of him. It does make Gnar potentially a little too strong, but does it also make Draven potentially a little less viable? The 9.17 patch also fixes an issue with Hextech and Ionic Spark, as well as the matchmaking in-game.

Pantheon – New TFT champion

We’ve just had a bunch of new TFT champions with the Hextech group, but there’s already teasers on a new champion – Pantheon. Riot’s August Browning went into a little detail. He is a 5 cost champion that is Dragon/Guardian, with the current ability to leap into the air, throw a spear that stuns at the enemy furthest away from him, then hurtling down onto that enemy. Any other enemies caught in the crossfire will also take damage.

While the preview showed the new champion at Tier 3, it’s unlikely anyone’s ever going to get to that stage. As for the full stats, they will be put into the TFT tier list 9.17 guide.


  • Cost: 5 Gold
  • Origin: Dragon
  • Class: Guardian
  • Ability – Grand Starfall: Pantheon leaps in the air, crashing down towards the farthest enemy, stunning them for 4/6/8 seconds. Enemies in Pantheon’s path take 15%/30%/45% of their Maximum Health as Magic Damage. They then burn for an additional 20% of their Maximum Health as True Damage over 10 seconds.

Applies Grievous Wounds, which also saw the following healing reduction:

  • Grievous Wounds Healing Reduction – 100% ⇒ 80%

Note: the in-game tooltip is lagging behind and will be updated to reflect this in patch 9.18.

Pantheon hotfix

Pantheon also saw a hotfix later on as he’s a tad on the strong side.

  • Starting/Total Mana – 100/150 ⇒ 150/200
  • Armor – 100 ⇒ 80
  • Ability Damage – 15%/30%/45% maximum Health ⇒ 10%/20%/30% maximum Health
  • Stun Duration – 4/6/8 ⇒ 2/2/2

TFT placing champions

Systems – TFT 9.17 patch notes

Several changes were made in the TFT 9.17 patch notes to how the carousel and ghost armies work. Ghost armies are for when there’s an odd number of players remain in the game, so facing them was essentially a free win in their former state because they didn’t benefit from trait bonuses. Ability Speed can now reach ludicrous levels.

  • The first carousel now has all 2 cost units.
  • Ghost armies now benefit from Trait bonuses. They’re actually spooky now!
  • Attack Speed cap has been increased from 2.5 to 5.0. So fast.
  • Tooltips have been updated to be more clear, and numbers scale with Ability Power.

TFT traits

Traits – TFT 9.17 patch notes

In the TFT 9.17 patch notes, many changes were made to several traits, but Nobles were particularly problematic, even after a previous hotfix nerfed them. Assassins and Rangers also got a bit more consistent, while Shapeshifters should transform more often. We also saw a buff to Yordles’ dodging and a reduction in Hextech item disable duration. Along with the


  • Increased the delay before Assassins jump so they can access the backline more often.
  • (3) Trait Bonus – 125% Crit Damage ⇒ 75% Crit Damage & 10% Crit Chance.
  • (6) Trait Bonus – 350% Crit Damage ⇒ 150% Crit Damage & 25% Crit Chance.


  • Item disable duration – 8 seconds ⇒ 7 seconds.


  • Armor & Magic Resist – 60 ⇒ 50.
  • Healing – 35 ⇒ 25.


  • Double Attack Speed chance – 25%/65% ⇒ 30% /70%


  • Dodge chance – 30%/55% ⇒ 35%/60%

Guardian (Hotfix)

Guardians also saw a later hotfix to address just how dominant Pantheon got after the introduction of this patch.

  • Bonus Armor – 50 ⇒ 35

It's down to the final two and plenty of spells are being flung at each champion.

Champions – TFT 9.17 patch notes

Here are the bulk of the changes in the TFT 9.17 patch notes. Lissandra has long been an underperforming champion so there have been some big buffs to her. Other changes are smaller, though Graves’ interaction with Rapidfire Cannon is being made more consistent, while Shapeshifters being able to transform sooner is a major game-changer.

The full alterations to each champion can also be found in our TFT tier list 9.17 guide, but below are the summarised changes:


  • Adjusted his interaction with Rapidfire Cannon. He maintains the range bonus but it now narrows his bullet spread, like a shotgun choke.


  • Health – 600 ⇒ 650


  • Health – 450 ⇒ 500
  • Starting Mana/Total Mana – 50/125 ⇒ 0/85
  • Ability Damage – 150/275/400 ⇒ 175/325/475


  • Relentless Pursuit’s second shot now scales with Lucian’s attack speed.


  • Ability Damage – 200/325/450 ⇒ 150/250/350


  • Stun Duration – 5/8/11 seconds ⇒ 5/7/9 seconds


  • Demonflare Healing – 50/90/130 ⇒ 40/70/100


  • Total Mana – 100 ⇒ 85


  • Armor – 30 ⇒ 35
  • Jayce will now transform at max mana, even if there is no one in range to knock away.


  • Total Mana – 100 ⇒ 85


  • Total Mana – 125 ⇒ 100

Dragging a second basic item over a champion with the first one will show you the item that both items will turn into.

Items – TFT patch 9.17 patch notes

The only changes to items in the TFT 9.17 patch notes were to do with how healing works. Since Pantheon’s Grievous Wounds prompted a bit of a change in the healing rates, there were some changes needed to be made to Bloodthirster, Hextech Gunblade, and Redemption. Given that Redemption got a recent buff, this is a bit silly now that they’re still not settled on a healing rate for this item.


  • Healing – 50% of Damage ⇒ 40% of Damage

Hextech Gunblade

  • Healing – 33% of Damage ⇒ 25% of Damage


  • Healing – 1500 ⇒ 1200

Bugfixes & Miscellaneous changes – TFT patch 9.17 patch notes

Finally, here are some bug fixes and there are a fair few interactions that were broken – four of which were for items and Hextech. Other champions have had issues fixed, like Shyvana’s positioning when she uses her ability, which has been a problem for a while.


  • Hextech: Fixed a disabled Infinity Edge losing more crit damage than it should.
  • Hextech: Fixed a disabled Ionic Spark not re-enabling its effect.
  • Hextech: Fixed a disabled Zeke Herald not re-enabling its effect.
  • Hextech: Fixed disabled Locket of the Iron Solari not re-enabling its effect.
  • Improved Shyvana’s ability logic. She now looks for spots to jump to that are far away from her target.
  • Fixed Rek’Sai not properly knocking up her target at longer distances.
  • Fixed Warwick spawning a new Warwick if he dies mid-leap.
  • Fixed Warwick’s Ability Damage scaling with his bonus Attack Damage.
  • Ahri will no longer cast her ability at an enemy that’s not in range.
  • Lucian now correctly triggers launch attack effects (Statikk Shiv, Runaan’s Hurricane) on his first auto after his dash.
  • Fixed Luden’s not triggering if the target of the spell died.
  • Fixed Vi ult sometimes chain hitting the same enemy.
  • Little Legends that get inside the initial shared draft barrier before it comes down are now booted out.

Miscellaneous changes

  • Updated Dragon and Elder Dragon fireball VFX.
  • You can now mute player emotes + pings through the scoreboard.
  • Added new visual effects to show off your win streak on the scoreboard.

TFT 9.18 new items

New Items – TFT patch 9.18

As mentioned in a recent post on game updates, items in TFT patch 9.18 are going to see some major changes, including the removal of one item and the inclusion of all new item combinations and a new item component – or basic item – called the Sparring Gloves. There is also a new consumable item, perhaps in response to another upcoming auto-battler.

New consumable item

Neeko’s Help

  • Effect – Click and drag Neeko’s Help onto any champion to create a 1-star copy of the champion that is placed onto your bench. This can’t be used if the bench is full. It’s unknown if this item will be only usable on your own champions or if you can use it on enemy champions to create a copy.

New Item Component

Sparring Gloves

  • +10% Dodge chance
  • +10% Crit change

Items being removed from TFT

  • Sword of the Divine

Item Recipe changed

Infinity Edge

  • Recipe – BF Sword + BF Sword ⇒ Sparring Gloves + BF Sword

Items being added to TFT

Last Whisper

  • Recipe – BF Sword + Recurve Bow
  • Ability – Attacks can’t miss and deal 5% of the target’s max health as true damage.

Lord’s Edge

  • Recipe – BF Sword + BF Sword
  • Ability – On takedown, gain a BF Sword for the remainder of the round.
  • Note – Champions holding Lord’s Edge can’t hold other items except temporary ones gained by this item and can’t be given to a champion already holding an item.

Thief’s Gloves

  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Sparring Gloves
  • Ability – On round start, gain two temporary items. Their quality is based on your player level.
  • Note – Champions holding Theif’s Gloves can’t hold other items except temporary ones gained by this item and can’t be given to a champion already holding an item.

Hand of Justice

  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Goddess
  • Ability – At the beginning of the planning phase, the wearer randomly gains either 40% increased damage, or 40 life on hit until end of the round.

Arcane Gauntlet

  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Needlessly Large Rod
  • Ability – Your champion’s abilities can Critical Strike.


  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Negatron Cloak
  • Ability – Prevent the next crowd control effect applied to the wearer. This refreshes every 5 seconds.

Iceborne Gauntlet

  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Chain Vest
  • Ability – On dodge, create an expandable 30% attack speed slow zone.


  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Giant’s Belt
  • Ability – Wearer starts combat with a spell shield. Stun the enemy that breaks the spell shield for a long time.

Repeating Crossbow

  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow
  • Ability – When the wearer dies, Repeating Crossbow passes to a new ally and they gain an additional 20% Crit chance and 20% attack speed. This stacks with each pass of the item.


  • Recipe – Sparring Gloves + Spatula
  • Ability – Extra 10% Crit chance and 10% Dodge chance. Wearer is also a Yordle.

TFT little legends

TFT patch 9.18 PBE updates

While TFT patch 9.18 isn’t coming until next week and there’s no update this week, there were a few changes that have appeared on the PBE that may interest you.

9.18 Trait changes


  • [4] Trait Bonus – 30 ⇒ 35
  • [6] Trait Bonus – 55 ⇒ 65

9.18 Champion changes

Twisted Fate

  • Blue card mana restoration – 20/35/50 ⇒ 30/50/70


  • Ability damage – 150/275/400 ⇒ 200/350/500


  • Ability duration – 8 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds
  • Ability max damage – 700/950/1200 ⇒ 800/1100/1400


  • Ability extra damage – 65% ⇒ 55%

Previous TFT patches

If you would like to know how things have changed since TFT’s inception, here are the previous patch notes in full.

TFT patch 9.16b (21/08/2019)

TFT Lucian

TFT 9.16b patch notes

This is otherwise known as the “Lucian nerf” patch in our eyes, as the main focus seems to be to make him a more balanced 2-cost champion. There are other changes too, but we anticipate that the TFT 9.16b patch notes won’t matter a great deal to a lot of champions in the meta outside of him. It does make Gnar potentially a little too strong, but does it also make Draven potentially a little less viable? The 9.16b patch also fixes an issue with Hextech and Ionic Spark, as well as the matchmaking in-game.

Traits – TFT 9.16b patch notes

It looks like Brawlers were still just that tad bit too powerful for tank-like champions, so in the TFT 9.16b patch notes, they’re getting a further decrease to the overall health gained. It’s surprising that while the Nobles did get a hot-fix over the weekend, they’re not being nerfed further, and the decrease to the Brawlers overall bonus health will only make Nobles that much better. It’s a bit of a strange alteration if we’re honest because of that reason, but they were powerful in many cases.

Please note that Nobles got a hot fix to revert the changes made in the TFT 9.16 patch notes to the pre-patch levels. You can see those in the 9.16 patch notes in the Spoiler Tag at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to learn more about how the traits have changed, head to our TFT traits [9.17] - origins and classes guide.


  • Bonus health – 300/600/1000 ⇒ 250/500/900

Champions – TFT 9.16b patch notes

Here are the bulk of the changes in the TFT 9.16b patch notes. Not as many as the main one, but there are notable exceptions. Jinx and Draven were finally given much-needed nerfs, as both are very strong late-game carries. They should be attractive choices for team comps, but when every game had one or the other on the back-line firing blades or rockets into the enemy team, it was a bit much.

Lucian was a great 2-cost champion and basically carries the Nobles early game. Ability damage was not what I was expecting to take a hit, but when combined with Luden’s Echo (also nerfed), then it gets a bit crazy safe for the comp in Stage 3. Kayle also got a nerf to the shield duration as expected, but it’s unlikely that this will change too much in a comp that’s already very strong.

As for the buffs, Gnar is the big winner with more attack damage when he shifts, making Shapeshifter comps an even more attractive choice. Morgana got some bulk, which makes her ability triggering more than once a little more likely, while Miss Fortune got a further damage buff. Miss Fortune’s targeting is still an issue that keeps her from the higher echelons, but more damage for her spread shot is nice. Anivia and Aatrox probably got the most minor of changes so it won’t change much.

The full alterations to each champion can also be found in our TFT tier list 9.17 guide, but below are the summarised changes:


  • Health – 700 ⇒ 650
  • Attack damage – 75 ⇒ 70


  • Ability bonus attack speed – 0.75/1.0/1.25 ⇒ 0.6/0.8/1.0
  • Rocket Damage – 100/225/350 ⇒ 100/200/300


  • Shield duration – 2/3/4 ⇒ 2/2.5/3


  • Ability damage – 150/250/350 ⇒ 100/225/350


  • Mana – 50/125 ⇒ 75/150


  • Spell damage – 250/600/950 ⇒ 300/600/900


  • Health – 650 ⇒ 700


  • Bonus attack damage on Transform – 30/60/90 ⇒ 50/100/150

Miss Fortune

  • Ability Damage – 800/1250/1700 ⇒ 900/1300/1700


  • Armor – 20 ⇒ 30
  • Ability Damage – 200/325/450 ⇒ 175/300/425


  • Health – 650 ⇒ 700

Items – TFT patch 9.16b patch notes

Just the one item is seeing a balance change in the TFT 9.16b patch notes. That is Luden’s Echo, which when stacked on Lucian in particular, made the entirety of Stage 3 a little too easy for him to carry for Noble comps. With a slight damage decrease, I don’t anticipate much of a change from where the item is now, but it does make Lucian more on par with the rest of the 2-cost champions.

Luden’s Echo

  • Damage – 200 ⇒ 180

Bugfixes – TFT patch 9.16b patch notes

Finally, here are some bug fixes. It’s mostly behind the scenes fixes this time around, as players were still seeing other players in the same match on a more frequent basis than was intended. There was also a bug that disabled Ionic Spark for the entire duration of the round when hit by Hextech EMP bombs, rather than just the eight seconds it was supposed to. This should make Ionic Spark a little more playable whenever Hextech bombs are flying around.

TFT patch 9.16 (14/08/2019)

Jinx and other Hextech champions are coming in patch 9.16

Hextech – TFT 9.16 patch notes

It looks like we’ll be seeing a big shift with the introduction of a new origin in this new update. Hextech champions are coming to the game and we’ll be seeing four of them.

The 9.15 patch notes included details on new breakpoints for certain classes, this looks to be a new Origin that Riot is introducing to TFT. Given just how crazy items get in TFT, Hextech being able to disable the items will have a massive impact on the game’s meta. Here’s the full breakdown of what Hextech does. This is subject to change as it’s being worked on in the PBE testing for TFT.

Hextech Origin

  • (2) Throw a bomb at an enemy unit with an item, and disables all items in a [1] hex radius for 8 seconds.
  • (4) Throw a bomb at an enemy unit with an item, and disables all items in a [2] hex radius for 8 seconds.

New Champions – TFT 9.16 patch notes

With the new Origin comes four new champions, each one combining the new origin with one of the previously updated classes in the 9.15 patch. Below is a summary of their skills and what classes each new champion will be bringing to TFT. Their stats will be displayed in our TFT tier list 9.17 guide so do make sure you check it out.


  • Origin/Class: Hextech/Blademaster
  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Ability: Camille singles out an enemy, dealing 75 magic damage and rooting them for 4 seconds. Her allies in range will prioritise attacking that enemy.
  • Ability damage: 200/325/450


  • Origin/Class: Hextech/Shapeshifter
  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Ability: Jayce knocks away an enemy in melee range, dealing damage and stunning them. He then transforms his hammer into a cannon, increasing his attack range and gaining a burst of attack speed.
  • Ability damage: 200/350/500


  • Origin/Class: Hextech/Brawler
  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Ability: Vi charges down the furthest enemy, knocking aside anyone in her way. When she reaches her target, she deals magic damage and knocks them up. Any other enemies knocked aside will take the same damage.
  • Ability damage: 250/450/650


  • Origin/Class: Hextech/Gunslinger
  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Ability: With her ability, Jinx gets excited as she participates in kills, first gaining attack speed and then pulling out her rocket launcher that causes auto-attacks to deal AoE damage.
  • Rocket damage: 100/225/350 magic damage to every champion in a three hex radius.

Systems – TFT 9.16 patch notes

There are some changes being made under the bonnet in the TFT 9.16 patch notes. Changes to how players are match-made in games, overtime, ranked mode alterations, and player damage tweaks are the main changes featured in this part of the update.


Improved matchmaking to prevent “streaky scenarios where you would face the same player (or ghost army) two or more times in a row.” This should now be incredibly rare.

URF Overtime mode

URF Overtime is new to the TFT 9.16 patch and will begin at 30 seconds into every battle. This means that all champions are sped up fr 15 seconds, along with other changes. This should make things quicker and more tense for players, but if we had one criticism, it would be that you can’t possibly add 30% more affection towards maritime mammals on top of infinity percent!

URF Overtime stats

  • 30 seconds into every battle the URF Overtime bonus will activate.
  • 300% Attack Speed
  • 200% Ability Damage
  • 66% reduced Crowd Control duration
  • 66% Healing Reduction
  • 30% increased affection towards maritime mammals.

Ranked changes

There have also been some alterations and fixes to how ranked mode works in the TFT 9.16 patch.

  • As intended, everyone will now be demoted if you lose LP in any game you start at 0LP.
  • For Grandmaster and Challenger players, if you’re demoted you will now skip Master and go directly to Diamond 1.
  • Adjustments made to LP gains and losses underneath the hood for extreme edge cases. For the most part, you will not see or feel any changes based on this optimisation.

Player damage

Some changes made in 9.15 to how much player damage is dealt, but these led to games going longer than expected. Riot have now overhauled how much base damage is dealt by scaling it in stages with the TFT 9.16 patch. This makes it simpler to understand and should still be underneath the rather high damage dealt to players at the launch of TFT.

Base damage per stage

  • Stage 1-2 – 1 damage
  • Stage 3-4 – 2 damage
  • Stage 5 – 3 damage
  • Stage 6 – 4 damage
  • Stage 7+ – 5 damage

Traits – TFT 9.16 patch notes

We had hints about Traits changes in the leadup to the TFT 9.16 patch notes being released, but the changes seem to be more wide-reaching than initially thought. In addition to the Demon rework and the Wild buff we knew about, Brawlers and Sorcerers are getting a nerf, while Ninjas and Nobles are getting a buff to their key characteristics.

Please note that Nobles got a hot fix to revert the changes made in the TFT 9.16 patch notes to the pre-patch levels.

If you’d like to learn more about how the traits have changed, head to our TFT traits [9.17] - origins and classes guide.


  • Bonus health – 300/700/1200 ⇒ 300/600/1000


  • New ability – Basic attacks from Demons have a 40% chance to burn 20 of the enemy’s mana and gain some mana
    • [2] 15 mana gained
    • [4] 30 mana gained
    • [6] 45 mana gained


  • Bonus attack damage and ability power – 40/60 ⇒ 50/70


Bonus Armor and Magic Resist – 60 ⇒ 75
(This was later reverted in a hot fix later that week, so from 75 ⇒ 60)


Bonus ability power – 45%/100% ⇒ 40%/100%


Attack speed gain – 10% per stack ⇒ 12% per stack.

Champions – TFT 9.16 patch notes

Here are the bulk of the changes in the TFT 9.16 patch notes. A lot of champions have seen tweaks, mostly to do with when abilities are used so that they don’t end up attacking champions that are no longer alive.

Particular highlights include Akali finally getting a buff for a change, while Cho’Gath finally gets that much-needed ability damage nerf. Karthus is also getting a bit of a nerf because his overall casting cost is increased, even if he does get a head start, while Miss Fortune should now last long enough to use her spread shot.

Oh and Elise is getting another buff to her health and spiders, but whether or not this would affect her standing is yet to be seen. The full changes can be found in our TFT tier list 9.17 guide.


  • Health – 450 ⇒ 500
  • Spiderling Attack Speed – 0.6 ⇒ 0.7


  • Non-Isolated damage – 150/300/450 ⇒ 150/250/350


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time.


  • Now always heals two units when she transforms. Previously she would only heal herself if she had the lowest health on your team.


  • Attack Speed – 0.75 ⇒ 0.7
  • Ability Damage (% of Max Health) – 8%/10%/12% ⇒ 8%/12%/16%


  • Health – 750 ⇒ 650


  • Total Mana (the mana required to cast her ability) – 150 ⇒ 125


  • Ability Health – 300/475/650 ⇒ 300/400/500


  • Health – 500 ⇒ 550
  • Attack Speed – 0.65 ⇒ 0.7
  • Ability Damage – 200/300/400 ⇒ 200/350/500


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time.


  • Now prioritises her current target with her ability
  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time.


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time.
  • Attack Damage – 50 ⇒ 65


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies in range at the start of the cast time.


  • Leap AI improved to better kite away from her target.


  • Attack Damage – 70 ⇒ 80


  • Ability Damage – 200/375/550 ⇒ 250/450/650
  • Starting and Total Mana – 0/125 ⇒ 50/150


  • Ability Damage – 250/500/750 ⇒ 175/350/525


  • Starting and Total Mana – 0/85 ⇒ 40/125


  • Attack Speed – 1.1 ⇒ 1.0

Miss Fortune

  • Health – 650 ⇒ 700
  • Total Mana – 100 ⇒ 75

Items – TFT patch 9.16 patch notes

Many items are also seeing some rather big changes within the TFT 9.16 patch notes. Hush is being reworked to help make the ability make a little more sense, while the likes of Ionic Spark and Statikk Shiv are getting much-needed nerfs as they’ve dominated the meta for a few weeks now. Guardian Angel has also seen a large health restoration drop, while Redemption a large increase.

Red Buff and Morellononicon also had their damage dealt over a longer duration but is still a similar amount of damage to what was there before. They were doing a lot of damage, so it will drop a bit in the rankings as of this change.

There will also be rare occasions where a fully completed item drops instead of the two components needed to make it. This should make things easier for more casual players, while at the same time delay the construction of items for more experienced ones by giving them a random combined item instead. We will be updating our cheat sheets accordingly, but you can find those in our TFT item cheat sheet [9.17] guide.


New ability – A 33% chance on hit to prevent the enemy champion from gaining mana for four seconds. This is called “Mana Lock”.

Infinity Edge

Critical Strike Damage – 150% ⇒ 200%

Ionic Spark

Damage – 150 ⇒ 125. Now properly stacks.

Locket of the Iron Solari

Shield Duration – 4 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds


Burn Damage – 20% max health over 5 seconds ⇒ 20% max health over 10 seconds

Red Buff

Burn Damage – 13% max health over 5 seconds ⇒ 20% max health over 10 seconds


Heal – 1000 health ⇒ 1500 health

Statikk Shiv

Damage and Bounces – 4 bounces, 90 damage per bounce ⇒ 3 bounces, 100 damage per bounce

Warmog’s Armor

Heal – Now heals a maximum of 400 health per tick. This mostly nerfs its effect on PVE dragons.

Guardian Angel

  • Tooltip updated to reflect functionality (does not interrupt abilities or remove positive buffs). It now properly removes Grievous Wounds and resurrects properly.
  • Health gained on resurrection – 800 ⇒ 500

New drop mechanic

  • In rare instances, it’s now possible to drop a full completed item instead of the two components separately.

Bugfixes – TFT patch 9.16 patch notes

Finally, here are some bug fixes. Most notably, Graves has now been fixed so that the Rapidfire Cannon now works properly, while Blitzcrank will now target someone else if he can’t use his ability on the first target, rather than give up and just start punching things. Finally, the other units generated by Elise and Elementalists will now be targetable to many abilities and items they weren’t able to be previously.

  • Spiderlings and Golem can now properly be the target of Frozen Heart, Kindred, Swain, Karthus, Shen, and Veigar.
  • Graves now properly gains range with Rapidfire Cannon.
  • Frozen Heart no longer applies too many slows when stacked.
  • Fixed some item slots not showing up or being in weird spots.
  • Fixed Win/Lose streak gold being granted after PvE Rounds instead of after the PvP Round that happened before (streak gold should be granted at the end of all PvP rounds and no PvE rounds).
  • Fixed Little Legends having collision after dying (and subsequently body blocking players in the shared roulette).
  • Fixed Blitzcrank attempting (and failing) at targeting untargetable enemies, and therefore not casting.

TFT patch 9.15b (07/08/2019)

TFT Veigar

TFT 9.15b patch notes

As the TFT 9.15b patch is a minor update, there are fewer changes as a result. The changes are mainly to adjust champion balance and item effectiveness, depending on whether the champion or item was overused or just never picked. A couple of bug fixes have also been applied to Blitzcrank and Statikk Shiv so that they now work as intended. You can find the official notes over on Riot’s website along with some summaries of why certain changes were made.

TFT patch 9.15b champion update

Below are all the champion changes on an individual level. We will be updating our TFT tier list 9.17 guide accordingly. Blitzcrank can now be effectively played on the backline, making any comps with him in their lineup a lot more effective at dealing with problematic units.

The main things to keep in mind are that both Karthus and Kayle have seen nerfs, though the one applied to Karthus is a bit more drastic. Pyke’s stun was just that little bit too good, though Assassins are seeing a fall in popularity through all the nerfs to the class in recent patches, so his relevance might be reduced with this nerf. Rengar did also get a reduction in ability attack speed bonus, so it’ll be interesting to see how that changes things.

Veigar‘s damage buff won’t matter much to anyone other than the comps involving Yordles and Sorcerers. Elise was widely regarded as one of the worst champions in the game, so it’s nice to see a buff to make her a tad more desirable, even if she’s still dramatically outclassed. For more on the comps that work well in the current meta, check out our Comps TFT 9.17 guide.


  • Fixed a bug so that other allies properly prioritize the target of Blitzcrank’s ability…again.


  • Attack Damage – 40 ⇒ 45
  • Spiderling Attack Damage – 40 ⇒ 50


  • Ability Damage – 400/700/1000 ⇒ 350/600/850
  • Ability Targets – 5/9/13 ⇒ 5/7/9


  • Mana required to activate ability – 100 ⇒ 125


  • Stun Duration – 2/2.5/3 ⇒ 1.5/2/2.5


  • Ability Attack Speed Bonus – 0.4/0.7/1.0 ⇒ 0.3/0.5/0.7


  • Ability Damage – 300/500/700 ⇒ 300/550/800

TFT patch 9.15b item update

Items have seen yet another batch of changes and these are more significant in general. It turns out that Statikk Shiv had a bug where it dealt more damage to targets if there were fewer than four available. This made it a must-make item and now it should be rebalanced to fall more in line with the others in its tier. It’ll still see a lot of use as it’s not been “nerfed” in its base stats. Morellonomicon, however, did get a nerf to the amount of damage dealt via its burn effect, but it’s unlikely to make much of a difference.

Speaking of nerfs that won’t make much of a difference, Guardian Angel has seen a restorative nerf. This won’t matter too much because the real strength of the item was that revived champions retain Mana gained and the champions attacking it move onto different targets if any are available.

The big winner here is Runaan’s Hurricane which now has such a major buff that it’s a feasible third item on the likes of DravenVolibear, and Rengar (if he’s still relevant after this patch). It’s highly likely that Draven and Volibear will now dominate the meta thanks to this major buff to Runaan’s Hurricane, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this development. Guinsoo’s Rageblade is also in a scary state for much the same builds.

Phantom Dancer now avoids Critical Strikes from abilities, which makes sense and makes an already good item even more desirable. It does mean that Akali is even more nerfed as a result. Not even the buff to Sword of the Divine will help this out, though it is a small bit of compensation to the Assassin builds.

Guardian Angel

  • Health on restoration – 1000 ⇒ 800

Guinsoo’s Rageblade

  • Attack Speed per stack – 4% ⇒ 5%


  • Burn Damage – 25% ⇒ 20%

Phantom Dancer

  • Now allows the holder to dodge critical strikes from abilities.

Runaan’s Hurricane

  • Bonus Damage – 25% ⇒ 75%

Statikk Shiv

  • Fixed an issue where it would deal more damage than intended when less than four targets, where available.

Sword of the Divine

  • Chance to activate – 5% ⇒ 7%

TFT patch 9.15b bugfixes

Finally, here are all the other changes that happened in patch 9.15b.

  • Fixed a bug that delayed players loading into the game until after the first carousel round. This was fixed last week.

TFT patch 9.15 (31/07/2019)

TFT 9.15 patch

The latest patch was a major overhaul that changed a ton of stuff. You can find the official notes over on Riot’s website along with some summaries of why certain changes were made. This list of changes is quite dramatic, so let’s begin with the system changes:

TFT 31/07/2019 mid-patch update – Frozen Heart bug

When 9.15 dropped, it seems that several items weren’t working as intended, while Akali had a 100% Critical Strike chance for her ability and Cho’Gath’s ability was doing upwards of 16,000 AOE damage. That’s utterly crazy numbers, but it’s what Frozen Heart was doing that put players off playing Ranked Mode.

Frozen Heart

  • Now works as intended. Frozen Heart can only apply its debuff to any enemy once. If the Frozen Heart holder leaves and returns to an affected unit, the debuff will be refreshed not stacked.

Ionic Spark

  • Now works against Assassins as intended.


  • Thornmail Damage – True ⇒ Magic.


  • Akali’s ability now critically strikes according to her crit chance as intended, down from always.


  • Ability Damage – 250/500/750 ⇒ 200/400/600


  • Health –  500 ⇒ 550 (“Let’s try this one again”)

TFT patch 9.15 system changes

The biggest focus of this patch was to alter how Critical Strike damage works. It increases the amount of damage dealt when stacked, rather than multiply the amount of damage dealt.

Win/Loss streaks

Win and loss streak points have been altered so that you get gold earlier for the second and third breakpoints. You’ll be able to see how this changes experience gained for streaks in our TFT gold guide.

  • Win/Loss streak breakpoints –  2/5/8 ⇒ 2/4/7

Class Breakpoints

Riot has also added a few new “breakpoints” for four of the classes. While the Blademaster one is currently possible, it’ll be very difficult to achieve. These updates could be seen as hints to which new champions are coming to TFT, so it’s time to look through the League of Legends roster and see who would fit the mold.

  • Gunslinger 6 ⇒ Gunslingers have a chance to fire 3 additional attacks.
  • Brawler 6 ⇒ All Brawlers gain 1200 extra HP
  • Shapeshifter 6 ⇒ Shapeshifters gain 120% Bonus Health on Transform
  • Blademaster 9 ⇒ Blademasters have a chance to gain 4 extra attacks. (This one is currently possible, good luck)

Player Damage

As was revealed during this patch, player damage is determined by the champions tier and star ranking. Spiderlings from Elise and Elementalists’s golem perk also deal damage if they remain on the board. This has been lowered for the following tiers and star ranks in order to give players playing the long-game a chance to make a comeback.

  • Damage from Spiderlings/Elemental Golem – 2 ⇒ 1
  • Tier 4 (1 Star) – 3 ⇒ 2
  • Tier 5 (1 Star) – 4 ⇒ 3
  • Tier 3 (2 Star) – 4 ⇒ 3
  • Tier 4 (2 Star) – 5 ⇒ 4
  • Tier 5 (2 Star) – 6 ⇒ 5
  • Tier 4 (3 Star) – 7 ⇒ 6

Carousel Stage

The final change in the system is the number of available units in the carousel. This means that players going last will have fewer options to choose from.

Available Units – 10 ⇒ 9

TFT patch 9.15 trait changes

The latest patch has drastically changed several traits, some in really obvious ways, while others are a bit more subtle. Assassins have just seen some tweaks to make their jumping ability more useful. Demons and Dragons, on the other hand, have seen significant nerfs to their traits, though in the Dragons’ case they’ve altered individual champions to compensate for the change.

Other big changes include an overhaul of Void, Knight, and Guardian. Other traits have seen adjustments too, so look at our list below for more details. Numbers in brackets refer to breakpoints in their trait abilities. You can get the updated list of individual champion traits in our TFT traits [9.17] - origins and classes guide.


  • Assassins jump earlier and their jumps are quicker.
  • Non-Assassin champ movement is slowed for the start of combat.
  • Assassins can be targeted sooner.


  • Demon Mana Burn – 25%/50%/85% chance ⇒ 20%/35%/60% chance


  • Dragon – 100% Magic Immunity ⇒ 83% Magic Immunity


  • Guardians – (2) 40 armor per stack ⇒ (2) 50 armor per stack. Guardian’s don’t buff themselves.


  • Knights block 20/40/80 damage from basic attacks ⇒ Your team ignores 15/30/55 damage from all sources.


  • Ninja Trait Bonus – (1) 40% AD/(4) 80% AD ⇒ (1) +40 AD & AP / (4) +60 AD & AP


  • Noble – 100 Armor/+35 Life on Hit ⇒ 60 Armor & MR/+35 Life on hit


  • Pirate – Average Gold Per Chest: 1.6 ⇒ 1.75


  • Void Trait Bonus – All your units ignore 50% armor ⇒ Void units now deal True Damage.


  • Yordles – (3) 25%/(6) 60% Dodge ⇒ (3) 30%/(6) 55% Dodge. Also dodges On-hit effects.

TFT patch 9.15 champion changes

Below are all the champion changes on an individual level. We will be updating our TFT tier list 9.17 guide accordingly. The biggest beneficiaries have been the likes of EvelynnKatarina, Rengar, Brand, and Lissandra, as all of them have seen some significant buffs to their attack damage, attack speed, and ability damage.

Aurelion Sol may have taken a big hit on the Dragon trait no longer making him immune to magic, but his ability damage buff may be a significant step in the other direction. Garen has also seen some major changes and bug fixes that make him more useful in the long run.

Akali has been further nerfed, while Kennen’s ability has been drastically reduced in damage. suffered the most with a drastic reduction of health and attack speed, while Volibear’s armour and attack speed have also been nerfed.


  • Attack Damage – 60 ⇒ 70
  • Ability Damage – 200/250/350 ⇒ 200/300/400


  • Ability Targets – 3/5/7 ⇒ 4/6/8


  • Attack Damage – 65 ⇒ 70
  • Attack Speed – 0.55 ⇒ 0.60
  • Ability Attack Speed Buff – 0.3/0.5/0.7 ⇒ 0.4/0.7/1.0


  • Ability Damage – 400/600/800 ⇒ 300/550/800


  • Ability Damage – 400/700/1000 ⇒ 250/600/950
  • Health – 750 ⇒ 700


  • Ability Damage – 300/375/450 ⇒ 200/325/450
  • Ability cast time – 0.35 ⇒ 0.5 sec to match all other champs


  • Armor – 20 ⇒ 30

Aurelion Sol

  • Health – 600 ⇒ 650
  • Ability Damage – 250/450/650 ⇒ 250/500/750


  • Ability Damage – 150/200/250 ⇒ 150/275/400


  • Ability Damage – 175/325/475 ⇒ 200/375/550


  • Armor – 25 ⇒ 75


  • Armor – 55 ⇒ 100


  • Armor – 25 ⇒ 40


  • Armor – 35 ⇒ 40
  • Attack Damage – 55 ⇒ 50
  • Attack Speed – 0.55 ⇒ 0.6
  • Ability Damage – 450/585/720 ⇒ 360/585/810
  • Fixed a bug where he wouldn’t move while spinning. Beyblade is back!


  • Armor – 35 ⇒ 40


  • Armor – 35 ⇒ 40
  • Stun Duration – 2/3.5/5 ⇒ 2/4/6


  • Health – 800 ⇒ 750
  • Armor – 35 ⇒ 40


  • Attack Speed – 0.6 ⇒ 0.7


  • Attack Speed – 0.6 ⇒ 0.65
  • Attack Damage – 60 ⇒ 65


  • Ability Damage – 400/650/900 ⇒ 225/450/675


  • Ability Damage – 200/375/550 ⇒ 150/275/400


  • Attack Damage – 45 ⇒ 40
  • Attack Speed – 0.65 ⇒ 0.75


  • Attack Speed – 0.5 ⇒ 0.55

Twisted Fate

  • Improved cast speed
  • Ability Damage – 100/150/200 ⇒ 150/250/350


  • Kassadin Attack Damage: 45 ⇒ 55
  • Kassadin Attack Speed: 0.65 ⇒ 0.6


  • Khazix Ability Damage Non-Isolated: 150/250/350 ⇒ 150/300/450
  • Khazix Attack Damage: 50 ⇒ 55


  • Attack Damage – 40 ⇒ 50
  • Ability Damage – 150/250/350 ⇒ 200/350/500
  • Ability Heal – 300/400/500 ⇒ 150/300/450


  • Attack Speed – 0.55 ⇒ 0.6
  • Ability Damage – 200/400/600 ⇒ 250/500/750
  • Ability Knockup – 1.5/2/2.5 ⇒ 1.5/1.75/2


  • Armor – 25 ⇒ 20


  • Health – 450 ⇒ 500


  • Attack Damage – 45 ⇒ 50


  • Mana – 150 ⇒ 125


  • Attack Damage – 60 ⇒ 65


  • Attack Damage – 55 ⇒ 60


  • Attack Damage – 65 ⇒ 75


  • Ability Damage – 350/600/850 ⇒ 400/700/1000
  • Ability Targets – 4/7/10 ⇒ 5/9/13

TFT patch 9.15 item changes

Items have seen yet another batch of changes. , though this only affects four items. Locket of Iron Solari has been a major thorn in Riot’s side for a while as its ability was still too dominant, so they’ve now reworked it so that its shields it grants are stronger but only temporary.

Ionic Spark has seen a damage reduction, though tellingly no indicated update to “it being usable from the bench”, while Hush‘s silence duration is shorter and Statikk Shiv‘s damage reduced. For the full list and a cheat sheet of how to make all the items, head on over to our TFT item cheat sheet [9.17] guide.

Locket of Iron Solari

  • Gives a 200 HP Shield ⇒ Gives a 250 HP Shield that lasts for 4 seconds.

Ionic Spark

  • Damage –  200 ⇒ 150


  • Silence Duration – 5 seconds ⇒ 3 seconds

Statikk Shiv

  • Damage – 100 ⇒ 90

TFT patch 9.15 clarity, VFX changes, and bugfixes

Finally, here are all the other changes that happened in patch 9.15.

  • Adjusted Akali’s ability VFX to closer resemble its real hitbox.
  • Improved barrel placement logic, and they persist if Gangplank dies while the fuse is lit.
  • Added cast VFX and adjusted auto-attack missile VFX for Kayle.
  • Changed which animation plays while casting Kennen’s ability.
  • Changed which animation plays while casting Sejuani’s ability.
  • Changed which animation plays when Volibear crits.
  • Rek’sai will now be healed by Redemption while burrowed.
  • The Darkin item will no longer give mana to demons when equipping during combat phase.
  • Vayne can no longer apply Silver Bolts onto units in Shen’s Spirit Refuge.
  • Frozen Heart will no longer break for a round when selling its host unit.
  • Dragon’s Claw will no longer reduce damage from champion abilities that deal true damage.
  • The play again button will take you back to the same queue you just played (Darkhorse MVP candidate of this patch).
  • Voicechat and party will persist through multiple games.

TFT patch 9.14b (24/07/2019)

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14b update

The latest patch wasn’t as big as the previous one, but it brings some significant changes to the meta. You can find the official notes over on Riot’s website along with some summaries of the changes to be made. It’s mostly to reduce the effectiveness of assassins, and to apply nerfs to Volibear and Cursed Blade while buffing Sorcerer and Wild.

TFT patch 9.14b system changes

  • Critical strike damage now stacks additively rather than multiplicatively. Paired with changes to Assassins and Infinity Edge, also in this patch, Assassins will deal around 25% less damage and IE will come out net neutral.

TFT patch 9.14b trait changes

  • Assassin
    • Critical Strike Damage: 150%/350% ⇒ 125%/350%
  • Sorcerer
    • Bonus Ability Power: 35/100 ⇒ 45/100
  • Wild
    • Attack Speed per Stack: 8% ⇒ 10%
  • Elementalist
    • Golem HP: 2500 ⇒ 2200

TFT patch 9.14b champion changes

  • Ahri
    • Ability Damage: 100/175/250 ⇒ 100/200/300
  • Akali
    • Health: 700 ⇒ 650
    • Attack Speed: 0.75 ⇒ 0.7
  • Evelynn
    • Attack Damage: 50 ⇒ 60
    • Health: 600 ⇒ 550
  • Kennen
    • Attack Damage: 70 ⇒ 65
  • Mordekaiser
    • Health: 500 ⇒ 550
  • Poppy
    • Ability Damage: 300/400/500 ⇒ 300/500/700
  • Rengar
    • Attack Damage: 55 ⇒ 65
  • Tristana
    • Attack Speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.65
  • Volibear
    • Armor: 35 ⇒ 30
    • Attack Speed: 0.65 ⇒ 0.55

TFT patch 9.15 item changes

  • Cursed Blade
    • Trigger Effect Chance: 25% ⇒ 20% (For the curious, Swordbreaker has a 25% chance and Hush has a 50% chance.)
  • Infinity Edge
    • Critical Strike Damage: 100% ⇒ 150%
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
    • Shield Amount: 300 ⇒ 200 (This was micropatched last week.)
  • Morellonomicon
    • Percent Max Health Damage: 3% ⇒ 5%

TFT patch 9.14b bugfixes

  • Raptors will now always properly drop a loot box.
  • The Guardian trait no longer fades when a guardian dies.
  • Redemption will now properly heal 1000HP.
  • Guardian Angel will now trigger in all cases.

TFT patch 9.14 (17/07/2019)

TFT patch 9.14 update

Riot Games have put out patch notes specifically for Teamfight Tactics, which includes the new champion and the introduction of Ranked play, among a lot of smaller changes that drastically change the game. Most notably, the main new features you’ll notice straight away are Ranked mode and the introduction of Twisted Fate.

TFT 19/07/2019 Mid-Patch update – Locket

  • Shield Amount: 300 ⇒ 200

TFT 17/07/2019 Imperial update & Health Bugfix

  • Items no longer benefit from the Imperial trait bonus
  • Fixed a bug that was causing health items to give too much health to all 2 star units
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2 and 3 star shapeshifters to receive too much health on transformation from all sources

TFT Patch 9.14 system changes

  • Added Ranked mode.
  • Changed the attack speed ratios so that attack speed bonuses are now based on a percentage of the champion’s base attack speed, rather than a fixed number.
  • Altered attack speed items and champions to reflect the above change.
  • In the event that you do not get an item during a PvE round, one of the minions, monsters, or epic monsters will now drop gold instead.
  • Dragon and Elder Dragon no longer benefit from the Dragon Trait bonuses. All sorcery comps rejoice.
  • The ranked premade party size is now limited to three players at all ranks. Down from five below plat.
  • XP needed to get from level 8 to level 9: 70 ⇒ 64
  • Abilities that target low health champions now determine “lowest health” by HP percentage instead of total HP
  • When you reroll your shop after levelling up from round XP, the shop is rolled at your new level instead of your old level
  • Added “Streak” indicator next to gold total. It displays your current streak (win or loss) and the rewards for maintaining streaks of different lengths
  • Added a combat recap so you can see how much damage each champion deals each round.
  • Added champion stats (attack damage, armor, magic resist etc) on their pop up inspect panel when you right click

TFT Patch 9.14 trait changes

  • Demon
    • Mana burn chance: 40/60/80% ⇒ 25/50/85%
  • Elementalist
    • Golem health: 3000 ⇒ 2500
    • Golem Attack damage: 200 ⇒ 100
  • Guardian
    • Armor buff: Stacks up to 2 times ⇒ Stacks any number of times
  • Gunslinger
    • Improved visualization of Gunslinger AoE attacks
    • Fixed some bugs where Gunslinger extra attacks could fail to fire at high attack speeds
    • Extra Units Hit: 1/all ⇒ 1/2
  • Pirate
    • Average gold per chest: 2 ⇒ 1.6
  • Shapeshifter
    • Bugfix: Shapeshifters will now gain the correct amount of health when they transform, previously they would fail to take into account the health they gained from their star level.
    • Transform health gain: 100% ⇒ 60%
  • Wild
    • Attack speed per stack: 7% ⇒ 8%

TFT Patch 9.14 champion changes

Tier 1 champions

  • Darius
    • No longer casts his ability at times when no enemies would be in range at start of cast
  • Elise
    • Cost: 2 ⇒ 1
    • Spiderlings now benefit from the Demon Origin effect
    • Mana cost: 75 ⇒ 100
    • Number of spiderlings: 2/3/4 ⇒ 1/2/4
    • Health: 500 ⇒ 450
    • Armor: 25 ⇒ 20
  • Fiora
    • Attack speed 0.7 ⇒ 1.0
    • Damage: 100-250 ⇒ 100-400
  • Graves
    • Health: 500 ⇒ 450
  • Vayne
    • Attack Speed: 0.6 ⇒ 0.65
  • Warwick
    • Ability now applies on-hit effects

Tier 2 champions

  • Ahri
    • Fixed a bug where Ahri’s ability wouldn’t deal damage while she was dead
    • Now retargets her ability if the target dies during the cast time
    • Ability targeting: Random enemy ⇒ Current attack target
  • Blitzcrank
    • Fixed a bug where Blitz could hook a unit off the board if he died while casting
    • Nearby allies are now more likely to target the unit Blitzcrank pulls
  • Braum
    • Fixed Braum’s tooltip to properly reflect that his shield reduces a percentage of all incoming damage
    • Damage reduction: 60-90% ⇒ 70-90%
    • Mana cost: 75 ⇒ 50
    • Ability targeting: nearest enemy ⇒ furthest enemy
  • Lucian
    • Relentless Pursuit second shot damage: 65/150/235 ⇒ 150/250/350
  • Pyke
    • Mana cost: 100 ⇒ 125
    • Starting mana: 50 ⇒ 75
  • Rek’Sai
    • Burrow duration: 1.5 ⇒ 1
    • Knockup duration: 1.25 ⇒ 1.75
    • Damage: 150-250 ⇒ 150-350
  • Shen
    • Starting mana: 50 ⇒ 100

Tier 3 champions

  • Aatrox
    • Mana cost: 100 ⇒ 75
    • Damage: 350-850 ⇒ 400-1000
  • Evelynn
    • Health: 550 ⇒ 600
    • Execute threshold: 50% HP ⇒ 65% HP
    • Execute damage multiplier: 300/400/500% ⇒ 300/500/700%
    • Eve’s ability now roots targets during the cast time (0.35s) to prevent them from moving out of the area of effect.
  • Gangplank
    • Ability now applies on-hit effects
    • Fixed a number of bugs with animations and barrel chains
    • Attack speed: 0.6 ⇒ 0.65
    • Health: 650 ⇒ 700
  • Katarina
    • Fixed a bug where her ability wasn’t properly preventing enemy healing
  • Kennen
    • Damage: 300-660 ⇒ 400-900
    • Attack damage: 60 ⇒ 70
  • Morgana
    • No longer casts her ability at times when no enemies would be in range at start of cast
    • Damage: 250-450 ⇒ 300-450
  • Poppy
    • Armor: 30 ⇒ 40
    • Stun duration: 1.5/2.5/3.5 ⇒ 2/3/4
    • Number of targets hit: 1 ⇒ 1/2/3
  • Rengar
    • Savagery’s attack speed buff is now multiplicative (it increases Rengar’s attack speed ratio)
  • Shyvana
    • Attack speed: 0.65 ⇒ 0.7
    • Health: 550 ⇒ 650
    • Bonus attack damage while dragon: 60-160 ⇒ 100-200
  • Veigar
    • Damage to lower star champions: 9999 ⇒ 19999
    • Mana cost: 85 ⇒ 75
  • Volibear
    • Health: 650 ⇒ 700
    • Attack speed: 0.55 ⇒ 0.65
    • Mana cost: 100 ⇒ 75
    • Lightning attack damage ratio: 60-100% ⇒ 80-100%

Tier 4 champions

  • Akali
    • Fixed a number of bugs that would sometimes cause her ability to not deal damage
    • No longer casts her ability at times when no enemies would be in range at start of cast
  • Brand
    • Mana cost: 100 ⇒ 125
  • Cho’Gath
    • Health: 1100 ⇒ 1000
    • Knockup duration: 2/2.25/2.5 ⇒ 1.5/2/2.5
  • Draven
    • Attack speed: 0.85 ⇒ 0.75
  • Gnar
    • Health: 850 ⇒ 750
    • Armor: 35 ⇒ 30
  • Leona
    • Mana cost: 150 ⇒ 100
  • Sejuani
    • Stun duration: 3/4/5 ⇒ 2/3.5/5

Tier 5 champions

  • Anivia
    • Ability no longer cancels when Anivia dies
  • Miss Fortune
    • Ability targeting: random enemy ⇒ current attack target
    • Now retargets her ability if the target dies during the windup
    • Fixed a bug where Miss Fortune would sometimes move and change her ult’s trajectory while channeling
    • Mana cost: 75 ⇒ 100
  • Yasuo
    • Ability now applies on-hit effects
    • Knockup duration: 1.25 ⇒ 1.5
    • Damage: 150/250/350 ⇒ 150/350/550

TFT Patch 9.14 item changes

Items have seen a big change when it comes to attack speed and how the Spatula works when combined with other items. For the full list and a cheat sheet of how to make all the items, head on over to our TFT item cheat sheet [9.17] guide.

  • Items no longer benefit from Ability Power
  • Spatula now doubles the stat power of its sister component. For example: Youmuu’s Ghostblade grants 40 Attack Damage
  • Cursed Blade
    • Can now reduce targets to 0 stars.
    • Fixed a bug where Cursed Blade would reset an enemy champion’s level if it triggered a second time.
  • Frozen Heart – Effect now applies more consistently to any unit near the wearer
  • Guardian Angel
    • Revive delay: 4 sec ⇒ 2 sec
    • Health restored: 500 ⇒ 1000
    • Bugfix: Guardian Angel now properly clears Grievous Wounds
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade – Attack Speed per stack: 3% ⇒ 4%
  • Hextech Gunblade
    • Fixed a bug where spell vamp was sometimes not properly granted
    • No longer benefits from item effects (looking at you Shyvana with Thornmail)
  • Ionic Spark
    • Now deals true damage instead of magic damage
    • Fixed a bug where Ionic Spark was applying 75 damage instead of 200
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
    • Now shields the wearer and the champions two spaces to the left and right of the wearer at the start of the round
    • Shield value: 200 ⇒ 300
  • Luden’s Echo
    • Fixed a bug where targets weren’t taking the correct amount of damage
    • Fixed a bug where Luden’s would proc on basic attack hits but not on ability hits
    • Primary target damage: 100 ⇒ 200
    • AoE Damage: 0 + 1.0 AP ⇒ 200
  • Morellonomicon – Max HP damage per second: 2.5% ⇒ 3%
  • Rapidfire Cannon – Now updates in response to range changes (RIP RFC Nidalee)
  • Recurve Bow – Attack Speed: 15% ⇒ 20%
  • Redemption
    • Now triggers at 25% health
    • No longer damages enemies
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
    • Bolts: 2 ⇒ 1
    • Bolt Damage: 50% ⇒ 25%
    • Now applies on-hit effects
  • Seraph’s Embrace – Fixed a bug where Seraph’s effect wouldn’t stack
  • Statikk Shiv
    • Now always hits 3 additional targets, rather than all champions in a frontal cone
    • Now only activates a maximum of one time per launch attack
  • Thornmail
    • Reflect damage: 35% of physical damage taken ⇒ 100% of physical damage mitigated
    • Damage type: Magic damage ⇒ True damage
  • Warmog’s – Regen: 3% max HP ⇒ 6% missing HP
  • Zeke’s Herald
    • Now only grants attack speed to champions two spaces to the left and right of the wearer
    • Attack Speed Aura: 10% ⇒ 15%

TFT Patch 9.14 bugfixes

  • Updated missile VFX on Enchanted Crystal Arrow
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow now plays sounds
  • Fixed a bug where champions levelling upon combining from a shared draft selection sometimes duplicated the champion
  • Reconnecting to a TFT game will no longer prevent end of game stats from being displayed
  • Fixed a number of bugs that would cause melee champions to AFK and stop moving
  • A billion other bugfixes listed in the sections above

Twisted Fate's stats and skill is highlighted.

Twisted Fate

On 1st July, a teaser from Twitter user “Wittrock” showed part of an image that was quickly deciphered and confirmed by Richard Henkel – the product lead for Teamfight Tactics. In it, he calls the character by his initials, “Tf”, referring to Twisted Fate. As of patch 9.14, Twisted Fate is now in the game.

Those familiar with him in League of Legends know he’s a ranged fighter that uses dice to randomly gain gold for every enemy he kills, while at the same time using cards to perform skills. True to form, his cards are a massive part of his skill in TFT and below is exactly what his skill does:

  • Pick a Card – Twisted Fate throws a card that either stuns, deals damage around his target, or restores mana to himself and nearby allies.
    • Damage – 100/150/200
    • Stun duration – 2/3/4 seconds
    • Mana restore – 20/35/50

Twisted Fate is a Pirate Sorcerer, so will blend in nicely with any Pirates and Sorcerers, and his ability to occasionally restore mana to other champions on your team makes him an invaluable if a somewhat random option. You’ll want to get him using his ability often, so any items that affect mana generation are decent for this task.


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