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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns - weapons, stats, and the new Gunsmith system explained

Here are the stats of every gun in the Modern Warfare open beta!

Featured post Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, much like its players, will live and die by its roster of guns and weapons. Fortunately, from what we played of the open beta in September, the gunplay is not only as fantastic as ever but also as diverse as ever thanks to the new Gunsmith system, which offers a wealth of customisation options that affect the base stats of each weapon.

We’ll walk you through how the Gunsmith system works in this here Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns & weapons guide  – as well as detailed numeric stats on all 37 guns we were able to take a look at during the Modern Warfare open beta.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats guide

Modern Warfare guns & weapons guide

We got to spend a lot of time with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its myriad guns and customisation options during the open beta weekend. If you missed out, here’s the essential need-to-know info:

  • Modern Warfare’s guns are divided into eight classes, each of which can be equipped in either your primary or secondary weapons slots:
    • The primary weapons are Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles, and Sniper Rifles.
    • The secondary weapons are Handguns and Launchers.
  • Each of the primary weapons can be customised using the Gunsmith system, which enables you to equip various attachments to different parts of the gun.
  • Aside from the primary/secondary weapons, you can also choose three perks, one lethal grenade, and one tactical grenade to take into battle with you.
  • All of this can be saved as a Loadout, and you can switch freely between loadouts during a match, or create a new one on the fly if you wish!

We’ll get to the individual weapons in a moment, but first let’s take a closer look at the new Gunsmith system in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Gunsmith system - upgrading guns & weapons

Modern Warfare Gunsmith system – how to upgrade guns

Gunsmith allows you to customise the stats of your chosen primary weapon(s). As you play more and earn experience and kills with a particular gun, you’ll unlock a variety of different attachments to choose from in the Gunsmith screen for that weapon. But with most of these attachments, there will be both pros and cons to using them, so you’ll need to decide where your priorities lie.

  • There are nine different types of attachment, and you cannot equip two of the same type. The types are: Muzzle, Barrel, Lasers, Optic, Stock, Rear Grip, Magazine, Underbarrel, and Perks. Not all of these may be available for each weapon.
  • The other limitation regarding attachments is that you can only equip a maximum of five attachments across any of these nine types.
  • Almost every attachment has both positive and negative associated effects. Some of these (e.g. improve range) will be reflected in the gun’s six stat bars, but others (such as ADS speed) will not.

Using attachments in the Gunsmith screen can significantly alter the power and role of your chosen weapon. But at the end of the day, your choice of weapon is still the most important thing. We’ll now go over each of the Modern Warfare guns and the stats we’ve managed to glean from the open beta for each one.

Note: each of these stats are a rank out of 100, calculated from the stat bars for each weapon. A fire rate of 60 does not mean you can fire 60 bullets per minute; nor does a damage value of 80 mean you will deal 80 damage to your opponent. Until proper stats are revealed for Modern Warfare’s guns, this is the best we can do; but the below tables will still be very useful for comparing different weapons to one another.

Modern Warfare guns - Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

First up are the eight Assault Rifles on offer. Striking a versatile balance in pretty much every fashion – fire rate, range, recoil, magazine size, DPS – the majority of players you encounter in any of the Modern Warfare modes on offer will be carrying an Assault Rifle of some kind.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl
FR 5.56727270727072
KILO 141716574667070
FN SCAR 17S686574637065

What is the best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare?

From what we played of the open beta, you really can’t go too far wrong with the M4A1. It was by far the most popular Assault Rifle out there no matter what caliber of players we were with, and for good reason. It’s incredibly stable, fast-firing, and lethal at various ranges, particularly when upgraded in Gunsmith.

Modern Warfare guns - SMGs

SMGs – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

During the Modern Warfare open beta weekend, various sources picked up on the early dominance of SMGs thanks to the maps’ small sizes and tight spaces – exactly the situations where an SMG is likely to prevail over any other weapon class. Sacrificing a little damage and a little stability for a whole lot of fire rate, these guns are not to be underestimated.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl
PP19 BIZON615655718070

What is the best SMG in Modern Warfare?

While many were taken with either the ease of use of the MP5 or the stupendous fire rate of the MP7, I found my favourite SMG to be far and away the AUG. While most of the weapons in this list elects to major in one particular aspect, the AUG comes second in almost every single stat, from Accuracy to control. It may take a little bit of practice and some Gunsmithing to turn the AUG into the best, most reliable SMG available, but it’ll be well worth it. Trust me.

Modern Warfare guns - Shotguns

Shotguns – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

In the closest of quarters, nothing can challenge a well-placed Shotgun blast. The below shotguns all have their unique quirks and differences, but when turning a corner and coming up against an enemy only a couple of feet from you, they’ll all get the job done in admirable fashion.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl
MODEL 680608632458065
Origin 12

What is the best Shotgun in Modern Warfare?

Don’t be fooled by what appears to be pitiful damage compared with the others: the 725 double-barrelled shotgun is an absolute powerhouse, and definitely the most effective shotgun I saw and played with during the open beta. The main thing about it is the excellent range and accuracy thanks to the 725’s tight spread of pellets. Two shots are more than enough to kill a player in messy close-quarters situations, and it only gets better as you improve the 725 in Gunsmith. Just remember to switch to your handgun if you’re threatened while reloading.

Modern Warfare guns - LMGs

LMGs – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

Bullets for days. The below LMGs are all, of course, fully automatic, and contain the largest magazine sizes of any weapon class. Ideal for holding a particular angle or chokepoint, there’s very little that can outgun the below four light machine guns.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl

What is the best LMG in Modern Warfare?

Simply due to its punishing and unrelenting DPS, I have to put the M91 at the top of the LMGs leaderboard for Modern Warfare. As the game’s description notes, the M91 “sacrifices mobility for stability”, which means you need to use it in the right circumstances; but there’s really nothing that can suppress or tear apart a whole group of approaching opponents like the M91 can.

Modern Warfare guns - Marksman Rifles

Marksman Rifles – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

Marksman Rifles are a hybrid class of weapon, lying snugly between the punch-packing Sniper Rifles and the versatile and fast-firing Assault Rifles. They may not quite reach the same range, damage, and accuracy of the Snipers (at least in terms of the stats in these tables), but a single well-placed shot is still often all you need.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl

What is the best Marksman Rifle in Modern Warfare?

It can only be the Mk2 Carbine. This absolute beast of a Marksman Rifle is capable of one-shotting an enemy pretty much no matter where you hit them. It’s fast enough that you could even use the Carbine to great effect at close ranges – provided, of course, you’re accurate and quick enough yourself.

Modern Warfare guns - Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

Sniper Rifles are the bulky big brothers of the Marksman Rifles. Slow but accurate and packing a hell of a punch, no matter which of these rifles you came up against you’ll want to make sure you’re not in the firing range.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl

What is the best Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare?

The AX-50 looks to be the most forgiving of the Sniper Rifles on offer in Modern Warfare thanks to its emphasis on a higher fire rate and greater mobility; and it really doesn’t sacrifice much for this either. It’s a reliable and effective sniper that can easily kill any enemy that falls into its crosshairs.

Modern Warfare guns - Handguns

Handguns – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

Handguns are for use in your secondary weapon slot – unless, of course, you’ve picked up the Overkill perk which allows you to carry two primary weapons. The five Handguns on offer are all extremely varied in both function and form, but all are capable of ending a fight as quickly as most primary weapons if you use them well.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl
.50 GS406552538035

What is the best Handgun in Modern Warfare?

While I had less experience with the secondary weapons during the Modern Warfare open beta, I can safely say that the .50 GS is a real powerhouse of a handgun, and more than worthy of your secondary slot. You’ll have to learn to control that heavy recoil, but the .50 packs such a punch that you can end most fights before they begin with this semi-auto handgun.

Modern Warfare guns - Launchers

Launchers – Modern Warfare guns, weapons & stats

Finally, we come to the four Launchers – the other option of secondary weapon besides Handguns. These Launchers are – as one might expect – explosive and devastating, but also slow and clunky to operate. They’re also quite varied in their roles, so make sure you use the right launcher for each occasion.

NameACCDMGRangeFire RateMobilityControl

And with that, we’ll wrap up this discussion on the various Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guns and weapons we came across in the open beta. But be sure to check back as the game nears its full release and more information drops on the weapons you’ll get to take into battle!

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