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Apex Legends Charge Rifle stats: DPS, TTK, spray pattern, Charge Rifle tips and tricks

Charge Rifle time-to-kill and other stats

Featured post Apex Legends Charge Rifle

Season 3 of Apex Legends has arrived, and with it the Charge Rifle – the all-new Energy-based Sniper Rifle that isn’t the Triple Take! This powerful beam-focused long-range weapon will be familiar to Titanfall players, but works rather differently than might be expected. We’ll go over every aspect of this newest Apex Legends gun in our Apex Legends Charge Rifle guide, complete with up-to-date and accurate stats on things like DPS and TTK (time to kill) under various circumstances!

Apex Legends Charge Rifle - Season 3 new weapon

Apex Legends Charge Rifle guide – DPS, TTK, fire rate

Let’s get right into talking about the all-new Charge Rifle, and what this curious beam weapon does differently to any other weapon introduced so far in the chaotic, high-octane battle royale that is Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Charge Rifle stats

Charge Rifle description

The Charge Rifle is an extremely Energy ammo-efficient weapon. That’s not the first thing most people notice about it, but it’s something I consider to be extremely important when considering the relative power and usefulness of this gun. Coinciding with the introduction of the new, larger and more horizontal World’s Edge map, this weapon is designed to lead snipers and long-range weapons into a new age of dominance.

Here’s what you need to know about the Charge Rifle heading into Season 3:

  • The Charge Rifle is a World-Drop weapon that uses Energy ammo.
  • It charges up a focused beam with little damage drop-off that can decimate enemies at long-range.
  • Holding down the trigger will charge up the beam for a short time, during which you will deal small incremental damage every tick to enemies hit.
  • After this warm-up period, the beam will blast forth, dealing major damage to any enemy it hits.
  • You can attach a scope (including a sniper scope) to the Charge Rifle, along with a Sniper Stock and an Extended Energy Mag.
  • You only have 4 shots by default with this weapon before having to reload.

Now let’s take a closer look at the base stats of this exciting new sniper rifle.

Apex Legends Charge Rifle stats

In the below tables we’ve detailed just about every statistic that might be useful to know about the Charge Rifle. The first gives basic stats, and the second gives the Time To Kill (TTK) under different circumstances. So have a look through, and meet me at the bottom when you’re done.

Charge Rifle stats (Basic)

NameCharge Rifle
AmmoEnergy Ammo
Mag Size4
Tactical/Full Reload3.6s/3.6s
DPS31.5 (63 with Extra DMG)
Body/Head DMG45/56
Extra DMG15x3 (45)
Fire Rate (SPS)0.7
Charge-Up Time0.50s
Att. SlotsMag, Optic, Stock
ModesSingle (Charge-Up Beam)
Projectile SpeedHitscan
Draw Time0.60s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS speed)
Max Headshot Distance29528

Charge Rifle stats (TTK)

Note: the below figures are displayed in the format of how long it takes to deal 100/150/175/200 HP damage, as this reflects the TTK depending on the enemy’s Body Shield quality. The figures in brackets take into account charge-up damage as well as blast damage.

DMG TypeDMGShots To KillTime To Kill
(inc. Charge-Up DMG)
Bodyshots45 (90)3/4/4/5
Headshots vs
No Helmet
56 (101)2/3/4/4
Headshots vs
Lvl 1 Helmet (10%)
50 (95)2/3/4/4
Headshots vs
Lvl 2 Helmet (20%)
45 (90)3/4/4/5
Headshots vs
Lvl 3/4 Helmet (25%)
42 (87)3/4/5/5

Apex Legends Charge Rifle tips

Tips and tricks on mastering the Charge Rifle in Apex Legends

Finally, let’s go through some in-depth, practical tips and tricks for mastering the Charge Rifle during your stints in World’s Edge.

  • Master the diagonal recoil. As with all weapons in Apex Legends, there is a definite spray pattern that you can learn and master with the Charge Rifle. But this weapon’s recoil is no joke. During the wind-up, your crosshair will be pulled first to the top-right, then the bottom-left, then back to the top-right, all in the space of half a second. This is something you’ll have to learn to take into account and counter, because that incremental tick damage really adds up.
  • Don’t be afraid to hip-fire even over long distances. Hip firing is extremely viable with the Charge Rifle – I might go so far as to say it’s just plainly superior. You still have the central dot to aim with, and there’s less visual clutter around where you’re aiming. What’s more, you can see the progress of your charge-up much more easily, and you can also see the recoil very clearly while hip-firing. Seriously, try it. You won’t be sorry.
  • Effectiveness is decreased at close range. While very powerful, the Charge Rifle is certainly not meant for close-range combat. You could use it if you had nothing else, but it’s obviously not going to be as strong as an R-99 or any automatic weapon really. So make sure you use the Charge Rifle in the situations where it truly excels. It’s not a jack-of-all-trades weapon by any means.

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