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The 10 best games like Dark Souls

In honour of His Souliness

Featured post This is just one of the best games like Dark Souls.

Sorry, definition nerds. “Soulslike” is a word now. Disgusting, I know, but this is how genres are made. Along comes a giant like Dark Souls that everybody won’t stop bleating about and soon it has copycats. Before you know it, a swarm of like-minded games with sparse checkpoints and lethal attacks are scuttling around, leaving slime trails and biting your ankles for surprisingly massive damage. Ugh, soulslikes. But stoop low to appreciate these little monsters, and among them you’ll find some very good games about dying.

Here are ten of the best.

Best games like Dark Souls

I’m not here to define the prerequisites of the genre or discuss whether it should even exist. I just want to pick a few of the wondrous horrors off the ground and put ‘em in a big terrarium with reinforced glass, so you can appreciate them. If it helps, think of them not as “soulslikes” but as curious offspring you might like if you enjoyed big daddy souls. Read on to discover more.

We’re obviously leaving out the Dark Souls series itself. After all, you can’t be “like” the thing you are. Also, Bloodborne is still nowhere to be seen on PC, so obviously don’t expect that bad boy to show up. And like most of our lists, the game you like is number 11. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

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