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Legends of Runeterra guide - how to get into the beta

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You may have read our preview on Legends of Runeterra or seen your favourite streamer play the game. So naturally you are now curious and want to learn how you can play Riot’s new collectable card game (CCG). We’ve got the steps you need to take to register your interest, and for when you do manage to get into one of the beta sessions, then this is also the right place for tips. We’ll teach you how to play the game, point out where things are different between other CCGs, and provide some Legends of Runeterra tips.

Legends of Runeterra guide

Our Legends of Runeterra guide will go over how to play the game and provide you with some tips for expert play. You’ll also find links to the rest of our Legends of Runeterra guides here, including some of the best decklists for the game.

Legends of Runeterra guide contents

legends of runeterra how to get into beta

How to get into Legends of Runeterra beta

It is currently unknown as to when and how you can get onto the Legends of Runeterra beta, but you’ll need to have signed up for it. You’ll need a League of Legends account, which you can create via their website. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to download and install the client. It currently doesn’t seem to do anything as the app is rather barren at the time of writing.

Weirdly, it also doesn’t seem to have any way of opening it via shortcuts or by other means unless you reinstall the app. This will likely get fixed further down the line, but upon logging in, you’ll likely get a message saying you won’t have permissions to play the game just yet. The website will tell you that you can boost your chances of getting into the beta by watching Twitch streams and by playing League of Legends. In addition, pre-registering for the beta will get you the Moonstruck Poro.

Legends of Runeterra tips

Legends of Runeterra tips

Finally, here are some assorted Legends of Runeterra tips to get you started when it comes to building decks and when you are playing the game. More tips will be added over the course of the next few months, so keep checking back.

  • When coming up with decks, certain regions tend to have some synergy with other regions. The preconstructed decks you unlock are a good start in working this out, but it’s important to experiment with combinations.
  • Test your deck against the AI before going into online battles. This will enable you to work out where the failings are with your deck and adjust accordingly.
  • Cards are purchased via packs that are bought with crystals. Crystals are currency you get when you play online matches. You’ll also get wildcards from packs that can be used to make specific cards.
  • When using Wildcards, try to make the deck with cards that you have already unlocked first before spending Wildcards to complete the deck.
  • Don’t just slap everything onto the battlefield when attacking. You may want to keep back some units that may have effects that rely on it being alive.
  • If the opponent has spell mana and cards in their hand, be wary of potential hidden spells that could disrupt your plans.
  • Cards are usually hidden, but if you’ve returned one to a player’s hand or is otherwise revealed, it stays revealed.
  • On the far left-hand side of the screen is a log of all the actions in the previous round. This is so you can have a grasp of what was played and work out what might still be in the opponent’s hand. This is shown on the top left of the screen.
  • You can pick up multiple units to drag onto the battlefield. From what we’ve seen, you click and drag over the multiple units to pick them up in a batch, then release them onto the battlefield to attack.
  • Your Nexus is a resource. Sacrificing some Nexus life total to enable units that won’t survive a defence attempt to gain that extra bit of damage is good in certain cases.

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