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Legends of Runeterra - best decks in the current meta

A spicy combination

Featured post Legends of Runeterra decks

When it comes to winning games of Legends of Runeterra, having the best decks means that you have the best chance. They’re only one piece of the puzzle, after all, card games are also an exercise in good timing and mind games. There are some frankly ridiculous decks in the game so far, so while you work on refining how to play the game, here are the best decks in Legends of Runeterra.

Legends of Runeterra 5

Legends of Runeterra best decks guide

Our Legends of Runeterra best decks guide will give you the full decklists for the best decks in the current Legends of Runeterra meta. We’ve added a variant of the Teemo deck that creates an avalanche of mushrooms.

Legends of Runeterra regions guide contents

Legends of Runeterra Fiora

Fiora/Shen barrier – Legends of Runeterra deck

The Fiora/Shen barrier deck is a Demacia and Ionia composition that is heavily reliant on its two champions: Fiora is the main win condition, while Shen is her protector. Other cards in the deck are used to stall your enemies. The idea for this deck came from YouTube user “Disguised Toast”.


  • Fiora x3
  • Shen x3


  • Greenglade Caretaker x3
  • Ki Guardian x3
  • Shadow Assassin x3
  • Radiant Guardian x2
  • Laurent Protege x3
  • Fleetfeather Tracker x1
  • Brightsteel Protector x3
  • Brightsteel Formation x1
  • Prismatic Barrer x3
  • Riposte x2
  • Deny x2
  • Judgment x2
  • Deny x2
  • Rush x2
  • Single Combat x2

How to play the Fiora/Shen barrier deck

The general idea for the Fiora/Shen barrier deck is to protect Fiora at all costs with your barrier spells and abilities. Shen’s support ability helps in this regard as he can protect the unit placed to his right during combat. When combined with Fiora’s challenger ability, this means that she is free to pick her targets to assassinate and thus win the game.

An odd quirk about Fiora is that when she levels up, she keeps her total kill count. So she’ll be halfway to completing her objective and thus your opponent halfway to winning the game. Brightsteel Formation is a big late-game bomb card, if games last that long, but it does cost 9 mana to cast. You could also use Judgment to get those last cheeky kills for Fiora. Other spells are mostly to protect your board or get a quick kill with Fiora.

How to stop the Fiora/Shen barrier deck

The rest of the deck is designed to stall enemy progress or stop you from killing Fiora. So some single burst spells combined with challenger effects will quickly take her down. Once she is eliminated, the opponent is wide open to being attacked. You may find that you’re being stalled by barrier effects, but you’ll eventually be able to overwhelm and push through the deck.

Legends of Runeterra Teemo

Teemo/Ezreal mushrooms – Legends of Runeterra deck

This deck comes from Twitch user “prohibit_hb” and is probably the most optimised of the Teemo decks we’ve seen so far. It uses many cards that would put mushrooms into the deck, while also using spells to trigger the Puffcap Peddler’s additional three mushroom caps ability. Teemo is also here, because who doesn’t want the opportunity to double the number of mushrooms in an opponents deck?


  • Teemo x3
  • Ezreal x3


  • Clump of Whumps x3
  • Puffcap Peddler x3
  • Shady Character x3
  • Chump Whump x3
  • Mushroom Cloud x3
  • Counterfeit Copies x3
  • Rummage x3
  • Mystic Shot x3
  • Statikk Shock x3
  • Hextech Transmogulator x1
  • Trueshot Barrage x3
  • Progress Day! x3

How to play the Teemo/Ezreal mushroom deck

I can sympathise with anyone who is on the receiving end of the Teemo/Ezreal mushroom deck. After all, you’re being hurt every time a mushroom is drawn from your deck. The idea is to ensure Teemo levels up by infecting the opponent’s deck with mushrooms. You’ll be protecting it from enemy units and spells by using Ezreal and other spells to control the board state.

Other spells and followers will put mushrooms into the opponent’s deck and before long you’ll have bloated their deck to insane numbers with fungi. Since they can’t counter the mushrooms directly, this will snowball into your victory. Late game spells like “Progress Day!” can boost your hand when it’s running low, while Hextech Transmogulator can be a risky way to get some more power on the board. But regardless of the spells you use, Puffcap Peddler is the way to put more mushrooms and the way you do that is casting spells.

How to stop the Teemo/Ezreal mushroom deck

You’ll need to deal with Teemo fast. The best way to do this is to have an Elusive unit on the board to block Teemo’s attacks from getting past and infecting your deck with mushrooms. Other spells and abilities to recall, kill, counter, or otherwise thwart the opponent’s mushroom plan are also valuable. The most valuable targets are both champions and the Puffcap Peddler. Outside of this, try to have a big board presence as this will help in the long run.

Legends of Runeterra Tryndamere

Anivia/Tryndamere control – Legends of Runeterra deck

The Anivia/Tryndamere control deck is also from Twitch user “prohibit_hb”, and is a Frejlord/Shadow Isles deck combines removal spells from the Shadow Isles to stall your opponent. You’ll need to do this long enough so that Freljord can enter the battlefield and begin swinging his big sword at the enemy Nexus. The champions are late-game bombs, but there are plenty of other ways to halt your opponent’s progress with chipping at your Nexus.


  • Anivia x3
  • Tryndamere x3


  • Avarosan Sentry x3
  • Wyrding Stones x3
  • Avarosan Hearthguard x3
  • She Who Wanders x3
  • Vile Feast x3
  • Avalanche x3
  • Catalyst of Aeons x3
  • Withering Wail x2
  • Grasp of the Undying x3
  • Vengeance x3
  • The Ruination x3
  • Warmother’s Call x2

How to play the Anivia/Tryndamere control deck

Late game the deck aims to drop Anivia or Tryndamere with Ruination on the following turn to create a one-sided board wipe. In slower matchups, Warmother’s Call allows you to get multiple Tryndamere’s on the board at a time to close out the game.

To get to that stage though, you’ll need to get mana quickly. Wyrding Stones help with raising your mana for the late game, thanks to their ability and the fact that you’re unlikely to be using them in combat. Other units like Avarosan Sentry, as well as the removal from the Shadow Isles, will stall your opponent long enough for you to get your big guns out.

How to stop the Anivia/Tryndamere control deck

Fight control either with overwhelming numbers and go for the Nexus, or have a vast array of tricks up your sleeve. Since there’s little chance of enemy players running spells like Deny, you’ll have a decent chance of putting everything onto the table.

Legends of Runeterra Karma

Teemo/Kinkou Wayfinder mushroom deck

Finally, here is another deck from YouTube user “Disguised Toast” that’s a variant on the Teemo mushroom strategy. This one relies on a two-card combination, namely Teemo and Kinkou Wayfinder.


  • Teemo x3
  • Karma x1


  • Greenglade Duo x2
  • Deny x3
  • Twin Disciplines x2
  • Kinkou Wayfinder x3
  • Dawn and Dusk x2
  • Counterfeit Copies x2
  • Will of Ionia x3
  • Mystic Shot x3
  • Shadow Assassin x3
  • Greenglade Lookout x3
  • Thermogenic Beam x3
  • Rivershaper x3
  • Statikk Shock x2
  • Spirit’s Refuge x2

How to play the Teemo/Kinkou Wayfinder mushroom deck

Half of the strategy of the Teemo/Kinkou Wayfinder mushroom deck is in the deck’s construction. If you only have the three copies of Teemo in your deck, you’ll be able to summon them immediately via Kinkou Wayfinder’s Allegiance ability. This has the side effect of bypassing the usual transformation effect that champions have when they enter your hand, because they’re immediately summoned. This allows you to have up to three Teemos attack per turn.

The ridiculous thing here is that each Teemo will level up at the same time, meaning that even if you’re attacking, you’ll likely level up before all the Teemos hit. If left unchecked, it could snowball into the opponent having a colony of fungi infesting their deck. The other cards in the deck aim to either produce more Teemos for the deck, or give you copies of Teemo.

How to stop the Teemo/Kinkou Wayfinder mushroom deck

Recall is your best friend here. It disrupts the combo by putting the second and third copies of Teemo back into the opponent’s hand. Outside of this, Elusive units and spells to eliminate each copy of Teemo will halt the main goal of the deck. It’s also surprisingly weak against any deck with a lot of area of effect spells, particularly if you can get Jinx up and running quickly. Whatever your AoE strategy, it’ll have to be quick as Teemo’s mushrooms can very quickly proliferate into an unwinnable state.

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