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The 20 best management games on PC

We built this city on conveniently delineated tiles

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What a list that was, and what games! If only we could effectively manage our time properly to play them all.

Before you hop to the comments to complain about your favourite being excluded, please remember that a lot of careful planning went into writing this article. Continue in kind and write why you love that game you love, and maybe you’ll compel others to give it a try – or us to include it in a future update.

Here’s the complete list of the best management games:

  • 20. Oxygen Not Included
  • 19. Anno 1800
  • 18. Megaquarium
  • 17. Slime Rancher
  • 16. Dungeon Keeper
  • 15. OpenTTD
  • 14. Surviving Mars
  • 13. Frostpunk
  • 12. Prison Architect
  • 11. Tropico 6
  • 10. Banished
  • 9. Zeus: Master Of Olympus
  • 8. Planet Coaster
  • 7. Factorio
  • 6. Two Point Hospital
  • 5. The Sims 4
  • 4. Cities: Skylines
  • 3. Dwarf Fortress
  • 2. Stardew Valley
  • 1. RimWorld

In the most recent update on January 2020…

We kicked out: Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Startopia, The Settlers II, Evil Genius, The Sims 2, Tropico 5 and Anno 1404.

And introduced: Oxygen Not Included, Anno 1800, Megaquarium, Slime Rancher, OpenTTD, Tropico 6 and The Sims 4.

The words in this article are by Alec Meer, Nic Reuben, Katharine Castle, Graham Smith, and Alice Liguori.

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