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Temtem evolutions guide

Eh? This Temtem is evolving!

Featured post Temtem evolution

Even in its Early Access period, there are a lot of Temtem to hunt down, train, and evolve into their pumped up forms. Some evolution types work a little differently in Temtem when compared to Pokémon, and there are also Temtem with unusual methods you need to use to evolve them. To help with that effort, I’ve compiled a table with all the currently known Temtem’s evolution methods.

Temtem evolutions guide

Our Temtem evolutions guide has all Temtem currently known to us as of the Early Access build of the game. It will also include all the Temtem evolution methods for each of the known creatures in the game. You can get more tips on Temtem in our handy Temtem guide. If you’re looking for where to find the Temtem so you can evolve them, look no further than our Temtem list guide.

Each Temtem has a different combination of types. Don’t worry if you don’t know which types are weak or strong against another type, as you can check out our handy Temtem type chart guide to compare the types. As for which moves you can teach them with Courses, you can check out our Temtem Course locations guide.

Temtem evolutions

How to evolve all Temtem

It can be rather tricky to know for sure how to evolve each of the many Temtem on the archipelago. I’ve created a table featuring all the Temtem that are currently available in the Early Access build of the game. Not all the Temtem are in the game at this time, but we know there are at least 161 Temtem to obtain. The table below contains all the known evolution methods.

To use the table, I highly suggest using the search bar to the top right of the table to search for the Temtem you want to know how to evolveYou will see the evolution method to get the next Temtem, which more often than not will be to level up. The numbers next to the Level up in brackets are the number of levels you need to raise your Temtem from the point of capture, rather than a set level. Other known methods of evolution involve trading with another Temtem Tamer or completing side-quests to use shrines.

Temtem name How to evolve Temtem
Zaobian N/A
Platypet Level up (20)
Platox Level up (20)
Platimous N/A
Swali Level up (8)
Loali N/A
Tateru N/A
Paharo Level up (7)
Paharac Level up (16)
Granpah N/A
Ampliing N/A
Amphatyr N/A
Bunbun Level up (20)
Mudrid N/A
Hidody Level up (15)
Taifu N/A
Fomu Level up (20)
Wiplump N/A
Skail Level up (17)
Skunch N/A
Goty Level up (13)
Mouflank N/A
Rhoulder N/A
Houchic Level Up (29)
Tental Level Up (24)
Nagaise N/A
Orphyll Level up (22)
Nidrasil N/A
Banapi Level up (17)
Capyre N/A
Lapinite Level up (25)
Azuroc Level up (25)
or Trade
Zenoreth N/A
Bigu Level up (18)
Babawa N/A
Kaku Level up (11)
Saku N/A
Valash N/A
Barnshe N/A
Gyalis N/A
Occlura Level up (18)
Myx N/A
Raiber Level up (15)
Raize Level up (25)
Raican N/A
Pewki Level up (13)
Piraniant N/A
Osuchi Level up (12)
Osukan Level up (14)
Osukai N/A
Saipat N/A
Pycho Level up (14)
Drakash N/A
Crystle Level up (29)
Sherald Level up (21)
Tortenite N/A
Hocus Level up (17)
Pocus N/A
Sparzy Pre-evolution N/A
Sparzy N/A
Sparzy evolution N/A
Mushi Level up (20)
Mushook N/A
Magmis Level up (16)
Mastione N/A
Umishi Level up (14)
Ukama N/A
Raignet pre-evolution N/A
Raignet N/A
Smazee Level up (29)
Baboong Level up (23)
Seismunch N/A
Zizare N/A
Kuri Level up (16)
Kauren N/A
Spriole Level up (12)
Deendre Level up (25)
Cerneaf N/A
Toxolotl Level up (30)
Noxolotl N/A
Blooze Level up (25)
Goolder N/A
Zephyruff Level up (22)
Volarend N/A
Grumvel Level up (16)
Grumper N/A
Ganki Level up (27)
Gazuma N/A
Oceara N/A
Yowlar N/A
Droply Level up (20)
Garyo N/A
Shuine N/A
Nessla N/A
Valiar N/A
Kalazu Level up (18)
Kalabyss N/A
Adoroboros N/A
Tuwai Tuvine:
Take Tuwai
to Crystal Shrine.
(Requires you to
"Cultist Hunt"
Tukai Evolves from Tuwai
by taking it
to the Water Shrine.
Tuvine Evolves from Tuwai
by taking it
to Crystal Shrine)
Turoc Evolves from Tuwai
by taking it
to the Earth Shrine.
Kinu N/A
Vulvir Level up (14)
Vulor Level up (28)
Vulcrane N/A
Pigepic N/A
Akranox N/A
Vulffy N/A
Anahir N/A

Thanks so much for checking out our Temtem evolution guide. If you need more top tips that you come across for Temtem, check out our Temtem guide. We also have begun researching how to obtain the most elusive Temtem in our Luma Temtem guide. Finally, there’s our Temtem gear locations guide for finding equipment to buff up your team even more.

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