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Runeterra patch notes

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Featured post Runeterra Patch Notes

With recent Runeterra patch notes making some much needed changes, the newest patch (0.9.1) is more here to fix bugs and introduce some new guardians and boards. Detain also now works as it should against champions. In order to keep up with all the changes that will be made to the game, I will be looking over the changes that are being made when every Runeterra patch note post is released and seeing where the biggest changes are going to be.

Legends of Runeterra patch notes guide

Our Runeterra patch notes guide has all the changes that have been made to the game, from the open beta to the most recent patch 0.9.1.

Patch notes 0.9.1

Another smaller update here and none of the stuff that’s been altered will change the card text, meaning the same decks are still the best ones. Check out which ones they are in the Runeterra best decks guide.


Runeterra patch 0.9.1

Boards & Guardians additions

The main updates here are to do with the guardians and boards. We’ll add the new stuff to our Runeterra guardians and Runeterra boards guides in due course but for now, here’s what’s new.

  • New guardian – Minion now available to purchase.
  • New boards – Jinx and Garen now available to purchase.
  • Guardian improvements – Silverwing and Gloomtooth are not as noisy when idle. Basilisk’s tail and Gromp Jr’s legs no longer clip through boards.

System changes

  • Improved the animation speed, removed effect buffers, and decreased lock-out windows to improve responsiveness for the following game actions:
    • Summoning units
    • Drawing cards
    • Playing spells
    • Attack token transferring between players
    • Dragging units to attack.
  • Increasing friend challenge XP for both wins and losses (Win is now 200XP, loss is now 100XP). There are also XP caps at five wins and five losses per day.
  • Card counts now represented by “pips” that better communicate to the player copies of the card owned, unowned cards, cards used in decks and ones not used in decks.

Bug fixes

Finally here are some bug fixes. Some of the important card related ones have been highlighted in bold for your convenience.

  • Repeatedly hovering Region Road rewards no longer causes shadows to steadily consume the screen.
  • Muting AI opponents will now properly hide their emotes.
  • The Rekindler and The Harrowing will no longer revive Champions that only had their unique spell cast.
  • Champions will now properly level up if they return from being Detained after their level up condition was met while they were Detained.
  • Twin Disciplines now displays correct effect text when selecting Discipline of Fortitude.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on the loading screen when signing out of League of Legends while signed into LoR.
  • Players logging into LoR from different devices should encounter fewer crashes.

Previous patch notes

In order to look at the other Legends of Runeterra patch notes, please expand the spoiler tags for the patch notes you wish to look at.

Runeterra 0.9.0 patch

Patch notes 0.9.0

This is the first big update to Legends of Runeterra since the game was released in open beta. In it, they explain how they plan to release patches in the future.


This is how patches are going to be released for the near future:

  1. New set of cards released.
  2. First balance patch: Mostly “medium”-sized number changes based on our early sense of outliers.
  3. Second balance patch: Significant updates to underutilised cards, and the main patch where you can expect any major champion updates.
  4. Third balance patch: Limited number changes to stabilise any meta issues.
  5. Next set of cards released.

As such, the game won’t be updated as frequently as Teamfight Tactics was, but Riot will still be patching the game frequently, so do check back as patch notes drop in the future.

Runeterra Yasuo

Card updates – Champions

Champions didn’t get as many updates as they did in the preview patch, but there were two champions that got minor adjustments to make them a more viable choice:

  • Lux: Base stats: 3/4  4/5
  • Lux: Level up stats: 4/5 → 5/6
  • Yasuo: Level up condition: You Stun or Recall 6+ units  You Stun or Recall 5+ units

Lux was a champion that was difficult to build a deck around thanks to her rather abysmal stats when compared to her mana cost. Yasuo’s updated level up condition is designed to make him a more playable champion while playing Expeditions mode, as he was rather difficult to level up consistently. The buffs also address some issues that came from changes to Elusive followers and buffing spells.

Legends of Runeterra Commander Ledros

Card updates – Followers and Spells

The vast majority of the updates here to the followers and spells affect three kinds of decks. Shadow Isles has taken the majority of the nerfs, with Commander Ledros and Wraithcaller being the main targets. Ionia cards like Deny and Inspiring Mentor also saw a lot of play and got nerfs. The rest of the changes have given a couple of cards in Noxus a bit more durability, while Back to Back gets a mana cost increase. The full changes are below:

  • Back to Back: Cost: 5 → 6
  • Arena Battlecaster: Health: 1 → 2
  • Crimson Curator: Health: 2 → 3
  • Deny: Cost: 3 → 4
  • Inspiring Mentor: Health: 1 → 2
  • Inspiring Mentor: Play: Grant an ally in hand +1/+1 → Play: Grant an ally in hand +1/+0
  • Jewelled Protector: Stats: 3/3 → 4/4
  • Kinkou Lifeblade: Health: 3 → 2
  • Commander Ledros: Cost: 8 → 9
  • Commander Ledros: Power: 8 → 9
  • Commander Ledros: Play: Cut the enemy Nexus Health in half → Play: Cut the enemy Nexus Health in half, rounded up
  • Rhasa the Sunderer: Cost: 7 → 8
  • Scuttlegeist: Added keyword “Fearsome”
  • Tortured Prodigy: Power: 3 → 4
  • Wraithcaller: Removed keyword “Fearsome”

Upcoming patch watchlist

Fearsome decks have been incredibly popular in recent weeks, so with the recent changes, Riot are looking to see if they have made them even more powerful or if they’re now a little more balanced alongside the Elusive decks that have also been incredibly popular. Control decks are not currently being seen as a problem, but an eye is being kept on them to see if this update upsets the balance.

Runeterra expeditions

Expedition Archetypes

Some changes have also been made to the cards available in each of the “Archetypes”. These are the selection of cards that can appear in categories that are pickable during drafts in the Runeterra Expeditions mode. Here are the affected categories and what’s added/removed:

  • Demacian Steel: Added: Chain Vest
  • Battle Scars: Added: Might, Alpha Wildclaw
  • Battle Scars: Removed: Blood for Blood, Bull Elnuk
  • Suit Up: Added: Bull Elnuk
  • Suit Up: Removed: Alpha Wildclaw
  • Shroom and Boom: Added: Assembly Bot, Statikk Shock, Plaza Guardian
  • Shroom and Boom: Removed: Academy Prodigy, Chempunk Shredder, Get Excited!

The general gist of what’s happening here is that Demacian Steel is getting an extra low-cost common card to make more powerful cards harder to draft. Battle Scars was seen as quite a weak archetype, so it’s getting more power, while Suit Up overperformed because of the Challenger units in the archetype. Combined with Frostbite and Barriers, it has been seen as one of the better options to pick overall.

Shroom and Boom was reshuffled because it was inconsistent. Riot want to reward players for churning out mushrooms to opponents, so detrimental cards like Get Excited! have been removed, while cards like Assembly Bot and Plaza Guardian give a little more defence.

Runeterra weekly vault

XP and Expedition Rewards

To explain the changes in the XP and Expedition modes would take quite a bit of time, so it’s easier to just have a look at our Runeterra vault guide for the updated list of XP tables. The rewards for Expeditions have also changed and you can find those in the same guide.

Other updates

The rest of the updates are mostly to improve stability, provide clarification, and general user interface updates to make the game simpler to read.

  • Effects that allow for reactions from opponents now have a “skills” icon next to the Play or Attack word in the text of a card.
  • Any created cards now have tool tips to indicate which player created them. This is viewable by both players.
  • Improved the Shopkeeper trade logic in Expeditions.
  • Added multiple FPS options – 30FPS, 60FPS, and 60+FPS.
  • Deckbuilder improvements
    • Mana curve now indicates number of cards at each cost.
    • Bugfix for “MAX” card count text not showing up.
    • Deck import & export now copies from/to device clipboard.
    • Minor visual polish and readability improvements.
  • Board visuals
    • Corrected a repeated grass texture on Summoner’s Rift board.
    • Cleaned up and reduced intensity of lens flare effect on Demacia board.
    • Corrected occasional lighting issues when resolving certain spells on faction boards.
  • Players on old client versions will now see a message asking them to restart the client and update, and will be unable to queue until doing so.
  • Master tier rankings now more fluid based on how master players are performing against each other (previously released hotfix).
  • Claimable rewards on region roads now more strongly highlighted.
  • Patch sizes generally decreased.
  • Friend Challenge stability improvements.
  • Store now marked with a badge when new content is available.
  • In-client messaging for maintenance updated for clarity.

Runeterra Heimerdinger

Bug fixes

Not as many bug fixes this time around, but I can imagine that some players will be happy to see that rewards and XP related bugs, as well as Anivia actually levelling up now, have now been implemented.

  • Players should no longer get stuck on the loading screen when signing out of League of Legends while signed into LoR.
  • Players logging into LoR from different devices should encounter fewer crashes.
  • Fixed issues with region quests not progressing as expected.
  • Fixed rare issues with players not receiving XP after games.
  • MASSIVE nerf to high APMers: Players can no longer discard the same card to multiple Spinning Axes by quickly chaining them (previously released hotfix).
  • Anivia’s summoned from deck will now correctly level up if her condition has been met.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on “Connecting” if their opponent disconnects while loading.

Runeterra 0.8.3 patch

Patch 0.8.3

None of the changes in patch 0.8.3 alters the meta, so the current Runeterra best decks are all safe.

A note on experience gain and unlocking Vault rewards

This isn’t a change, but it’s something that the Product Lead nicknamed “RiotClockwork” wished to address:

While there are no associated changes in this patch, we’re keeping an eye on how y’all are engaging with the XP changes introduced with open beta. One of our main goals for progression is to encourage play through rewards without forcing chore-like behaviors—we want you to have efficient ways to progress, we just also want those experiences to be fun. For example, we don’t want players to feel like they need to grind AI games or snap concede matches to maximize their progression. No changes for now, but we’re already looking at potential adjustments.

For those who have been using the Runeterra vault guide to get as much experience as you can, this could be highly relevant to you. The biggest worry is that they use this as an excuse to make playing games against AI no longer count towards Daily Quest rewards. We’re likely to see the decision of what they change here in Runeterra patch 0.9.

New boards & guardians

All the new boards and guardians can be purchased with real money in the store. Learn what’s available and how to change them in our Runeterra guardians and Runeterra boards guides.

Other changes

  • Whirling Death and Yasuo’s stun/recall damage animations are now faster.
  • Installs of Legends of Runeterra are now smaller in their initial size. It will allow new players to play the tutorial while the game downloads the post-tutorial features.

Bug Fixes

This is where you’ll see the majority of the changes in this patch. I’m very glad that the first bug fix will be implemented as I’ve had multiple occasions where I had errors buying cards, because it wasn’t updating remaining shards/wildcards properly.

  • Purchasing cards with shards or wildcards now correctly updates your displayed total remaining.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren’t correctly receiving cards after purchasing them with wildcards.
  • Various fixes for minor social panel issues (delays, unresolvable notifications, etc.)
  • Used Cask Salesman now shows in Expeditions archetypes.
  • Anivia now correctly appears in two Expeditions archetypes, rather than three.
  • Reduced volume on ‘The Box’ and ‘Thresh’s The Box.’
  • T-Hex leg rotation fixed in celebration animation.
  • Improved resolution on T-Hex and Poro Collection images.

Runeterra preview patch notes

Runeterra patch notes

Runeterra preview patch notes

The first set of Runeterra patch notes came just before the release of the open beta. They’ve said that we should not expect this many updates to the game at one time to “be the norm”. Many cards had updates, as well as various bug fixes, a new mode introduced, and some visual updates to make stuff clearer. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get on with it.

Runeterra preview patch notes contents


This patch adds the new draft mode named Expeditions. It’s a mode where you can choose between different card choices to create your own custom deck. Once you’ve completed your deck, you’ll be able to fight other players to try and win a total of seven games. You get two tries at this per entry into Expeditions. You can learn how to play this mode in our Runeterra Expeditions guide.

I personally like this mode a lot as it gives the game a vastly different way to play and it’s unlike any other card game’s draft mode in many ways. Everyone can earn a single token for free by playing the game a little bit, so once you grab it, make sure to try it out at least once.

Runeterra Card changes

Legends of Runeterra Garen


Seven champions got some tweaks and changes, ranging from the minor ones like Garen’s nerfed attack and health, to the major reworks like Lux’s ability. These champions see a bit more play in Expeditions than the constructed deck Ranked modes, so it’s highly likely that these changes will be sticking around for a while. Make sure to look at our Runeterra best decks guide to see if any of these champions make it into the decks you should be making.

  • Lux: Base form stats changed from 5/3 to 3/4.
  • Lux: Base form level up condition changed to: “I’ve seen you cast 6+ mana of spells. Then create a Fleeting Final Spark in hand.”
  • Lux: Level up form stats changed from 6/4 to 4/5.
  • Lux: Level up ability changed to: “When I’ve seen you spend 6+ mana on spells, create a Fleeting Final Spark in hand.”
  • Lux: Final spark changed to a 0 mana spell that has “Deal 4 damage to an enemy unit. Fleeting.”
  • Garen: Base form stats changed from 6/6 to 5/5.
  • Garen: Level up form stats changed from 7/7 to 6/6.
  • Draven: Base form stats changed from 4/3 to 3/3.
  • Draven: Level up form stats changed from 5/4 to 4/4.
  • Shen: Base form stats changed from 2/6 to 2/5.
  • Shen: Level up form stats changed from 3/7 to 3/6.
  • Thresh: Base form stats changed from 3/5 to 3/6.
  • ThreshLevel up condition changed to “I’ve seen 6+ units die.”
  • Thresh: Level up form stats changed from 4/6 to 4/7.
  • Thresh: Level up ability changed to “The first time I attack this game, summon an attacking champion from your deck or hand.”
  • Thresh: Thresh’s The Box changed to a Fast spell that reads “Deal 3 damage to each enemy that was summoned this round. Shuffle a Thresh into the deck.”
  • Kalista: Base form gains Fearsome keyword and the play ability now says “Play: I bond with an ally. Grant it +2/+0 while we are bonded.”
  • Kalista: Level up form gains Fearsome keyword  the play ability now says “Play: I bond with an ally. Grant it +2/+0 while we are bonded.”
  • Elise: Elise gains Spider unit type and level up condition now says: “Start of Round: You have 3+ other spiders.”

Runeterra Rhasa the Sunderer

Followers & spells

A lot of followers and spells from many regions saw some tweaks. Some followers and spells had minimal impact on the game, while others just did a bit too much. The main cards to look out for are Grasp of the Undying and Detain being so much more playable now, while cards like Precious Pet and Corina Verazza being heavily hampered. Below is a list of all the changes.

  • Tianna Crownguard: Mana cost increased from 7 to 8.
  • Detain: Mana cost reduced from 6 to 5.
  • Mageseeker Investigator: Mana cost increased from 2 to 3. Play ability now reads: “If you cast a spell this round, remove all text and keywords from an enemy follower.”
  • Mobilize: Mana cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • Basilisk Rider: Attack power increased from 4 to 5.
  • Intimidating Roar: Spell changed from Fast speed to Slow speed.
  • Precious Pet: Loses its ability and instead gains Fearsome keyword.
  • Reckoning: Mana cost increased from 5 to 6.
  • She Who Wanders: Mana cost increased from 9 to 10.
  • Balesight: Skill now reads “Obliterate all followers with 4 or less power in play and in hands.”
  • Avalanche: Spell now says “Deal 2 damage to all units.”
  • Heart of the Fluft: Mana cost increased from 5 to 6.
  • Wyrding Stones: Mana cost increased from 2 to 3.
  • Scarmaiden Reaver: Health reduced from 6 to 5.
  • Navori Bladescout: Ability now reads “When I’m summoned, give me Elusive this round.”
  • Sown Seeds: Mana cost reduced from 3 to 2. Ability now reads “Grants allies in hand +1/+0”
  • Corina Verazza: Mana cost increased from 8 to 9. Attack and health reduced from 7/7 to 6/6.
  • Assembly Bot: Attack and health reduced from 2/2 to 1/1. Ability now reads “When you cast a spell, grant me +1/+1.”
  • Augmented Experimenter: Play ability now reads “Discard your hand. Draw 3. Deal 3 to an enemy unit.”
  • Chempunk Shredder: Play ability now reads: “Deal 1 damage to all enemy units.”
  • Eager Apprentice: When summoned it now refills 2 spell mana rather than all spell mana.
  • Flame Chompers!: Health reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Flash of Brilliance: Mana cost reduced from 6 to 3. Ability now reads “Create a random spell in hand. Refill your spell mana.”
  • Rising Spell Force: Ability now reads “Give an ally +4/+0 and Quick Attack this round.”
  • Absorb Soul: Spell speed changed from Burst to Fast.
  • Glimpse Beyond: Spell speed changed from Burst to Fast.
  • Grasp of the Undying: Spell now says “Drain 3 health from a unit.”
  • The Box: Spell speed changed from Burst to Fast. Spell now reads “Deal 3 damage to each enemy that was summoned this round.”
  • Warden’s Prey: Last Breath ability now reads: “Create in hand another Last Breath follower from any region that costs 3 mana or less.”
  • Withering Wail: Ability now reads “Deal 1 damage to all enemy units. Heal your Nexus 3 health.”
  • Brood Awakening: Mana cost increased from 5 to 6.

Legends of Runeterra Fiora

Runeterra cards that might be updated soon

These are three cards that are likely to be changed in the near future. These are:

  • Fiora: She’s amazingly powerful when everything comes together and she is able to achieve her win condition. Could be too stressful for aggro players to fight against.
  • Anivia: Potential changes to modify how Anivia functions in the future as it is frustrating to play against.
  • Deny: Just too powerful and efficient a spell that negates other player strategies.

Fiora isn’t really played as often as some of the other decks out there and while the combo is very strong, it’s not the most reliable strategy to win. I’d imagine Deny will definitely see a rework of sorts, while Anivia is likely to be tweaked as it slows games down to a crawl.

Runeterra Vladimir

Card visuals and clarity changes

Some cards got clarification of text and better effects when it comes to certain champions, and particular keywords. Clarification is nice and very much welcome in a collectible card game that can get really obtuse at times, so I welcome all these changes.

  • Vlad level-up effects updated.
  • Magnum Opus (Corina Veraza’s ability) visuals updated.
  • Heimerdinger text updated to better reflect functionality.
  • Katarina text updated to better reflect functionality.
  • Vladimir text updated to better reflect functionality.
  • Some champions used a Helmet Bro icon to track quest progression. This is now gone.
  • Offensive keywords (Overwhelm, Quick Attack, and Double Attack) visualization updated to indicate when they’re active.

Deckbuilder changes

The same goes for the deckbuilder changes which just make looking at your unowned cards a far easier endeavour than it was before.

  • Right click to inspect cards, including unowned cards from imported decklists.
  • Decklist stays open while browsing unowned cards view.

Legends of Runeterra Jinx

Starter deck changes

There have also been some tweaks to two of the starter decks – namely the Piltover & Zaun/Ionia starter deck and Shadow Isles/Noxus starter deck.

Piltover & Zaun + Ionia starter deck changes

  • Removed: 2x Rush, 2x Greenglade Lookout, 2x Intrepid Mariner)
  • Added: 2x Scaled Snapper, 2x Keeper of Masks, 1x Chempunk Shredder, 1x Get Excited!

This seems to remove some Elusive cards and combat tricks and and replaces it with more bulk and removal.

Shadow Isles + Noxus starter deck changes

  • Removed: 1x Shiraza the Blade
  • Added: 1x Captain Farron

This one card change gives the deck a little more reliable end-game at the cost of a card that has barely any impact on its own.

Runeterra Heimerdinger

Miscellaneous changes and bugfixes

Finally, here are all the bugfixes that have been implemented in the preview beta patch notes:

  • Clicking on either player’s deck in-game now also shows any champions included in the deck (in addition to the deck’s regions). In a future patch, they plan to improve this feature further by announcing champions at game start, so players don’t need to inspect decks every match.
  • The AI was showing a bit too much disrespect–it should now more often block obvious lethal damage, and not play spells for no benefit (like healing a full health unit).
  • Player nameplates reduced in size, and no longer visible during champ level ups.
  • Discarded cards added to Action Log.
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally get into a bugged state and receive a new quest on every login.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Vault from progressing past Level 9 for some players.
  • Fixed issue where Vault progression would sometimes not display correctly on the end-of-game screen.
  • While it was flavorful, Ruination will no longer occasionally crash the game.
  • Surrendering a tutorial with an open prompt will no longer crash the game.
  • Overwhelm damage will no longer occasionally crash the game.
  • Quickly casting a bunch of Burst spells will no longer crash the game.
  • Opponent’s revealed cards will no longer flicker.
  • Playing Warden’s Prey while Spider Queen Elise is in play will no longer mute all VO.
  • Eggnivia transform effects will now play properly.
  • The board will no longer occasionally turn blue when Ashe levels up.
  • You’ll no longer sometimes be matched against the mysterious “_” (opponent’s names sometimes displayed that way during matches).
  • Nexus explosions will no longer occasionally throw the game camera off-kilter.
  • Hovered cards in deckbuilder should no longer occasionally get stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing service notifications to sometimes not be visible.
  • Various stability improvements.


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