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Runeterra best decks

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It’s been a while since there’s been a big change in which are the best Legends of Runeterra decks. Shadow Isles and Ionia have long dominated the scene, but the rise of Demacia and Noxus strategies, either out of boredom or just players discovering how good they can be, means that there are some new best decks to make.

Runeterra best decks guide

Our Runeterra best decks guide will give you the full deck lists, along with the deck codes to help you construct them with ease, and instructions for how to use them.

We’ve added some of the recent top tier combinations to this guide, as it now includes updates such as the popular Bannermen, Kinkou Elusives, and Nox Ezreal decks. Use these if you want to climb the ranked ladder quickly.

For those who want to try something different, we have an immensely powerful Karma control and Heimerdinger control decks and a potential counter to Fearsome decks in the form of the Ashe Tempo deck.

Shadow Isles isn’t as played now as they were when Runeterra first came out, but the rise of Demacia and Noxus has been rather staggering. Find out more about them in our Runeterra vault guide.

Best Runeterra decks

Budget Runeterra decks

Importing Runeterra decks

Runeterra best decks


This is the top deck in Runeterra at the moment and it’s not very hard to see why. There are a ton of options to be had for reliable board presence with this midrange deck. This configuration from YouTube user and Twitch Streamer “Swimstrim” combines lots of challengers and spells to stall enemies or deal with threats. Fiora also puts in a lot of work into making this deck win games. If there is one deck you want to use to climb the ranked mode tiers at this time, it’s this one.

Bannermen deck list

Fiora x3House Spider x3
Garen x3
Fleetfeather Tracker x3
War Chefs x3
Brightsteel Protector x3
Laurent Protege x3
Vanguard Bannerman x3
Swiftwing Lancer x3
Cithria the Bold x2
Brightsteel Formation x1
Purify x2
Single Combat x3
Prismatic Barrier x2
Riposte x3

Bannermen deck code


Kinkou elusives

Ionia still has one Elusive based deck and it’s a very powerful deck that can quickly win games. There’s a few variations floating around on the internet, but this is the one that YouTube user and Twitch Streamer “Swimstrim” has recommended. It uses buffs on elusive units so that they can go straight for the enemy Nexus.

Kinkou Elusives deck list

Zed x3Omen Hawk x3
Navori Bladescout x3Elixir of Iron x3
Navori Conspirator x3
Greenglade Duo x3
Shadow Assassin x3
Kinkou Wayfinder x3
Kinkou Lifeblade x3
Jeweled Protector x3
Windfarer Hatchling x3
Twin Disciplines x3
Deny x1
Will of Ionia x3

Kinkou elusives deck code


Nox Ezreal

Another deck from “Swimstrim“, this one relies on you using spells to stall the game while levelling up Ezreal.  . Cycle through your deck while stalling, then drop Ezreal and a bunch of spells to win. It’s important that you do not play Ezreal until he has levelled up, as he’s too fragile otherwise.

Nox Ezreal deck list

Piltover & ZahnNoxus
Ezreal x3Draven x3
Chump Whump x3House Spider x2
Thermogenic Beam x3Arachnoid Sentry x3
Jury-Rig x2Blade's Edge x3
Rummage x3Culling Strike x1
Mystic Shot x3Noxian Guillotine x2
Get Excited x3
Staikk Shock x3
Progress Day x3

Nox Ezreal deck code


Endure Spiders

This version of the Endure Spiders deck is a bit of a mix between playing monsters onto the board for a larger presence, as well as large board sweeps. Some cards are game ending in scope, such as They Who Endure, while the rest seem to stall the opponent more often than not. It is billed as a midrange deck, but leans a little closer towards control.

Endure Spiders deck list

Shadow IslesFreljord
Elise x3Tryndamere x1
Thresh x2Omen Hawk x3
Hapless Aristocrat x3Icevale Archer x2
Frenzied Skitterer x3Avarosan Sentry x3
Crawling Sensation x3They Who Endure x3
Glimpse Beyond x3
Vile Feast x3
Withering Wail x2
Brood Awakening x3
Atrocity x1
The Ruination x2

Endure Spiders deck code


Fearsome rally

The aim of this deck is surprisingly simple: flood the board with Fearsome followers. It wants to hit hard and fast. Originally from Twitch user “Navi00t” but optimised by Twitch streamer and YouTube user “Swimstrim”, this deck mostly Shadow Isles cards to flood the board with Fearsome enemies, while the occasional Demacia card adds that extra bit of burst damage this deck requires to get over the enemy lines and shatter the enemy Nexus.

Fearsome rally deck list

Shadow IslesDemacia
Elise x3Brightsteel Protector x1
Hecarim x3Vanguard Redeemer x2
Arachnoid Horror x3Radiant Guardian x1
Mistwraith x3Relentless Pursuit x2
Frenzied Skitterer x3
Wraithcaller x3
The Rekindler x2
Mark of the Isles x3
Black Spear x2
Glimpse Beyond x3
Vile Feast x3
The Harrowing x2

Fearsome rally deck code


Ephemeral midrange

This rather flexible midrange deck brings both Ionia and Shadow Isles based decks back into contention for the top tier decks. Your game plan is to play as many copies of Hecarim as possible, using certain cards to bring him out quickly. There’s also a few cards to either play defensively or go all out aggro, depending on your first few turns.

Ephemeral midrange deck list

Shadow IslesIonia
Hecarim x3Zed x3
Oblivious Islander x2Greenglade Duo x2
Cursed Keeper x3Shadow Assassin x3
Frenzied Skitterer x3Death Mark x3
Darkwater Scourge x3Deny x1
The Rekindler x3Will of Ionia x2
Mark of the Isles x3Dawn and Dusk x2
Vile Feast x2
Glimpse Beyond x3

Ephemeral midrange deck code


Ezreal Elnuks

This Tier 2 deck that we are looking at has been created by YouTube user and Twitch streamer “Swimstrim” and is a popular Piltover & Zahn/Freljord deck. The aim is to control the board state long enough to bring out a whole herd of Elnuks to stomp on everything in front of them.

Ezreal Elnuks deck list

Piltover & ZahnFreljord
Ezreal x3Avarosan Sentry x2
Chump Whump x3Icevale Archer x3
Thermogenic Beam x3Avarosan Marksman x2
Rummage x1Bull Elnuk x3
Mystic Shot x3Troop of Elnuks x3
Get Excited! x2Brittle Steel x3
Statikk Shock x3Harsh Winds x3
Progress Day! x2

Ezreal Elnuks deck code


Heimerdinger control

This deck recommendation from Twitch streamer “Gaara” uses a lot of spells to control the board. Stall your opponent’s aggression before ending games with either the combination of Hecarim and Rekindler, or masses of turret fire if Heimerdinger survives long enough.

Heimerdinger control deck list

Piltover & ZahnShadow Isles
Heimerdinger x3Hecarim x3
Chempunk Pickpocket x3The Rekindler x2
Plaza Guardian x2Glimpse Beyond x3
Thermogenic Beam x3Vile Feast x3
Mystic Shot x3Grasp of the Undying x3
Flash of Brilliance x3Vengeance x2
Get Excited! x3The Ruination x1
Statikk Shock x1
Progress Day! x2

Heimerdinger control deck code


Ashe tempo

As a potential answer to the rather brutal Fearsome decks might be this Ashe Tempo deck from Reddit user “Massarani“. It’s specifically designed to counter the Fearsome deck, while also keeping stronger enemies in check with Frostbite. Your main aim is to get Ashe levelled up and hurling a bunch of Frostbite effects to neutralise the enemy.

Ashe Tempo Massarani deck list

FreljordShadow Isles
Ashe x3Hecarim x3
Omen Hawk x3Arachnoid Horror x3
Icevale Archer x3Rhasa the Sunderer x2
Avarosan Marksman x1Commander Ledros x1
Rimefang Wolf x3
Avarosan Outriders x3
Babbling Bjerg x3
Avarosan Hearthstone x3
Brittle Steel x3
Flash Freeze x3
Harsh Winds x3

Note: I’d personally cut a Hecarim for a copy of The Rekindler so you can have a fourth Ashe.

Ashe tempo deck code


Karma control

This deck comes from Twitch streamer “FiVE” and aims to control the board early on with removal spells. It uses some rather unorthodox removal spells like Death Mark that simultaneously makes certain followers more of a threat and removes key enemies. Karma is key to making this deck work.

Karma control deck list

IoniaShadow Isles
Karma x3Darkwater Scourge x3
Emerald Awakener x3Frenzied Skitterer x3
Shadow Assassin x3Soulgorger x2
Insight of Ages x3Mark of the Isles x3
Deathmark x2Grasp of the Undying x3
Deny x3Withering Wail x3
Vengeance x2
The Ruination x3
The Harrowing x2

Karma control deck code


Burn aggro

Another tier 2 deck, this one based on the original version by Runeterra players “Bagels” and “Gummi”. It’s an anti-meta deck that’s designed to combat against control deck strategies and is one of the few decks that uses Noxus cards that’s viable at the time of writing. It also uses champions like Teemo to bypass everything to deal damage to the enemy Nexus, and wants to dump its hand to take advantage of Jinx’s rockets.

Burn Aggro deck list

NoxusPiltover & Zahn
Legion Saboteur x3Teemo x3
Precious Pet x3Jinx x3
Legion Rearguard x3Boomcrew Rookie x3
Legion Grenadier x1Used Cask Salesman x3
House Spider x3Mystic Shot x3
Crimson Disciple x3Get Excited! x3
Arena Battlecaster x3
Transfusion x1
Brother's Bond x2

Burn aggro deck code


Fearsome midrange

This deck comes from a few sources, but the example above came from Runeterra Twitch streamer and YouTube user “Swimstrim”. Fearsome Midrange probably the most expensive deck to make out of the full list as there are six champions, but it is one of the most efficient decks in the meta right now. It’s a surprisingly aggressive deck for the early game as it has Fearsome followers to break through enemy defences. Removal, card draw, and some fantastic finisher units like Commander Ledros and Hecarim allow you to slow down the enemy player’s progress.

Fearsome Midrange deck list

Shadow IslesIonia
Elise x3Shadow Assassin x2
Hecarim x3Deny x3
Arachnid Horror x3
Mistwraith x3
Frenzied Skitterer x3
Wraithcaller x3
Rhasa the Sunderer x2
Commander Ledros x1
Mark of the Isles x2
Black Spear x2
Glimpse Beyond x3
Vile Feast x3
Withering Wail x3
Vengeance x1

Fearsome midrange deck code


Fiora aggro/control

I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to put in a Fiora deck since the combo required to trigger the win condition is reliant on one main source. The general idea is to protect Fiora at all costs while building up a wall of blockers. There are a lot of Challenger followers in the deck, tons of Barrier effects, and enough spells to save your units. However, this deck seems to be the most consistent version of the deck thanks to a few things.

Fiora Barrier deck list

Fiora x3Shen x3
Fleetfeather Tracker x3Greenglade Caretaker x3
Brightsteel Protector x3Rivershaper x3
Laurent Chevalier x3Yusari x3
Single Combat x3Ki Guardian x3
Prismatic Barrier x3Spirit's Refuge x3
Riposte x3
Judgment x1

Fiora deck code


Runeterra best decks

Garen/Tryndamere budget midrange

This budget deck comes from Twitch user “Swimstrim” and is designed to be a budget deck that uses a lot of cards that you may already have from both Demacia and Freljord regions. It aims to control the board long enough to reach the end game, where lots of big beasts and heavy hitting people enter the battlefield to overwhelm your opponent. It also has some half-decent removal.

Garen/Tryndamere budget deck list

Garen x1Tryndamere x1
Fleetfeather Tracker x2Omen Hawk x2
Vanguard Sergeant x3Avarosan Sentry x3
Laurent Protege x2Avarosan Marksman x2
Radiant Guardian x1Bull Elnuk x3
Radiant Strike x2Babbling Bjerg x3
Single Combat x1Troop of Elnuks x3
Detain x1Avarosan Hearthguard x1
Back to Back x2Alpha Wildclaw x2
Judgment x1Brittle Steel x2
Avalanche x2

Garen/Tryndamere budget deck code


Elise/Darius budget spiders aggro

Another budget deck comes from Twitch user “Swimstrim“, this time based around the spiders from both Noxus and the Shadow Isles. The main aim is to get Elise to turn into a spider as quickly as possible, while buffing the other spider cards to steamroll over the enemy’s defences. It also wants to play certain Shadow Isles card combinations, such as Ravenous Butcher and Cursed Keeper to flood the board with hard-to-kill abominations.

Elise/Darius budget spiders deck list

NoxusShadow Isles
Darius x2Elise x2
Legion Rearguard x2Ravenous Butcher x2
Precious Pet x2Hapless Aristocrat x2
House Spider x2Cursed Keeper x3
Arachnoid Sentry x2Frenzied Skitterer 1
Crowd Favorite x3Chronicler of Ruin x3
Arachnoid Host x2Crawling Sensation x2
Captain Farron x1Black Spear x1
Glimpse Beyond x2
Vile Feast x3
Grasp of the Undying x1
Withering Wail x2

Elise/Darius budget spiders deck code


Jinx/Darius budget aggro

Twitch user “Swimstrim” has a talent for making some decent budget decks and this one is a fascinating combination of using mostly cards you already have from Piltover & Zahn and Noxus. It’s a incredibly aggressive deck early on that aims to get as much damage in before it uses Jinx or Darius to end the game.

Jinx/Darius budget aggro deck list

Piltover & ZahnNoxus
Jinx x2Darius x2
Astute Academic x3Legion Rearguard x3
Zaunite Urchin x2Precious Pet x2
Academy Prodigy x2House Spider x2
Boomcrew Rookie x3Crowd Favorite x1
Flame Chompers! x3Might x2
Sump Dredger x3
Augmented Experimenter x1
Thermogenic Beam x2
Jury-Rig x3
Mystic Shot x2
Get Excited! x2

Jinx/Darius budget aggro deck code


Cheap Shadow Isles control

There are no champions involved involved in this budget deck. It’s a very similar to an earlier Atrocity Control deck that was popular, but its win condition is slightly different. If you can afford a copy of Commander Ledros, a single The Ruination, and three Rhasa the Sunderers, this one shouldn’t break the bank to craft.

Cheap Shadow Isles control deck list

Shadow IslesFreljord
Hapless Aristocrat x3Avarosan Sentry x3
Warden's Prey x3Icevale Archer x3
Scribe of Sorrows x3Babbling Bjerg x3
Rhasa the Sunderer x3Avalanche x3
Commander Ledros x1Harsh Winds x3
Black Spear x3
Vile Feast x3
Glimpse Beyond x3
Grasp of the Undying x2
Vengeance x2
The Ruination x1

Cheap Shadow Isles control deck code


Elusive budget aggro/midrange

The final deck we would like to showcase is a budget variant of the Elusive deck that’s dominating the current Runeterra meta, but there are no champions involved. Instead it just uses a lot of Elusive units, some ways to buff them and some ways to defend yourself.

Elusive budget deck list

Inspiring Mentor x3Fleetfeather Tracker x3
Navori Bladescout x3Dawnspeakers x2
Greenglade Duo x3Laurent Bladekeeper x3
Keeper of Masks x3Prismatic Barrier x3
Navori Conspirator x3Back to Back x2
Deny x3
Greenglade Elder x2
Shadow Assassin x3
Solitary Monk x1
Kinkou Lifeblade x3

Elusive budget deck code


Runeterra best decks

How to import Runeterra deck codes

Finally, you may find in various articles around the internet, including this one, that there are Runeterra deck codes. In order to use them you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  • Highlight the deck code and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl + C on PC). They look like something like this – CEBAGAICEUVTCBQBAUARGKBJGE3AEAIBAI4QKAIFB4MR2IJNAEAQCBID
  • Launch Legends of Runeterra and click Collection.
  • Click Decks, then click “Import Deck” at the top of the screen. We’ve circled it in our image above.
  • Paste the deck code (Ctrl + V on PC) and click “Import Deck”.

As for how to export deck codes into Legends of Runeterra, once you’ve finished creating them, simply click the Deck you wish to share, then click the “Share” button. This will generate the code to share your deck.

These Legends of Runeterra decks should give you a head start when the game enters its open beta. Thanks for reading and do check out our other Legends of Runeterra guides below.

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