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Best Minecraft mods 1.14 (and a few 1.12 mods too)

Minecraft mods for every mood

Featured post Best Minecraft mods (1.14 & 1.12)

Minecraft mods have been around very nearly as long as Minecraft itself – and probably far longer than most of its players, too. We’ve carefully selected the very best Minecraft mods for 1.14 (and a few for 1.12 as well) so you can start to move beyond the confines of Vanilla Minecraft and experience an entirely new game.

Best Minecraft mods (1.14 and 1.12)

We’ve hunted the Plutonian shores of CurseForge for the most brilliant and bizarre Minecraft mods that are compatible with version 1.14.4 of Minecraft. And we succeeded – in most cases. Below you’ll find many excellent mods that are fully up to date for Minecraft 1.14 – and then we’ve finished off with 4 honourable mentions which are so good they might be worth downgrading to Minecraft 1.12 just so you can experience them.

Do note: certain of these mods require other mods or loaders to be installed first, the most common being Forge and Fabric. Both are extremely easy to install just by following the instructions that appear once you download and run them, so please don’t let this get in the way of you experiencing the (really rather fantastic) Minecraft mods on this list.

Best Minecraft mods – Quality of Life mods for 1.14

We’ll start with some really great quality of life mods that fit right into Minecraft 1.14 without changing around the core game too much at all. I’d go so far as to say a few of these mods are essential if you’re looking to start modding Minecraft – particularly this first one here, which should come as no surprise to anyone…

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Optifine


  • Compatible with: 1.14.4
  • Download link: Optifine

Optifine! In many ways, it’s the Minecraft mod. The OG. The essential. It’s to this guide what Hypixel is to our Minecraft servers guide: obvious.

For the uninitiated: Optifine is a mod which is designed to do lots of under-the-hood changes to lighting, particles, and other visual effects in order to improve efficiency and performance. With Optifine installed you’ll be able to customise the visual and graphics settings of Minecraft with much more freedom than before.

You could turn off all particle effects, or make use of various new settings such as “Fast Render” and “Dynamic Lighting” and so on. Basically, it’s a mod which allows you to inch out at least a few (and in many cases, a few dozen) more frames per second on pretty much any machine. If there’s one essential Minecraft mod on this list, it’s Optifine.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items (JEI for short) is an extremely useful addition to Minecraft, particularly if you’re starting to bulk your game out with numerous mods which add new blocks and recipes to Minecraft. With JEI installed, anytime you go into your inventory the entire right-hand side of your screen will be taken up by a great big selection of every recipe ever – and all you need to do to check a recipe is click on a block or item to have its creation process displayed for you.

And that doesn’t just mean the recipe for creating that block or item. Click on some Cobblestone, for example, and you’ll be able to see every single recipe that Cobblestone is used for. When you’ve got lots of mods adding all sorts of weird and wonderful new things, JEI is a godsend.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - HWYLA

HWYLA (Here’s What You’re Looking At)

  • Compatible with: 1.14.4 (with Forge)
  • Download link: HWYLA

Continuing the trend of “incredibly useful mods to have if you’re playing around with lots of mods”, HWYLA (Here’s What You’re Looking At) is an offshoot of the original and fantastically popular WAILA (What Am I Looking At) by ProfMobius, which hasn’t been updated for any later versions of Minecraft than 1.1.

What HWYLA does, quite simply, is give you a little tooltip when you hover your reticule over literally any world item or block, telling you what it is and which mod it comes from. It’s also got some extra built-in compatibility functions with JEI (the previous mod in this list) which allows you to use Numpad 3 and 4 to display the recipes relating to the item or block in the world that you’re hovering over.

Simple, but extremely useful and effective.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Inventory Sorter

Inventory Sorter

Inventory Sorter is so straightforward but so useful a mod that it should just be built into Vanilla Minecraft. It’s a lightweight addon that adds two very simple but very useful mechanics to organising items in inventories or chests. The first is that if you click the middle mouse button in an inventory, all the items there will automatically be sorted (as in the above screenshot).

The second is that when you are looking inside a chest or any similar storage unit, you can mousewheel scroll over an item stack in order to move the item one at a time into your inventory, or vice versa. You owe it to yourself to just use this mod all the time until it’s added to Minecraft by default.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Useful Backpacks

Useful Backpacks

What Minecraft player hasn’t at least once lamented the absence of any kind of backpack item in Vanilla Minecraft? The Useful Backpacks mod looks to fill this gap in the original game’s formula by adding three sizes of backpack to the game: small, medium, and large.

Each backpack size has its own unique crafting recipe requiring wool, leather, and string; and care has been taken to balance the recipes with the rest of the game so that the addition of the backpacks doesn’t make inventory management too easy from the very first day. But if the limited size of your 9×3 inventory is getting to you, then Useful Backpacks is the way forward for you.

Best Minecraft mods – World Generation mods for 1.14

Enough lightweight stuff! These Minecraft mods completely change and expand the world generation in Minecraft, lending you new biomes, features, and reasons to explore these endless worlds of yours.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Biomes O' Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty

Biomes O’ Plenty has been around for donkey’s years now. The creators are always very quick to update this mod to the latest version of Minecraft as soon as possible, and for good reason, as it’s one of the most popular Minecraft mods out there.

As the name suggests, Biomes O’ Plenty adds several dozen new biomes to Minecraft – from beautiful Cherry Blossom groves to towering Coniferous Forests and many, many more – along with a huge number of new plants, trees, decorations, and blocks to use in your own builds.

The one thing to remember is that in order to generate a world using Biomes O’ Plenty you’ll need to set the World Type (found under More World Options when creating a new game) to use the Biomes O’ Plenty world generation system. But after that, the newly revamped world is your oyster!

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Extended Caves

Extended Caves

If you’ve ever played Terraria, you’ll likely be familiar with the variety of pots, pebbles, stalactites and stalagmites that pepper and flavour the cave systems below ground. The Extended Caves mod looks to give the underground of Minecraft this same treatment.

Aside from the aforementioned curios and decorations that will adorn every underground cavern you step into with this mod, Extended Caves also generates new underground structures and dungeons to add some more excitement to your subterranean forays.

Best Minecraft mods – Exploration & Map mods for 1.14

Now to give you a little more assistance in exploring these new biomes and areas, the below Minecraft mods are all about maps, exploration, and giving you all the tools an adventurer needs to start their journey in earnest.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Xaero's Minimap & Xaero's World Map

Xaero’s Minimap & Xaero’s World Map

Xaero’s Minimap and Xaero’s World Map are two distinct mods that nonetheless work beautifully hand-in-hand to provide you with all the cartography and exploratory tools you need to venture out into the endless wilderness of your modded Minecraft world.

The first, as you’d expect, adds a fully functional minimap to your main game screen, and can be repositioned in any corner of the screen you’d like. The minimap is square rather than circular, can be toggled between freely rotating and locked north, and has been created to fit perfectly with the aesthetic of Vanilla Minecraft.

Xaero’s World Map gives players a fully functional world map in-game that can be accessed by hitting “M”. The world map is both beautiful and incredibly informative, packed with useful features such as footsteps that show your most recent path, support for any resource packs you might be using, the ability to add waypoints and markers, and so on. Both are exceptionally well-put-together mods that work particularly well together.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - VoxelMap


If you’re after a slightly different style of minimap than what Xaero provides in the above mod, then VoxelMap is definitely your go-to Minecraft mod for 1.14. Again comprising both minimap and world map, VoxelMap is populated with all sorts of useful optional extras such as waypoints and markers, mob position icons, a biome overlay, and more.

Pretty much everything that Xaero’s mods does VoxelMap does too, so there’s really not much difference between these two options. It’d be unfair for me to include one but not the other, so I’ve just included both, and I now leave it up to you to pick whichever option you prefer! They’re both fantastic additions to any Minecraft game.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - AntiqueAtlas


Rounding out our trio of exploration- and map-based Minecraft mods for 1.14, AntiqueAtlas goes in a slightly different direction than the others by providing a dynamic world map that is build into a Minecraft book that you must craft (hence “Atlas”) rather than simply being able to press a button to have a full-screen map appear before you. So for those looking for a more immersive mapping experience, this is definitely the one to choose.

But the real highlight of AntiqueAtlas, as you can see, is the absolutely beautiful Zelda-map-like aesthetic of the Atlas, which is such a joy to look upon that I don’t care at all that it doesn’t really fit with the aesthetic of the rest of Minecraft.

Best Minecraft mods – Construction & Creation mods for 1.14

When it comes to making your mark on these worlds with creations of your own, these Minecraft construction and building mods are second to none. Ranging from the powerful to the minor-but-useful, you’ll never build without them again once you’ve tried them out.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - WorldEdit


Besides Optifine, WorldEdit is definitely the Minecraft mod I’ve used the most in the past 10 years. That’s because I’m a builder at heart, and WorldEdit is the ultimate building and construction tool for Minecraft, full stop.

With a tremendously powerful series of different commands and tools available to you in Creative Mode, WorldEdit is all but necessary for the timely creation of vast Minecraft construction projects, from adventure maps to colossal structures and landscapes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Using commands you can create, copy, and paste different blueprints; you can select and fill areas, create shapes such as cylinders and spheres of any size on the fly, and so much more.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Create!


  • Compatible with: 1.14.4
  • Download link: Create!

Create! is another construction-based Minecraft mod that is designed to make building easier by giving you a small selection of useful and fascinating tools to help get the job done all the quicker.

It’s nowhere near as powerful as WorldEdit, of course, but Create! gives you tools that WorldEdit does not: most impressively, the ability to place down a special block which allows you to build symmetrically around it. Place a block down on one side, and it’ll be mirrored in the other sides of your choosing.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - MC Paint

MC Paint

MC Paint is one of those creative tools that can be silly or brilliant – or both – depending on how you use it. Quite simply, the mod allows you to select any block in the world and quite literally paint all over any of its sides using many of the tools of Microsoft Paint.

So of course, you could just use it to paint smiley faces wherever you want… But with some more imagination the utility of MC Paint starts to open up. Why not use it to leave a message for yourself or another player? Or perhaps to make one block look like another? Want to make your house look like it’s made from diamond blocks when actually it’s made from ordinary oak wood? With this mod you can make that happen.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - KleeSlabs


  • Compatible with: 1.14.4
  • Download link: KleeSlabs

KleeSlabs is another extremely straightforward Minecraft mod which, rather than adding a variety of new tools of features to the game, sets out to right a single simple wrong.

With KleeSlabs installed in your mods folder, you’ll be able to break double-slabs one slab at a time, rather than having to break all of it in one go. And that’s it! Because that’s all this mod needs to do in order to make its way onto our list of best Minecraft mods. Because the fact that Vanilla Minecraft doesn’t already do this is goddamn annoying.

Best Minecraft mods – Death & Combat mods for 1.14

Combat and death is a very large part of what makes Survival Minecraft so enticing – but in the eyes of many, Vanilla Minecraft has its issues where these things are concerned. So these Death & Combat mods are here to help revitalise your combat experience in Minecraft.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Classic Combat

Classic Combat

Show of hands, everyone: who preferred the combat of Minecraft 1.7, back before the cooldowns were added to weapons and you could just spam-click as hard and as long as you wanted until the bad things got dead?

Rather than living in the past and refusing to update to Minecraft 1.14 just because of the combat, why not add the Classic Combat mod? It does exactly what it says on the tin: it removes the cooldowns on all weapons so you can go back to the Minecraft 1.7 way of slashing wildly at anything that approaches you.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - SwingThroughGrass


SwingThroughGrass is another very simple Minecraft mod which rights a very simple but very awful sin of Vanilla Minecraft: the inability to hit things through grass. Particularly tall grass.

I know, I know. You’re already seething in your seat thinking about that time you had to click twice instead of just once to murder that hapless chicken nestled in amongst the grassy knoll out back. Well, SwingThroughGrass is there for you, ensuring that you’ll never have to suffer this terrible injustice ever again.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Corail Tombstone

Corail Tombstone

Dying sucks in Minecraft, but what really sucks is not being able to retrieve everything you were carrying, because you couldn’t find where you died in time, or because you died in lava and everything was instantly incinerated, or whatever other unfortunate happenstance befell you.

Minecraft mods have been providing death chests and other variants of the same concept for years now, but few do it as stylishly as Corail Tombstone, which heaps all your belongings into a nearby tombstone when you die. With all sorts of gravestone customisation options, both visual and functional, you can set Corail Tombstone up to work exactly how you want, and never again have to suffer the indescribable pain of losing your entire expedition’s worth of ores and materials with one careless wrong step.

Best Minecraft mods – Cinematic mods for 1.14

What if you’re after something a little more visual, a little more cinematic than what the previous Minecraft mods have offered you? These cinematic mods will help you to view your Minecraft worlds from new perspectives.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Replay Mod

Replay Mod

  • Compatible with: 1.14.4
  • Download link: Replay Mod

You know you’ve got a serious Minecraft mod on your hands when it has its own website. First started back in 2014, Replay Mod allows you to capture, record, replay, and share your Minecraft adventures – all from within Minecraft.

It’s such a powerful and sophisticated addition that it’s surprising that this mod even exists. You can record from your perspective just like an ordinary Let’s Play video, or you can create your own custom camera paths in order to create cinematic montages and sweeping establishing shots, or whatever else you might want to do. Replay Mod is a seriously impressive piece of Minecraft kit.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Camera Mod

Camera Mod

  • Compatible with: 1.14.4
  • Download link: Camera Mod

Taking rather a different tack than many other perspective and cinematic Minecraft mods, Camera Mod for 1.14 gives you a fully functional camera to play with in-game. As in, it’s an item that you can craft. And you can take pictures of what you find on your adventures and expeditions. And then hang them up as paintings in your home later.

You can even add filters to your photos, such as sepia, black and white, blurry, and more. It’s no Photoshop, but it’s a really great, fun, and inoffensive addition to your Minecraft experience.

Minecraft mods 1.14 - Shoulder Surfing Reloaded

Shoulder Surfing Reloaded

Most of you will no doubt know that if you hit F5 while in Minecraft, you’ll be brought from first-person perspective to third-person perspective. It’s a situationally useful tool, particularly for recording and entertainment purposes – but Shoulder Surfing Reloaded takes this to a new level by giving you an all new over-the-shoulder perspective to play with.

You can still use the standard third-person view if you want, this mod doesn’t replace it – but if you hit F5 a couple more times you’ll be brought to the over-the-shoulder view, which really puts a new spin on how you view and play the game. You can use the arrow keys to customise the exact position and zoom of the camera, and you can also swap to whichever shoulder you prefer. I’ll be honest, I’m quite tempted to just start playing Minecraft like this from now on.

Best Minecraft mods for 1.12

Finally, let’s finish our Minecraft mods list with a few mods that aren’t yet compatible for the latest version of Minecraft, but we had to include them anyway because they’re just that fantastic.

Minecraft mods 1.12 - Mo' Creatures

Mo’ Creatures

Mo’ Creatures is a match made in heaven with Biomes O’ Plenty, which was features higher up in this list. And, like BoP, it’s very easy to guess from the name what Mo’ Creatures adds.

Adding over 40 new mobs to the game (some passive, some hostile, and some even tameable and rideable), this mod is guaranteed to inject some new excitement and a sense of discovery back into your Minecraft world.

Minecraft mods 1.12 - CMDCam


  • Compatible with: 1.12.2
  • Download link: CMDCam

CMDCam is another camera mod which focuses entirely on the setting up of camera paths so that you can create beautiful montages and shots for recording with. Unlike Replay Mod, CMDCam doesn’t actually give you the ability to record as well (you’ll have to use your own third-party capturing software for that part), but CMDCam is such a powerful camera operating tool that I couldn’t exclude it from this list.

Minecraft mods 1.12 - OpenCubicChunks


OpenCubicChunks is one of those mods that just makes you go “…woah” when you hear about it. It’s (very understandably) not compatible with many other Minecraft mods out there, but the premise could be good enough for you not to care in the slightest.

In essence, OpenCubicChunks gets rid of the height limit of Minecraft – in both directions. So you can build as high or dig as low as you want… forever. Check the screenshot above: see that Y-coordinate? -225? Yeah, that’s crazy.

So if Minecraft worlds weren’t infinite enough for you already, then OpenCubicChunks is definitely the way forward.

Minecraft mods 1.12 - BetterPortals


Oh, how I wish this would get updated to Minecraft 1.14, because it’s such an awesome idea for a mod! BetterPortals dispenses with the loading screen and jarring transition whenever you go through a portal (whether Nether or End), and instead gives you the ability to just hop through seamlessly. You can even see in real-time what’s in the other dimension by looking through the portal.

As if this weren’t excellent enough, BetterPortals also supports horizontal/flat portals build on the floor – and you can also build “arbitrarily shaped” portals as well, such as the one in the screenshot above! Great stuff.

And with that, I think we’ll wrap up this Minecraft mods discussion. That’s quite a hefty array of mods to be getting on with anyway – some that fundamentally change the game, other that simply make Minecraft a little easier and more pleasant to get along with. In any case, if you think we’ve missed an essential Minecraft 1.14 mod then do let us know in the comments below! You never know, we might add it to our list if we agree.

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