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Apex Legends characters [Season 5]: abilities, hitboxes, and tips

A new Season, a new Legend

Featured post Apex Legends characters [Season 5]

The ever-expanding roster of Apex Legends characters has been carefully crafted to give you the most colourful personalities and the most varied roles to play in Season 5. Our Apex Legends characters and abilities guide will help you figure out what to do in the shoes of each of the 13 Legends on offer. We’ll go over every character in detail, from their backstories to their hitboxes and abilities – including the all-new Loba, the latest Legend to grace the Apex Games!

Apex Legends characters [Season 5]

The Apex Legends characters are the lifeblood of Respawn’s battle royale. Apex is, at its core, all about teamwork. You enter each match with one or two teammates, and you must all work together if you want any chance of succeeding.

Below we’ll walk you through each of the Apex Legends characters in turn, exploring their abilities, roles, strengths and weaknesses. Stick with us to the end and we’ll also talk a bit about each character’s varying hitbox size.

Loba abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Loba is one of the most exciting characters we’ve yet seen. Added with Season 5 of Apex Legends, and available to unlock for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens, Loba is known as the Translocating Thief – and for very good reason.

Her flashiest ability is undoubtedly her Tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend, which allows her to throw a disk a considerable distance from herself. Once the disk lands on a surface, Loba instantly teleports to its resting location, giving her an extremely potent ability for escaping, initiating, or flanking.

Her Passive and Ultimate work extremely well in tandem. With Eye For Quality, Loba can see purple and gold loot through walls and containers – not just that they’re there, but also exactly what they are. So she can tell if there’s a Phoenix Kit or a Digital Threat scope inside a Supply Bin before she even opens it. And she can see this loot from a startlingly great distance away, which makes her an unparalleled and extremely efficient looter to have on your side.

But the true game-changer is her Ultimate, Black Market Boutique, which allows her to place down a portable “shop” which detects every piece of loot within an enormous radius, and allows anyone (Loba, her allies, or even her enemies) to pick them up remotely through the shop. Only two items each, mind. Can you imagine how overpowered that would be otherwise? Even with this limitation, it’s a fantastic way of gearing up and stealing items from death boxes without exposing yourself.

The only real downside to Loba’s incredible skillset is that her abilities are a little too “flashy” for her own good. Both her Tactical and her Ultimate give off some clear visual cues for anyone who knows what to look for, so it can be tricky to use her abilities and maintain the element of surprise. But even so, I can easily see Loba becoming one of the strongest characters in Apex Legends in no time at all.

For full details and tips on each of Loba’s abilities, be sure to peruse our Loba guide!

Revenant abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Revenant is an absolute game-changer, and a strong contender for the overall strongest Legend in the game. Each of his abilities lend themselves to the most aggressive playstyle we’ve yet seen – surpassing even Octane’s or Pathfinder’s predilection for initiating fights.

Without a doubt the strongest of Revenant’s trio of abilities is his passive, Stalker, which allows him to crouch-move as fast as regular walking. This can be very easily abused during firefights by continually crouch-strafing while firing, which – especially when combined with Revenant’s Low-Profile-worthy hitbox, makes him by far the most difficult Legend to hit with your shots.

His other abilities are very nearly as deadly: Silence allows you to throw a device that deals small damage and silences all enemies in its radius for 10 seconds, while Death Totem will protect allies who interact with it from death for 30 seconds, instead transporting them back to the Totem with 1 HP when they would otherwise be dealt a killing blow. Both abilities are very time-sensitive and force both Revenant and his teammates to be very aggressive with pushing and hunting down enemies to take advantage of these marvellous new powers.

Revenant is available for purchase for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens, just like the other locked Legends. For full details and tips on making the most of this killing machine, check out our Revenant guide!

Crypto abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

One of just two Recon Legends currently in the Apex Games (the other being Bloodhound), Crypto is all about situational awareness. His bread-and-butter ability is his surveillance drone, which allows him to pilot and see through the eyes of the drone, scouting freely about a startlingly large radius around Crypto himself.

All three of Crypto’s abilities revolve around this central Drone, much like Caustic’s Nox Gas or Mirage’s Decoys. The drone wouldn’t be nearly as useful without his Neurolink passive, which means any enemies seen by the drone are automatically highlighted for all teammates, even through walls – an exceptionally powerful skill for a team to have, which can completely change the outcome of an encounter before it begins.

Add to this his Drone EMP Ultimate, which strips all enemies near the drone of 50 Shields, destroys all nearby traps, and slows the hit enemies as though they had just been Arc Star’d – and this is a Legend with some very strong synergistic and team-oriented abilities. He’s certainly one of the most interesting characters we’ve yet had – and possibly one of the most useful, too.

For tonnes more info on how to make the most of the Surveillance Expert and his unique skillset, be sure to check out our brand new Crypto guide!

Wattson abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Wattson – or rather, Natalie Paquette, the 22-year-old daughter of the Games’ chief electrical engineer – is a defensive support character with a focus on positioning, turtling, and countering the common tactics of aggressive enemy pushes. Armed with her electrified fences and her Interception Pylons, she presents a completely different style of play to any other Legend.

Wattson is another character who, like Bloodhound or Caustic, has some extreme synergy going on with her abilities. Her Passive, Spark of Genius, quite simply boosts the speed with which you can use your other two abilities – and the fact that your Interception Pylons boost your Tactical recharge speed means you should always focus on using your abilities as much as possible. Don’t be frugal, because Wattson cannot excel unless you take full advantage of her powers at every opportunity.

Her Interception Pylon Ultimate is a fantastic counter to the standard tactic of throwing grenades or using Gibraltar’s or Bangalore’s bombardment abilities to initiate a fight. As long as you’re near one of these Pylons (and you can have up to 3 active simultaneously), all grenades and ordnance will be destroyed mid-air before it can deal any damage to you or your team.

Pair this with the supreme flexibility of her Perimeter Security Tactical, which allows her to place down series of nodes that turn into electrified fences at the press of a button (damaging and slowing enemies that pass through it but doing nothing to you or your allies), and you can start to see why Wattson is such a formidable turtler. She is designed to push back against the ever-present meta of constant third-partying and rushing recklessly towards the sound of gunfire. However, it takes time and an aware mind to set up her abilities, which can lead to periods of vulnerability. She’s very much a team player, rather than one such as Pathfinder, Wraith, or Bangalore, who can conceivably head out their own ahead of their team.

Wattson is available to purchase for 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. For full details on this Legend, be sure to check out our Wattson guide.

Octane abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

One of the most mobile Legends out there, Octane – the high-risk, high-reward speed demon introduced with the Season 1 update – is all about speed and acrobatics. His Ultimate allows him to place down Launch Pads like the ones outside Market near the centre of the map, which persist for the rest of the game and send anyone who steps on them careening through the air (even higher and further if they jump as they do it!).

But Octane’s real bread-and-butter ability is his Tactical, Stim, which allows him to trade 10 Health for a 30% movement speed buff for 6 seconds. This makes him an incredibly scary and hard-to-pin-down foe who can slide and dance around at a greater speed than any other character in Apex Legends. It’s also on just a 2-second cooldown, which means if you want to, you can spent the majority of the match at 130% speed.

Of course, you have to balance the risk of taking Health damage each time you Stim, but this is mitigated by your Passive, which slowly restores your Health over time whenever you’re not under attack. All in all, Octane is an incredibly fun Legend; easy to get to grips with, but with a high skill ceiling that takes time to master. Octane can easily be played wrongly by being over-cautious or by activating your abilities at the wrong time, and if you land yourself in a sticky situation you likely won’t last long against a team. But in skilled hands, there’s not much deadlier than a Stimmed Up, Peacekeeper-touting Octane rushing towards your team.

If you need help getting to grips with this high-speed Legend, take a look at our Octane guide, which we’ve packed with practical tips and tactics to help you survive and rack up kills heading into Season 5.

Bloodhound abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Bloodhound is an aggressive Legend who seeks to equip the player with as much tactical information as possible. Their passive and tactical abilities both allow the player to track down and/or get the drop on enemies, while Beast of the Hunt, their ultimate, gives them massively increased speed for a short time and allows them to easily see enemies and their tracks.

The important thing with Bloodhound is to make full use of your extra sensory power by alerting your teammates regarding anything you discover. If you find tracks leading to an enemy, let them know by pinging the tracks. If you can see an enemy through a wall with Eye of the AllFather, ping them immediately. Bloodhound’s 35-second-long ultimate is also excellent not just for offensive flank attacks but also for evasion and retreat, so it’s sometimes best to save your ultimate in case things go downhill and you need to make a speedy exit.

Bloodhound is a surprisingly versatile character, who can be played at a very high skill level but who also is excellent for beginners due to their enemy positional awareness and the escape provided by their ultimate. Just be aware that Eye of the AllFather also gives away your position to nearby enemies, so use it with caution.

Be sure to check out our Bloodhound guide for further details and tonnes of tips and strategies for this powerful Legend.

Gibraltar abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Gibraltar is Apex Legends’ equivalent of Overwatch’s Reinhardt – a big protection-focused Legend whose shields provide an extra layer of defence not just for himself but for his teammates as well. And that’s good, because even after Season 1’s hitbox changes, Gibraltar’s hitbox is the largest of all the Legends, so if it weren’t for his shielding abilities and his Fortified Passive, he would be very easy to kill.

Gibraltar’s abilities have actually always been top-tier. His Passive, Gun Shield, effectively gives him an extra 50 Health against attackers in front of him while ADSing, while his Tactical Dome of Protection can completely change the pace and outcome of an encounter when used properly (or improperly). In skilled hands, these abilities enable him to dramatically extend the survivability of his teammates and himself – especially now that the Dome will enable teammates inside it to consume healing items more quickly, like a localised Lifeline passive.

Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment ultimate ability is incredibly powerful and easy to use, dealing damage in a smaller area of effect than Bangalore’s Ultimate but in a much more immediate manner. Just remember that Gibraltar’s passive shield takes a moment before flickering on, so it’s not responsive enough to save you from the quicker sharpshooters out there.

Our Gibraltar guide is packed with further details and tonnes of tips and strategies for this Legend, so be sure to check it out.

Lifeline abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Apex Legends’ quintessential support class, Lifeline and her abilities revolve around healing and reviving teammates, and equipping everyone with enough gear to hopefully survive until the end of the match. What’s nice is that unlike many support classes in similar games, Lifeline’s passive also helps herself, allowing her to use healing items faster and therefore spend longer in the fight.

She can hit as hard as anyone, but due to her reviving strength she should aim to be the last of the team left standing, so don’t use Lifeline as the tip of the spear. Use Care Package as often as you can to provide high-quality gear for everyone, and save your D.O.C. for encounters with enemies in order to keep your team standing as long as possible.

Check out our Lifeline guide for further details and tonnes of tips and strategies for this Legend.

Pathfinder abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Pathfinder is a versatile Legend with a very high skill ceiling that is still being discovered by the playerbase. His passive ability is very situational and not all that useful apart from situationally at the very end of a match; but his low-cooldown Grappling Hook is absolutely marvellous for initiating, escaping, and getting unexpected angles on enemies. For this reason Pathfinders make for great snipers, but also excellent close-range combatants. Not only that, but the Grappling Hook can pull other players towards Pathfinder, which opens up a wealth of new clutch combat opportunities for players with quick reflexes.

The Zipline Gun ultimate is a quick and useful way of travelling longer distances as a team, though bear in mind that the zipline stays forever and anyone can use them. You can also jump and turn around in order to change directions will on the zipline, and – very importantly – you can aim and shoot while travelling. All this combines into a complex class with great potential that can slot into nearly any team without too much trouble.

Pathfinder’s main drawback heading into Season 5 is that he’s squishier than many of the other Legends in the arena thanks to his Low Profile passive, which increases incoming damage by 5% to make up for the hitbox size discrepancies between characters. So you’ll have to learn how to take advantage of his Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun to keep moving and never let your enemies get an easy shot on you.

Our Pathfinder guide goes into much more detail about this complex Legend and how to take advantage of his abilities, particularly his versatile Grappling Hook.

Wraith abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Wraith‘s “interdimensional skirmisher” tag is right on the money. Her abilities are very mobility- and evasion-focused, with her main strength being the tactical ability which allows her to enter a state where she becomes (mostly) invisible and moves faster for a short while – though be aware that you cannot fire and also can’t see enemies while this effect is active. But this, combined with her passive, which whispers when you are being aimed at, allows her to easily reposition herself to counter incoming threats ahead of time.

Her Dimensional Rift ultimate takes some planning to use effectively, but it can be used to great effect, allowing an entire team to quickly re-position themselves for a devastating surprise attack on an enemy team or to escape a difficult situation with ease. Overall Wraith is an excellent initiator and escaper, and if you were to pick any class to play as a solo without a team, it would be Wraith. She also has by quite a margin the smallest hitbox of any Legend, which makes her even more difficult to pin down and deal with.

For full details on this powerful top-tier Legend, take a look at our focused Wraith guide, which we’ve packed with in-depth info and advanced tips and strategies.

Bangalore abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Bangalore is actually less of a damage-dealing tank than you might expect, though her abilities give her some excellent support and utility power, and she can slot into any team without too much effort. Her Double Time passive is just really nice to have, allowing you to escape further damage that much quicker; and you can synergise this with a well-timed Smoke Launcher shot to quickly flank an enemy or escape from a difficult position.

Her ultimate is another slow-use and situational area-of-effect power which is actually better for defensive plays and zone control than outright damage-dealing. But if correctly placed it can turn the tide of a battle and allow your team to come out on top with a well-executed flank attack or reposition.

For full details on this aggressive and mobile Legend, give our in-depth Bangalore guide a read, and you’ll gain everything you need to know on one of the strongest characters in the current Apex Legends meta.

Caustic abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Caustic is one of the few Legends which must be unlocked using in-game resources or currency in order to play with them – 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins to be precise. He is of course immune to the effects of his Nox gas (he’d be pretty useless if not), and his abilities all revolve around spamming an area with gas to sow confusion and force enemies into or out of specific areas.

For this reason he is a great flanker and initiator in fights, though his canisters can also sow confusion amongst your own team members, so it’s important that you communicate everything you see with your Nox Vision passive. He used to be one of the lowest-tier Legends on offer in Apex Legends, but the 1.1.1 update gave him some much-needed buffs, supplying him with the Fortified Passive just like Gibraltar to compensate for his larger frame, and dramatically increasing the damage that his Nox Gas Traps deal to enemies when they are initially set off. And with the release of Season 2 the slow effect of his gas was lessened for his teammates, at long last making him a little less awful to play alongside.

Be sure to check out our Caustic guide for tonnes of tips, tricks, stats and strategies on this complex and unique Legend.

Mirage abilities & tips – Apex Legends characters

Mirage is another Legend locked behind an initial in-game paywall, requiring 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins to purchase, but once unlocked he is unmatched at distracting and confusing enemies. All his abilities revolve around stealth and holographic decoys, each of which can be controlled to mimic Mirage’s movements, making it very difficult for enemies to figure out the true Mirage. His ultimate can be saved either for escaping from difficult situations or for aggressive initiates on enemy teams.

Aside from the new “controllable decoys” aspect to Mirage’s skillset, the most interesting change we saw to Mirage with Season 5 is that his passive now cloaks both himself and his downed teammate while he revives them. Finally, someone to rival Lifeline for the best reviver in Apex!

Our Mirage guide will help you get to grips with this character once you’ve unlocked him, offering lots of useful tips and strategies to employ for each of his abilities.

Apex Legends hitboxes

Click the above image to view it at highest resolution.

Apex Legends character hitboxes

One thing which quickly became clear after the release of Apex Legends was that some characters have a larger hitbox than others, and therefore were easier to hit. It didn’t take long for this phenomenon to be properly tested; take a look at the above image, created from the findings of YouTube creator “SookieSpy”.

Hitbox size and accuracy plays an enormous part in the overall success of a particular character, because the smaller you are, the more difficult you are to be hit; and there’s no drawback to having a smaller hitbox.

By now, however, Respawn have taken multiple steps towards addressing the enormous discrepancies in hitbox sizes with two extra Passive abilities shared among multiple Legends:

  • Fortified – applies to Gibraltar and Caustic – reduces incoming damage by 15% and grants immunity from gunfire slowdown.
  • Low Profile – applies to Wraith, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Revenant – increases incoming damage by 5%.

Apex Legends characters guide - abilities, hitboxes, tips

That should be enough to get you better acquainted with all the Apex Legends characters as we head into Season 5; but as time goes on we’ll be sure to update this and all the other pages with the latest strategies and stats. So check back soon! In the meantime, why not check out one of our many other Apex Legends guides?

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