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Gaming monitor deals of the week - 21st May 2020

Supply chain disruption thanks to social distancing and coronavirus means that’s still not exactly a great time for gaming monitor deals, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped looking for the best gaming monitors at the best prices. Good gaming monitor deals are still in reasonably short supply, but we’ve done our best to find all the top gaming monitor deals that are worth shouting about. Whether you’re looking for the best G-Sync monitor deals or the best cheap ultrawide monitor deals, here are the top gaming monitor deals of the week.

To help you get a great gaming monitor deal, there are a couple of things to think about. A monitor’s panel type, for instance, can often be a great indicator of how colour accurate it will be, with IPS being the most accurate, followed by VA and then TN. That said, there are still plenty of good TN panels out there that can rival the very best IPS screens, and they’re usually found on Nvidia G-Sync displays.

If your graphics card is regularly hitting 60fps, then you may also want to consider a monitor with a high refresh rate such as 144Hz, as this will help games feel much smoother. Nvidia graphics card owners can also benefit from getting a monitor with Nvidia G-Sync support, which will help cut down on stuttering and screen tear when playing at high refresh rates. But if you’d rather save some money, then you should opt for one of Nvidia’s certified G-Sync Compatible monitors. These are AMD FreeSync monitors that have been approved by Nvidia to give a good G-Sync-like experience. AMD graphics card owners, on the other hand, should stick to monitors with AMD FreeSync support.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our regularly updated round-ups on the week’s Graphics card deals and SSD deals, too.

Gaming monitor deals (UK):

Best G-Sync monitor deals

None this week…

Best FreeSync monitor deals

While it’s not one we’ve tested ourselves, the listed specs make this 24in monitor a bit of a bargain. Sure, the bezel may be a bit chunky, but a 144Hz panel for under £150 is a pretty solid deal however you frame it.

Normally £400, this 4K IPS display is currently £50 cheaper than usual. Not a huge discount in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still a pretty great discount all the same for a gaming monitor of this size and calibre. It can even do a bit of HDR, too, thanks to its HDR10 support.

A bargain when we reviewed it at £273, this 28in 4K screen is hard to resist at £190, especially with its fast 1ms refresh rate. Of course, you have to make sacrifices to get a 4K panel this cheap, and for AOC’s monitor that comes in the form of weak viewing angles and so-so colour accuracy. But for under £200, it’s hard to say no to.

£20 more than a couple of weeks ago, but still the cheapest price around for this monitor, the AOC Agon AG273QX is currently my best gaming monitor pick for those after an excellent 1440p monitor. It has stunning colour accuracy, decent HDR and works equally well with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards alike. For more info, read our AOC AGON AG273QX review.

One of Nvidia’s official G-Sync Compatible monitors, the Asus VG278Q can currently be had for £40 off its usual price. While a 1920×1080 resolution on a 27in isn’t exactly ideal, this is still a great way to get a big gaming screen on the cheap.

On the other hand, if you want a really big gaming screen for less money than normal, then look no further than Asus’ TUF GAming VG32VQ. Another G-Sync Compatible screen that plays just as nicely with Nvidia graphics cards as it does AMD ones, this monitor is currently £65 cheaper than normal.

It’s more expensive than the Alienware AW2518H, but if you like your LEDs, then the Asus ROG Strix XG258Q is the gaming monitor for you. With LEDs in the stand and on the back of the screen, this is the king of rainbow-coloured 240Hz gaming screens. Plus, it’s another G-Sync Compatible screen, too.

For the second week running this has crept up a few quid, but this is still a great price for the 27in Samsung CHG70. It comes with everything you could possibly want at this price – a 1440p resolution, a high 144Hz refresh rate and HDR support.

Best ultrawide monitor deals

Normally £1090, this ultrawide G-Sync screen has everything you could possibly want. As well as a super accurate IPS panel, you get a 120Hz refresh rate and two USB3 ports for your peripherals. It’s still quite expensive compared to FreeSync ultrawide monitors, but when there aren’t many ultrawide monitor deals available at the moment, this is still a decent saving on this type of screen.

Overclockers UK have sliced 10% off the price of Asus’ TUF ultrawide monitor at the moment, which is a much more palatable price than the Acer I’ve listed above. That’s mostly because it’s a FreeSync screen rather than an Nvidia G-Sync one, but it should still play nicely with your Nvidia graphics card as well.

Best gaming monitor deals (US):

Best G-Sync monitor deals

None right now…

Best FreeSync monitor deals

Although this has now been superseded by the MSI’s Optix MAG272CQR, the differences between generations are minor enough to make this a very solid recommendation. The differences are minor: it has a 144Hz refresh rate compared to the newer model’s 165Hz, and it doesn’t support HDR. The latter point may sound like a deal breaker, but given HDR was pretty poor on the newer version, this is still worth considering.

A decent $50 saving on this Dell FreeSync gaming monitor, which boasts 1ms response times, 2K resolution and a solid 155Hz refresh rate. It’s even got four USB 3.0 ports, which is a nice little bonus for anyone who finds themselves constantly short…

HP’s 25in gaming monitor gets a welcome $100 discount at Best Buy, taking it to a not unreasonable $180. With a 1ms response time, a 400cd/m2 brightness and a nippy 144Hz refresh rate, it’s worth considering if you’re on a tight budget and prefer your screens on the dinkier side.

Best ultrawide monitor deals

None right now…

How to get the best monitor deal:

Not sure where to start with all these gaming monitors? An easy way of deciding which gaming monitor is right for you is to start with your graphics card. Got an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT or below? Then you’ll probably want a 1920×1080 monitor, as this will mean you can play games at the fastest, smoothest speeds. Got an Nvidia RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 or above? Then you should probably aim for a 2560×1440 screen, as you really need one of these cards to make the most of this resolution when playing games. Meanwhile, Nvidia RTX 2080 and above owners will be able to make the most of 3840×2160 monitors.

Of course, most of the monitor deals above are for screens with AMD FreeSync support rather than Nvidia’s G-Sync tech, so if you’re unsure what either of those things mean or just need a refresher on what they do, have a read of our G-Sync vs FreeSync article. Previously, you needed an AMD graphics card to take advantage of FreeSync, and an Nvidia graphics card to make full use of G-Sync. However, thanks to Nvidia’s recent driver update, all Nvidia graphics card owners can now take advantage of what FreeSync has to offer so they can carry on enjoying smooth, tear-free gaming for a fraction of the price. As a result, buying a good FreeSync monitor is now a much better way of saving money than finding a good G-Sync deal.

That said, there are some FreeSync monitors that don’t play as nicely with Nvidia graphics cards as others, which is why Nvidia are currently in the process of testing all the FreeSync monitors out there to see if they fit within their official G-Sync Compatible standard. We have a complete list of all the confirmed G-Sync Compatible monitors so far, so make sure you check your deal against this list to see if it’s guaranteed to give you a good experience. That said, there are plenty of non-G-Sync Compatible monitors I’ve tested that have worked perfectly fine with my Nvidia graphics card, so there’s still a good chance it will work absolutely fine even if it hasn’t made Nvidia’s official list yet.

For more of the best PC gaming deals, check out our regularly updated Graphics card deals and SSD deals pages, too.

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