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Minecraft Dungeons armour guide: every perk listed

Best armour for your hero

Featured post Minecraft Dungeons armor

Without decent armour, it’s going to be quite difficult to survive the labyrinthine levels of Minecraft Dungeons. There’s a surprising number of different types of armour available, and they all give significant bonuses.

Some armour is focused on allowing your hero to take more hits from foes, while others give bonuses like give extra arrows or reduce cool down for artefacts. If you’re trying to make a particular build, it’s important to know which kinds of armour will bolster the abilities you want to improve.

Minecraft Dungeons armour guide

This Minecraft Dungeons armour guide lists every known armour in the game, including their armour perks and which armour type the unique items are based on. This guide includes details on armour unlocked at higher difficulty modes, such as Adventurer mode.

You can also have a look at our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide for specific builds for your hero.

Minecraft Dungeons armour list

Since you can only equip one piece of armour at any time, it’s vital that you know what each one does so you know which level to look for it. Armour can also come with up to three choices for enchantments, and we just so happen to have a full armour enchantment list in our Minecraft Dungeons enchantments guide.

Here is the full Minecraft Dungeons armour list, with all the armour we’ve found so far. It includes the list of perks that any armour has, as well as their basic armour type. Defensive bonuses to health scales up with the total power level, so they are not listed.

Armor Armor type Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3
Hunter's Armor Hunter's Armour +10 arrows per bundle +30% ranged damage
Wolf Armour Wolf Armour +20% weapon damage boost aura Health potions heal nearby allies
Spelunker's Armour Spelunker's Armour +20% weapon damage boost aura Gives you a pet bat
Scale Armour Scale Armour 35% damage reduction +30% melee damage
Evocation Robe Evocation Robe -25% artefact cooldown +15% movespeed aura
Mercenary Armour Mercenary Armour 35% damage reduction +20% weapon damage boost aura
Reinforced Mail Reinforced Mail 35% damage reduction 30% chance to negate hits 100% longer roll cooldown
Plate Armour Plate Armour 30% chance to negate hits 35% damage reduction 100% longer roll cooldown
Thief Armour Thief Armour +25% melee attack speed
Grim Armour Grim Armour +100% souls gathered 3% life steal aura
Mystery Armour Mystery Armour 10% damage reduction -40% potion cooldown
Phantom Armour Phantom Armour +100% souls gathered +30% ranged damage
Soul Robe Soul Robe +100% souls gathered +50% artefact damage
Fox Armour Wolf Armour 30% chance to negate hits (Unique) +20% weapon damage boost aura Health potions heal nearby allies
Cave Crawler Spelunker Armour +20% weapon damage boost aura Gives you a pet bat +50% artefact damage
Spider Armour Thief Armour +25% melee attack speed 3% life steal aura

Minecraft Dungeons armor

Minecraft Dungeons guide series

Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons armour guide. You’ll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

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