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New PC games coming out in 2020

All your 2020 PC release dates in one handy list

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New PC games in 2020 (TBA)

These are the games we know are coming out sometime in 2020, but whose release dates aren’t yet confirmed. We’ll be moving these games to their respective month as and when they get announced, but for now, here are all the big games we’re looking forward to this year, with more to come very soon.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

We thought it would never happen, but Bloodlines 2 is finally almost here. The long-awaited sequel to the 2004 cult hit action RPG set in the World Of Darkness tabletop RPG universe, Bloodlines 2 is about being a cool, modern day vampire in Seattle. You play as a newly-turned Thinblood (a weaker kind of vamp) and must suddenly try to navigate the mad politicking of the city’s big bloodsucker clans. It was originally set to launch in March 2020, but it’s now been pushed back until later in the year for some additional spit and polish.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series has been grounded for several years now, but 2020 will be the year it finally takes to the sky again. Powered by real-world satellite data and Microsoft’s Azure AI, Microsoft Flight Simulator promises to offer an unpredecented level of detail for simulation fans. There’s no firm lift-off date just yet, but we’ll be updating our departure board as soon as air traffic control gives us the go-ahead.


Ghostrunner was one of the most exciting games we saw at Gamescom 2019. It’s a bit like Titanfall meets a cyberpunk Mirror’s Edge, but with ninja swords instead of big guns. Set inside a huge tower that’s the last remaining shelter for humankind, Ghostrunner is looking incredibly slick so far, and we’re very much looking forward to it.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

The latest game in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six series, Quarantine is a three-player co-op PvE shooter that focuses on destroying mutants rather than other players. It will have different operators to Rainbow Six: Siege, along with different abilities as well, but will otherwise share a lot of the same DNA. It was originally slated for early 2020, but has since been delayed to the back half of the year, sometime between June and December.

Watch Dogs Legion

The next Watch Dogs game is heading to LANDAAAHN, aka Hard Mode Paris, Johnson’s Jungle and Canary Wharfare, and this latest entry in Ubisoft’s hack-athon adventure series will see you recruit an entire army of NPC characters in this post-Brexit hellscape, including a gang of hacker grannies if you so wish. Originally meant to launch on March 3rd, Watch Dogs Legion is now slated (once again) for some time between June and December.

Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft haven’t revealed much about their open world action adventure game, but from the looks of the one and only trailer available for the game right now, we’re currently expecting something like Breath Of The Wild: Ancient Greece Edition. With its bright colours and cartoonish mythological monsters, this definitely has an air of Zelda about it, but we won’t know for sure until it comes out later this year. It was originally meant to be out on February 25th, but Ubisoft have since delayed it until (yep, you guessed it) sometime between June and December. Could we see more around E3 sort of time in the summer? Watch this space.

Dying Light 2

The sequel to Techland’s first-person parkour zombie-thon, Dying Light 2 ups the ante even further this time with branching story choices that will lock off entire areas of the map depending on how you choose to proceed. There’s a chance this may slip to 2021, as Techland have currently delayed it from its original release window of Spring 2020 to a currently unknown date, but here’s hoping we’ll still see the game rise from the dead before the year is out.

Halo Infinite

The likely star of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X launch line-up this Christmas, Halo Infinite is the next big instalment in 343 Industries’ FPS series. The Master Chief is back yet again for ‘one last job’, and it’s widely anticipated that 343 Industries will be taking the lean, green fighting machine open world this time, eschewing the series’ famously tight level design for huge, sprawling vistas as suggested by its latest trailer. Either way, the good news is that we’ll be able to join in on PC at the same time it arrives on the Xbox Series X.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

The sequel to Team Cherry’s beloved Souls-like platforming bug-athon, Silksong will see you step into the pointed shoes of Hornet, one of the antagonists in the first game who wields a longer, infinitely cooler needle blade than old Knight boy. It was originally planned as a DLC expansion for Hollow Knight, but Team Cherry’s ever-expanding ambitions for the game saw it become a full-blown sequel instead. Composer Christopher Larkin is also back on board for Silksong, so it should have some more achingly beautiful music accompanying our many, many deaths when it launches later this year.

Chivalry 2

We love some good old fashioned first-person melee murdering, so count us very excited for Chivalry 2, the sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Launching first on Epic later this year, Chivalry 2 will have an expanded combat system that allows for more creativity, according to the developers, as well as a weightier sense of physicality to every single move. We can’t wait.

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Double Fine’s much beloved 3D platformer from the mid noughties. In it, you’ll be stepping back into the psychic shoes of Raz Aquato as he delves into the minds of those around him, solving their psychological hang-ups by bounding around inside their subconscious. Director Tim Schafer has also hinted that we’ll finally find out more about Raz’s family in this new game, as well as the curse that continues to dog their every move. It’s due out later this year.

Age Of Empires IV

Age Of Empires IV has been in development for some time now, but Microsoft finally gave us a glimpse of Relic’s latest real-time strategy game at the end of 2019 – and man alive does it look glorious. Admittedly, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one slipped to 2021, but we’re going to be crossing all our fingers and toes that we’ll be building our empires this year.


One of the surprise hits of a few Gamescoms ago, Biomutant is an open world action RPG with a twist. As well as a fast and furious kung fu-style combat system, players will also be able to mutate their creature to learn new skills and abilities. Its branching story will have lots of different endings, too, making it ripe for repeat playthroughs. Originally set to launch last year, we’re hoping 2020 will be the year we finally get to play it in full.

Spelunky 2

The sequel to the critically acclaimed roguelike platformer, Spelunky 2 looks as though it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before. With support for 1-4 players this time round as well as new traps, new foes and new bosses, we look forward to this consuming every waking second of our lives as soon as it comes out.

Unto The End

Another EGX 2019 favourite, Unto The End is a 2D action adventure with meaty combat and a very strong beard game. Unlike other hack and slashers, Unto The End is all about parrying, deflecting and breaking your foe’s stance before lunging in for the killing blow. A bit like Sekiro, but with infinitely better facial hair. Indeed, the more blood there is on your beard, the less likely you are to survive the next hit. It’s just one of the many brilliant touches in Unto The End’s deep and engaging combat system, and I can’t wait to play the full game later this year.

Little Nightmares 2

Tarsier Studio’s haunting platformer is back for another round of eerie spooking, this time putting you in the shoes (or paper bag) of Mono, a young boy trapped in the same world as Six, the yellow mac-clad heroine from the first game. Here, Six is in trouble, and the only way she can save herself is to guide Mono to the top of a strange tower.

12 Minutes

Time-loop games were something of a feature at last year’s E3, but 12 Minutes was easily the most eye-catching. It’s been in development for absolutely yonks, but 2020 will finally be the year that Luis Antonio’s time-travelling, top-down adventure game comes to PC courtesy of Annapurna Interactive. In it, you’ll have to solve a mystery and save your family from being murdered all in the space of those titular 12 minutes. A tall order, perhaps? Luckily, you’re stuck in a perpetual time loop, so you can play those 12 minutes again and again until you’ve solved it – a bit like if Outer Wilds was half as long and only took place in a tiny apartment.


An upcoming adventure game inspired by 16-bit RPGs and Japanese anime from the 90s, Eastward looks absolutely gorgeous. With stunning pixel artwork, expressive characters and downright catchy music, this top-down adventure is definitely one to watch for 2020. You play as John, a shaggy bloke in a big coat who discovers a mysterious girl named Sam in an underground lab. Together, you’ll team up and journey to discover why the land is dying, where Sam came from and why the last remaining settlements in this post-apocalypse are starting to be invaded by terrible monsters.


Previously due in 2019, this eye-catching adventure game is finally swooping on to PC sometime this year. With an art style inspired by French comics artist Moebius, Sable will see you explore a vast world full of ruins, crashed spaceships and lots more as you navigate its coming of age story.


Having previously cut their teeth on epic battles with Norse gods, Thunder Lotus’ next game is about helping kind animal spirits say goodbye and drift off into the afterlife? Perhaps not the most logical next-step for the creators of Jotun and Sundered, but Spiritfarer is shaping up to be very lovely indeed. Our Alice B described it as “a cosy little houseboat management game where you sail with the deceased to their final destinations, but make them comfy on the way. It’s Stardew Valley meets Charon the ferryman,” when she wrote about it for our most exciting games of 2020 list, and its recent Steam demo was indeed very comfy and cosy for a game about death.

Minute Of Islands

Another stunner of an indie game, Minute Of Islands is a beautiful adventure game where you’ll explore a strange archipelago that’s been corrupted by an evil force. You play as tinkerer Mo, who can use their wand-like Omin Switch to help solve puzzles and cleanse the land of its strange disease. The RPS Vid Bud team enjoyed an early demo of it at EGX Berlin last year, as you’ll no doubt see in the video above. No firm release date just yet, but it should be setting sail sometime later this year.

The Eternal Cylinder

From the weird and wonderful minds of Ace Team, The Eternal Cylinder is a critter-evolving survive-o-explore-a-puzzler that sees you trying to escape the titular never-ending cylinder squashing your planet into a pancake. As you scamper through the undergrowth, you’ll be absorbing traits and mutations of the world’s surreal wildlife to help you escape. It’s part Pikmin, part Spore, and a whole lot of weird. We can’t wait.

Way To The Woods

Otherwise known as ‘that lovely looking deer game’, Way To The Woods sees you guide your young fawn through all manner of spooky, abandoned locations. Using your luminescent antlers to light the way, you’ll be bashing vending machines, glass walls and more as you find a way forward. It’s been in development for a while now, but developer Anthony Tan promises it’s coming in 2020 “for real this time”.

The Pathless

The next game from the makers of Abzu, The Pathless is a gorgeous looking adventure game about an archer and an eagle. In it, you’ll explore a vast island stuffed to the brim with secrets and strengthen your bond with your cool eagle pal as you hunt corrupted spirits. It was originally meant to come out last year, but whenever it pitches up, it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Twin Mirror

We haven’t heard much about Dontnod’s upcoming mystery game since the tail end of 2018, but Dontnod’s website gives us hope that it will finally see the light of day in 2020. You play as Sam, a poor amnesiac reporter who wakes up hungover in a cheap hotel room one day to discover he might have been involved in a bit of a murder. Fortunately, he’s got a barbershop quartet version of himself on hand to talk things through and try and reconstruct the scene using his special mind palace powers. A bit like Remember Me’s memory segments mixed with Life Is Strange’s small-town supernatural vibes.

Eldest Souls

Not to be confused with Young Souls, Eldest Souls is a gorgeous pixel art souls-like which tells the story of a lone knight who goes on a quest to slay the Old Gods and restore balance to the dying world of the Citadel. Featuring huge boss fights and fast-paced combat, this looks to be as punishing as it is beautiful.

Young Souls

Not to be confused with Eldest Souls, Young Souls is a gorgeous cel-shaded co-op dungeon crawler which tells the story of a pair of siblings who go on a quest to find their lost parents inside a strange, ever-changing dungeon down in their basement. Featuring huge boss fights and fast-paced combat, this also looks to be as punishing as it is beautiful.


The next game from the creators of Furi, Haven is a much more relaxed affair that’s part RPG, part puzzle-adventure game. In it, you play as young couple Yu and Kay who are on the run. They escape to a forgotten planet where they start to make a new life for themselves, occasionally fighting the local wildlife as they skim across the planet’s surface with their nifty hover boots. There’s no release date just yet, but hopefully we’ll be playing the full game later this year.

Welcome To Elk

Welcome To Elk may look cute and cosy, but beneath its bright exterior there are some surprisingly heartwrenching stories. Based on real-life tales collected by the developers, Welcome To Elk is dark, joyful and devastating all at once. Described as a biographical adventure peppered with minigames, it’s sure to be an unforgettable journey when it comes out later this year.

The Artful Escape

2020 is shaping up to be a great year for musical video games, and cosmic guitar strums of The Artful Escape look 100% like our kind of jam. Published by Annapurna Interactive, this side-scrolling adventure is the stuff power slides and epic guitar shreds were made of, with weird and wonderful landscapes accompanying some absolutely banging tunes. We’ll be revving up our air guitars in anticipation when The Artful Escape breaks onto PC later this year.


This foxy Zelda-like seems to have been in development for absolutely ages, but here’s hoping this isometric adventure finally sees a release in 2020. Could this be the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Zelda game on PC? It certainly looks like it from the trailers, but only time will tell if it will match Nintendo’s elfin superstar.


Whereas Tunic is all cute and cuddly, Carrion is a hellish meat beast made flesh. A kind of reverse horror game, you play as a slithering meaty mass breaking out of an underground lab, hoovering up and assimilating scientists and other weapon-wielding enemies as you go – and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into it later this year.

I Am Dead

The next game from the team behind Wilmot’s Warehouse, I Am Dead is a puzzle adventure game about a gorgeous looking island where you play as the curator of the local museum. The only problem is that said curator has recently died, which means you’ll be employing some ghostly spook ’em up powers to get to the bottom of your own murder.

Mineko’s Night Market

We’ve been waiting for Mineko’s Night Market for absolutely yonks, but 2020 looks like it will be finally be the year that this cat-filled adventure game sees the light of day. In it, you’ll be exploring the strange island of Mount Fugu by day, and crafting wares to sell at the titular night market once the sun goes down. Did we mention it’s also full of cats? If you ever wished Moonlighter was a bit more like Animal Crossing with a bit more crafting involved, then you better make a date with Mineko’s Night Market later this year.


The next game from Nifflas and Hotdog, Ynglet is a meditative floating platformer that sees you explore hand-drawn levels backed by dynamically generated music. Could this be 2020’s dreamiest game? All will be revealed when Ynglet is released later this year.

Demon Turf

A new 3D platformer from the makers of Slime-San, Demon Turf is all about becoming the best demon queen possible by claiming as much turf as you can. You’ll be punching and kicking your way to demon domination, as well as laying down your own checkpoints, a la Ori And The Blind Forest. It looks great, and we’re looking forward to playing it later this year.

Exo One

Exo One and its infinite ball rolling looks well chill, doesn’t it? As you glide, roll and launch yourself through the sky, under the waves and up toward the heavens, you’ll be half-piping your way across the landscape to propel yourself to ever greater heights. First revealed a couple of years ago, Exo One will finally be getting released later this year.

Per Aspera

In Per Aspera, you’ll be turning Mars blue by melting the ice caps and building up your terraforming operation. However, a strange presence suddenly materialises to put a stop to your operation. Will you be able to succeed?

Star Renegades

Due later this year, Star Renegades is a strategy RPG where you’ll need to outsmart your AI enemies, and we’ve got a new fully animated trailer for it. Its tactical turn-based battle system looks super stylish, and you can exploit it to counter and interrupt enemy attacks. Missions are procedurally generated, too, so no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

Cartel Tycoon

Cartel Tycoon is a drug empire business sim set in a fictional country in the late 80s. You’re tasked with guiding a drug kingpin to total supremacy. You’ll need to manage your business, build new labs and farms and work out how to smuggle your goods to make the most money.

Alaloth: Champions Of The Four Kingdoms

This skill-driven action RPG is inspired by classics such as Baldur’s Gate and Pillars Of Eternity. In this fantastical isometric world, you’ll be fighting to defeat the evil dark god Alaloth (try saying that name five times fast). The game doesn’t end after the first playthrough, either, as more modes will be added once you’ve finished the game for the first time.

Quantum Error

Described as a cosmic horror first person shooter, you play as an unlucky firefighter in this new game from Teamkill Media, who may have bitten off more than they can chew when they respond to an emergency call at a strange research facility. From the looks of the first trailer, Quantum Error has big Dead Space energy, but we’ll find out more when it launches later this year.

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

A new action RPG that manages to combine the words “horrorpunk”, “Lovecraftian” and “Cronenbergian”, Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is an isometric Souls-like that looks as gruelling as it is punishing. Find out for yourself when it slashes onto PC later this year.


In this late 80s mail ’em up, you play as Meredith Weiss, who’s taking a break from her high-powered job in the city to come and deliver the mail to the residents of her hometown in gorgeous Providence Oaks. Take note, Hideo Kojima, this is how you do a proper postal sim.

Gestalt: Steam and Cinder

If you long for the Castlevania days of yore, then Gestalt: Steam And Cinder is the 2D action game for you. Inspired by 16 and 32-bit classics, this platformer combines intense combat, a twisty story and a steampunk setting into one great-looking package.


Surprise! Indie side-scrolling shooter Gonner is getting a sequel! Coming in 2020, unlikely hero Ikk will be helping Death to reclaim her home from a strange new presence. Make sure you don’t lose your head when this procedurally-generated platformer arrives later this year.

The Riftbreaker

A new base-building survival game with action RPG elements, The Riftbreaker sees you take on the role of a giant mech capable of inter-dimensional travel. There will be plenty of hacking and slashing to keep you busy while you’re doing your base building, but you’ll also be collecting new alien samples and researching new inventions at the same time to help you survive. No firm release date just yet, but it’s due to arrive at some point later this year.

Second Extinction

A co-op shooter from the minds behind Mad Max and Generation Zero, Second Extinction dumps you on a planet of mutant dinosaurs to gun down in teams of three. While there’s no firm release date just yet, developer Systemic Reaction will be holding a beta for it sometime this summer.

The Ascent

The Ascent is a solo and co-op action RPG set in a cyberpunk world of mega corps that enslaves its army of workers. You play as one such worker fighting for survival when the titular Ascent Group suddenly shuts down, prompting a mad scrap for power when rival corporations try and muscle in during its moment of weakness. With your home under threat, you’ll be taking up arms to fight back and regain control as you try and work out what caused the malfunction in the first place.


It’s been a few years since the Giger-esque horror that is Scorn was first announced, but it resurfaced again recently as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase. Packed to the brim with meaty hellscapes, oozing orifices and generally unpleasant bodily fluids, Scorn is set to be a moody mix of shooting and puzzle-solving. It may well slip into next year at this rate, but we’ll keep it here for the time being until developer Ebb Software finalise a proper date.

Bright Memory Infinite

The full and final version of FYQD-Studio’s existing early access game Bright Memory, Bright Memory: Infinite is a fast-paced action FPS that combines sci-fi gunplay with stylish sword combos. Set in a futuristic metropolis in 2036, you’ll be investigating a strange, unknown phenomenon where two worlds are set to collide. Details are still thin on the ground at the moment, but the good news is that all existing Bright Memory owners will get a free upgrade to Infinite when it’s released.

Scarlet Nexus

This anime-style action game from Bandai Namco is another big Xbox Series X game, but it’s also coming to PC, too, it turns out. Set in a far distant future where psionic hormone are giving everyone psychic powers, you’ll be using these mind-bending powers to take down deranged mutants known as Others. Subtle, this game is not. Still, if you liked Bandai Namco’s Code Vein last year, Scarlet Nexus could very well be up your street.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

The long-awaited sequel to everyone’s favourite Bond-villain-style management game, Evil Genius 2: World Domination will be returning to PC later this year courtesy of Rebellion. On top of taking over the world, you’ll also be creating your ultimate villain hideout and foiling the efforts of the Forces of Justice at every turn. For a limited time, you can also grab the first game for free, too.

Babylon’s Fall

The new game from action giants PlatinumGames and Square Enix, Babylon’s Fall has big Nier: Automata energy with a hint of Dark Souls about it. We still don’t know much about it yet, but with more information promised ‘this summer’, we should be hearing a lot more about it very soon.

Roller Champions

Roller Champions is Ubisoft’s upcoming roller derby-style sports game where teams of three race round a track at high speeds trying to score as many points as possible. Matt really enjoyed it when he played it at E3 last year, and the wider RPS team had a fun time with its closed alpha back in March, but there’s still no word on when the full version will be rolling onto PC. Fingers crossed we learn more come Ubisoft’s Forward showcase in July.

Oddworld Soulstorm

The next instalment of the much beloved Oddworld series, Soulstorm livens up its 2.5D platforming roots with a lot more action this time round, with clumsy Abe chucking weapons, molotov cocktails and more as you free your fellow workers from captivity and grow your squad of followers. It was originally set to come out in ‘early 2020’, but now it’s just a vague 2020.

Delayed until 2021

Alas, there are always some casualties that we were hoping would come out in 2020, but have inevitably been delayed until sometime next year. Thankfully, there’s only one big game on the horizon that’s been pushed back to 2021 so far, but this list may well get a bit longer as we push into the second half of the year. For now, though, these are the 2020 games that have been delayed until 2021.


The new historical 4X game from Amplitude Studios, Humankind is being billed as the studio’s magnum opus. Starting right at the dawn of civilization, Humankind will let you rewrite the entire narrative of human existence as you see fit, allowing you to create unique cultures and societies as you move through the ages.

Kerbal Space Program 2

The sequel to the much-beloved spaceflight sim, Kerbal Space Program 2 is set build on its predecessor by adding multiplayer support, space colonisation and interstellar travel. It’s being developed by a different studio to the original team at Squad, but from what we’ve seen so far, Kerbal Space Program 2 looks like it’s being made in very much the same spirit. We’re very much looking forward to launching countless metal monstrosities into the atmosphere in Autumn 2021.

Solar Ash Kingdom

Formerly known as Solar Ash Kingdom, this is the next game from Heart Machine, the creators of Hyper Light Drifter. First announced last year, it re-emerged during Sony’s PS5 showcase with a new trailer and a new release date. Now arriving next year, Solar Ash looks like it’s going to be quite a departure from Hyper Light Drifter, if only because the protagonist appears to be rocking a nifty pair of high-speed rollerblades.

Tales Of Arise

The next JRPG in the beloved Tales Of series, Arise looks to be the prettiest entry yet. It probably won’t stay that way for long, though, as its E3 2019 trailer shows a giant flaming stompy boy unleashing all manner of chaos in the world. Luckily, you’ve got an equally hot looking sword at your disposal to chop up its army of nasties and save your planet from total destruction. According to one of its producers, Arise will ‘confront’ the traditions of the series and hopefully make it more accessible for new players.

The Settlers

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a new entry in The Settlers series, but Ubisoft and Blue Byte are due to resurrect this real-time strategy city-building game… at some point in the future? Sadly, Ubisoft have delayed The Settlers yet again, and now it doesn’t have a release date whatsoever – just that it is simply “Coming Soon”. Made in Massive Entertainment’s Snowdrop engine (the same one as The Division 2), The Settlers should bring the series into the 21st century in style whenever it eventually comes out.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Based on the popular tabletop RPG, Earthblood follows the story of Cahal, an ecoterrorist werewolf who’s been banished by his tribe as he fights against the pollution caused by massive American corporation Pentex. As you cross the open plains of North America, you’ll be shape-shifting between man and wolf as you work toward your goal. Originally slated for sometime this year, Earthblood will now be howling at the moon on February 4th 2021.

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