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Minecraft Dungeons weapons guide: every melee and ranged weapon listed

All the weapon stats

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The first DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons is now out and it adds several new base weapons. There are a huge number of weapons in the game, each one with different power levels, base speed, and area of attack.

This Minecraft Dungeons weapons guide will list all of the melee weapons and ranged weapons in the game. Several new weapons were introduced in the Jungle Awakens DLC: the whip, battlestaff, katana, and the dual crossbows.

All of the weapon types are found in set levels, so have a look at our Minecraft Dungeons secret levels guide for a full loot table for every weapon. If you just want the best builds, you can find them in our Minecraft Dungeons best builds guide.

Every melee and ranged weapon has a base rating for power, speed, and area. These will be shown in the base weapons table on a five star scale. As damage scales up with the weapon’s level, this will not be displayed.

We will not be discussing enchantments, since they have their own There is also the full list of accompanying enchantments, in our Minecraft Dungeons enchantments list and are universal.

Unique weapons have the same base stats as their regular forms. They’ve been separated into their own lists that include all the perks that unique weapons have, as well as which base weapon the unique weapons are based on.

Minecraft Dungeons melee weapons list

Here is the full list of melee weapons in Minecraft Dungeons:

Base melee weapons

Melee weapon Power Speed Area Perk 1 Perk 2
Sword *** ** *
Pickaxe * ** *
Mace *** * **
Cutlass ** ** ** Reliable combo
Claymore ***** * ** Powerful pushback
Axe *** ** ** Spin attack move
Great Hammer **** * *** Great splash
Glaive **** * *** Longer melee reach
Daggers * *** * Dual Wield
Sickles ** ** * Dual Wield
Soul Knife **** * ** Thrust attack +2 Soul Gathering
Soul Scythe ** * ** +2 Soul Gathering
Gauntlets * ** * Relentless combo
Spear *** * **** Long melee reach
Double Axe ***** ** ***** Spin attack
Battlestaff DLC *** * ** Stylish Combo
Whip DLC **** * * Longer melee reach
Katana DLC **** * ***

Unique melee weapons

Melee weapon Base weapon type Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3
Broadsword Claymore Powerful pushback Extra damage
Cursed Axe Double Axe Spin attack Defeated mobs explode
Dancer's Sword Cutlass Reliable combo Increased attack speed.
Dark Katana Sword Extra damage to Undead
Diamond Sword Sword Extra Damage
Diamond Pickaxe Pickaxe Finds more emeralds
Eternal Knife Soul Knife Thrust Attack +2 Soul Gathering Chance to gain Souls
Fangs of Frost Daggers Dual Wield Slows mobs
Fighter's Bindings Gauntlets Boosts attack speed Turbo punches
Firebrand Axe Burns mobs Spin attack move
Flail Mace Binds and Chains enemies
Fortune Spear Spear Long melee reach Drops more consumables
Frost Scythe Soul Scythe +2 Soul Gathering Slows mobs
Grave Bane Glaive Longer melee reach Extra damage to Undead
Hammer of Gravity Great Hammer Pulls in enemies Great Splash
Hawkbrand Sword Increased critical hit chance
Heartstealer Claymore Powerful pushback Leeches health from mobs
Jailor's Scythe Soul Scythe +2 Soul Gathering Binds and chains enemies
Master's Katana Sword Increases critical hit chance
Maulers Gauntlets Relentless combo Increases attack speed
Moon Daggers Daggers Dual Wield Souls Critical Boost
Nameless Blade Cutlass Reliable combo Weakens enemy attacks
Nightmare's Bite Sickles Dual Wield Spawns poison clouds
Soul Fists Gauntlets Relentless combo Souls Critical Boost +2 Soul Gathering
Stormlander Great Hammer Great Splash Fires Lightning Bolts
Sun's Grace Mace Heals allies in the area
The Last Laugh Sickles Dual wield Mobs drop more emeralds
Truth Seeker Soul Knife Thrust attack +2 Soul Gathering Increased damage to wounded mobs
Venom Glaive Glaive Longer melee reach Spawns poison clouds
Whirlwind Axe Spin attack Casts shockwaves
Whispering Spear Spear Long melee reach Sometimes strikes twice
Battlestaff of Terror DLC Battlestaff Defeated mobs explode Stylish combo
Growing Staff DLC Battlestaff Increased damage to wounded mobs Stylish combo
Vine Whip DLC Whip Inflicts poison Longer melee reach

Minecraft Dungeons ranged weapons list

While melee weapons are relatively simple to understand, ranged weapons can have different ways to fire projectiles, like the Scatter Crossbow firing multiple arrows and the Rapid Fire Crossbow firing arrows at an increased rate.

Below are all of the ranged weapons in the game, including the Jungle Awakens DLC:

Base ranged weapons

Ranged weapon Power Speed Area Perk 1
Bow *** ** **
Shortbow ** *** ****
Longbow ** ** ** Strong charged attacks
Hunting Bow ** ** ** Pets attack targeted mobs
Power Bow *** ** * Strong charged attacks
Trickbow * ** *** Hits multiple targets
Soulbow ** ** ** +2 Soul Gathering
Crossbow *** * ** Faster projectiles
Rapid Fire Crossbow * *** ***** High Firerate
Scatter Crossbow ** *** ** Multiple projectiles (3)
Heavy Crossbow ***** * * Powerful shots
Soul Crossbow ** * * +2 Soul Gathering
Exploding Crossbow ***** * * Explodes on impact
Dual Crossbows DLC ** ** ** Double projectiles

Unique ranged weapons

Ranged weapon Base weapon type Perk 1 Perk 2
Auto Crossbow Rapidfire Crossbow High Firerate Firerate increases upon firing
Azure Seeker Crossbow Faster projectiles Increased firerate
Bonebow Bow Arrows grow size
Bow of Lost Souls Soulbow +2 Soul Gathering Chance for Multishot
Butterfly Crossbow Rapid Fire Crossbow High Firerate Shoot two enemies at once.
Doom Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Powerful shots Additional knockback
Elite Power Bow Power Bow Strong charged attacks Greater damage
Feral Soul Crossbow Soul Crossbow Souls critical boost +2 Soul Gathering
Firebolt Thrower Exploding Crossbow Explodes on impact Chance of Chain Reaction
Guardian Bow Power Bow Strong charged attacks Super charged arrows
Harp Crossbow Scatter Crossbow Even more projectiles
Hunter's Promise Hunting Bow Pets attack targeted mobs Chance to regain arrows
Imploding Crossbow Exploding Crossbow Explodes on impact Pulls in enemies
Lightning Harp Crossbow Scatter Crossbow Chance to ricochet Multiple projectiles (3)
Master's Bow Hunting Bow Pets attack targeted mobs Extra damage dealt
Mechanical Shortbow Shortbow Accelerated Fire Rate
Nocturnal Bow Soulbow +2 Soul Gathering Steals speed
Purple Storm Bow Increased fire rate
Red Snake Longbow Strong charged attacks Chance for arrows to explode
Sabrewing Power Bow Strong charged attacks Heals allies in the area
Slayer Crossbow Heavy Crossbow Powerful shots Chance to ricochet
The Green Menace Trickbow Hits multiple targets Spawns poison clouds
The Pink Scoundrel Trickbow Hits multiple targets Chance to enrage mobs
The Slicer Crossbow Faster projectiles Chance to fire piercing bolts
Twin Bow Bow Shoots two enemies at once
Voidcaller Soul Crossbow Pulls enemies in +2 Soul Gathering
Baby Crossbows DLC Dual Crossbows Arrows grow size Double projectiles
Spellbound Crossbows DLC Dual Crossbows Strong vs Enchanted mobs Double projectiles

Minecraft Dungeons weapons

Minecraft Dungeons guide series

Thanks for reading our Minecraft Dungeons weapons guide. You’ll find plenty more guides for the game in the section below, so do check them out.

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