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Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone [Season 5]: a guide to Marksman Rifles in Call Of Duty: Warzone

How effective can a Marksman Rifle be in Warzone?

Featured post Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone

While Marksman Rifles were always extremely potent weapons in Modern Warfare, in Warzone they’ve historically been outclassed by the bulkier and harder-hitting sniper rifles. But despite their relatively lowly standing in the current meta, there’s still a lot of fun to be had with these rifles.

Our Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone guide, as you might expect, is here to catch you up on the standing of each DMR in the current meta. We’ll walk you through stats, attachments, and more in our attempt to rank each Marksman Rifle from best to worst in Season 5 of Warzone.

The best Marksman Rifle in Warzone

The Kar98k is currently the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone. Whether it can outperform an AX-50 or an HDR is much more of a question mark, but its familiar damage profile and one-shot headshot potential make it a surprisingly viable gun for Verdansk.

We’ll talk more below about the Kar98k and all the other Marksman Rifles in the game, but before we do that let’s take a look at the stats of each DMR, using this table taken from our Warzone weapon stats guide:

Name Damage Shots To Kill RPM Mag Reload ADS Move %
EBR-14 165 | 60 | 60 | 55 1-3 | 1-4 | 2-5 | 2-6 265 10 1.34s 317ms 94%
SKS 175 | 57 | 52 | 48 1-3 | 1-4 | 2-5 | 2-6 320 20 1.55s 284ms 93.5%
Carbine 145 | 108 | 90 | 90 1-2 | 2-3 | 2-3 | 2-4 90 6 0.73s-3.38s 267ms 96%
Kar98K 250 | 154 | 86 | 86 1-2 | 1-3 | 1-4 | 1-5 36.5 5 1.95s 300ms 93%
Crossbow 300 | 120 | 101 | 90 1-2 | 1-2 | 1-3 | 1-3 14.35 1 3.04s 300ms ???

Now that we have a better idea of the capabilities and traits of each weapon, let’s discuss the tier list we’ve landed upon for the best to worst Marksman Rifles in Warzone.


The Kar98k is the best Marksman Rifle on offer at the moment in Warzone – which is to say, it’s the DMR that bears closest resemblance with the one-shot kings of Modern Warfare, the HDR and AX-50 Sniper Rifles. The Kar98k is the only traditional DMR that can deal a one-shot headshot at any range, and its chest damage is actually noticeably higher than even the HDR and AX-50.

Where the Kar98k falls down is its poor bullet velocity over longer distances. Fortunately, you can go a ways towards fixing this by affixing the largest barrel and a Monolithic Suppressor onto the gun. Now you have an accurate, reliable, silent DMR that seriously reduces the viability gap between Marksman Rifles and Sniper Rifles.


The Crossbow is a curious pick for the second-best Marksman Rifle in Warzone, so let’s break down how we’ve arrived at this conclusion. First, the bad: it has the lowest rate of fire of any weapon in the game. It also has a very low bullet velocity, because… well… it’s not a bullet, it’s an arrow. And finally, while all other weapons in Warzone have pinpoint accuracy while aiming down sights, with the Crossbow there’s an element of randomness to the bolt’s accuracy.

All of that is pretty dire. And yet, the Crossbow’s explosive tips can kill an enemy with a single shot anywhere in the body – something which no other weapon in Warzone can claim. What’s more, if you manage to kill an enemy with the initial shot, then the secondary explosion will instantly finish the downed enemy. Again, something unique to the Crossbow.

It’s a challenging and finicky weapon, make no mistake. And it’s not about to replace the HDR or AX-50. But the Crossbow’s unique benefits make it, strangely, one of the most viable of all the Marksman Rifles for Warzone.


The SKS is everything you ever wanted to EBR-14 (or indeed the FAL) to be. Fast-firing and hard-hitting, the SKS has a ludicrously inflated headshot multiplier compared with most Warzone guns, making it hard to go up against a confident and accurate SKS-wielder at longer ranges.

As with all Marksman Rifles, I’d contend that having an SKS simply isn’t as viable as going the whole hog and picking up an HDR or an AX-50. But the SKS is about as close as you can get to viable with a traditional DMR. It hits hard and fast (like Brannigan’s Law), and its low recoil ensures you are able to punish players who don’t take cover quickly enough.


The EBR-14 craves a world where the SKS doesn’t outshine it very slightly in almost every way. True, it deals greater damage anywhere except the head, but if you’re not aiming for the head with a DMR then you’re not using it properly.

The EBR is fine. Much like the SKS, it features low recoil and a fast cycle rate considering how painful each shot is when it lands. But 10 round mags simply aren’t enough in Warzone, and the SKS’s headshot damage gives it a serious edge over this slightly underwhelming rifle.

MK2 Carbine

The MK2 Carbine is one of my favourite weapons for regular Modern Warfare multiplayer modes, but when players are going around with 250 health in Warzone, what is the point of a Carbine, ever?

Your priority with a sniper or DMR is delivering the maximum amount of damage in the lowest number of shots – and compared to the Crossbow or Kar98k, the Carbine just can’t stand up to scrutiny in Warzone. And the slight buffs it received in the most recent patch (slightly higher movement speed and slightly better damage dropoff values) don’t come close to raising it from the bottom spot in our DMR tier list.

Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone

And there you have it! Hopefully now you’re a master of the Warzone Marksman Rifles arsenal, and you’re ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test. But in case you’re still hungering for tips and stats, be sure to check out our other Warzone guides!

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