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Yakuza Like A Dragon: Where to find all ten Kappa statues

Here's where to find all ten Kappa Statues.

Featured post Ichiban takes a selfie with a Kappa statue.

There’s a Part Time Hero quest in Yakuza: Like A Dragon which requires you to find and take a photo with ten Kappa statues that are dotted around Yokohama. If you manage to track them all down you’ll get a cool 2 million Yen alongside some other useful bits and bobs.

Here’s where to find all the Kappa statues in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Where to find all ten Kappa statues in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Once you’ve reached Chapter 5 of the main story and completed the Part Time Hero substory, you’ll unlock, well, Part Time Hero quests. Mainly, it’s a checklist of things you’ll complete as you play the game naturally, and they’ll net you rewards such as money and items.

One of these quests is to find ten Kappa statues and to take a picture with them all. To do so, simply wander up to one of these statues and press E to interact with them (Or X/A if you’re using a PS4 or Xbox controller).

However, to unlock them all you’ll need to reach Chapter 7 of the main story. It’s only at this point where one of the Kappa locations will unlock, otherwise you’ll only be able to find nine of them – which isn’t ideal.

  • 1. S. Sakura River Street – Riverside, where Misaki Street connects with Sakura River Street.
  • 2. Sunrise Street – South side of this street, peeking out from behind the curtain of a shop with a green awning.
  • 3. Survive Bar – Tucked away inside a closet on the second floor of Survive Bar in the Bar District.
  • 4. Hamakita Park – Inside the white truck, beside the vendor
  • 5. Jinnai Station – Just west of Jinnai Station, inside an elevator
  • 6. Mirai Batting Center – Northeast tip of the map, behind Mirai Batting Center
  • 7. Red Light District – On the eastern most side of E. Central Street, there’s a narrow alleyway tucked behind a small park. Head down this alleyway, and just as it opens out, turn left and face the green fence. Behind it, you’ll spot the Kappa on a flight of stairs.
  • 8. Chinatown- In a tiny nook west of the crossroads, between two restaurants on the north side.
  • 9. Restaurant Alley – Head down the path north of the weapons vendor and west of the Restuarant Row on your map. Go up the stairs to your right, and just as you reach a load of red chairs, look forwards and up towards the balcony of the building opposite. The Kappa will be next to a door staring right at you. (Only accessible once you’ve reached Chapter 5)
  • 10. Korea Town – Behind the Fukutokucho building in Korea Town, there’s a set of metal stairs. Run up the first two flights, get your phone camera out, and point it at the balcony opposite. The Kappa is hiding on the right side of this balcony, next to some rusty air conditioning units. (Only accessible once you’ve reached Chapter 7)

Here’s a map I put together which should help you visualise where they’re all located:

A map of Yokohama which shows all the Kappa statue locations.

Once you’ve taken pictures with all the Kappas, head back to your nearest Part Time Hero rep marked by a blue helmet icon on your map (they’ll be at a convenience store). Talk to them, select “Report Back”, and accept your rewards!

What rewards do you get for finding all the Kappa statues?

Here’s what you’ll get for finding all the Kappas:

  • 2 million Yen
  • 30 Member Points
  • 1x Water God’s Amulet
  • 1x Tempered Safety Glass
  • 1x Staminan XX

That’s all for this page, but stay tuned for more Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides. In the meantime, check out our Yakuza: Like a Dragon review.

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