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How to swim faster and further in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Use the Swim Dash skill to swim faster in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Featured post How to swim faster in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Swimming is one of your key traversal skills in Immortals Fenyx Rising, but at first it’s a pretty slow and cumbersome way to get around. Plus, you’re limited by your character’s stamina bar. Thankfully, there are one or two things that you can do to make your swimming not only quicker but also more efficient. Learn everything there is to know about such things in our guide on how to swim faster in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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How to swim faster in Immortals Fenyx Rising

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, swimming uses up your stamina at a pretty fast rate. If you run out of stamina while swimming, you’ll fall unconscious and be placed back onshore with a chunk of health lost. So, what can be done to avoid this fate?

To start with, all you can do is try to maintain control of your stamina, and jump to cover more distance (if you’re swimming on the surface). But jumping in water is very stamina-costly, so this is only really to be used for short stretches of swimming. To help maintain stamina, you can eat Blue Mushrooms and drink Stamina Potions. You can do this even while underwater.

But to actually make your swimming faster and more efficient, you’ll need the Swim Dash skill.

How to get the Swim Dash skill

You can get the Swim Dash skill after you reach the Hall of the Gods in the second section of the island (the Valley Of Eternal Spring). The Hall of the Gods is in the bottom-left section of the map, and atop it you’ll find various places where you can upgrade aspects of your character. At the River Styx Cistern, you can spend Coins of Charon to upgrade your skills. One of these skills is called Swim Dash, and I’d recommend you upgrade it (along with the skill you need to climb faster) before any others.

Swim Dash allows you to use the dodge button while swimming to dash in the direction you specify. You can spam this while swimming to move much faster through water, both on the surface and under it. It also consumes less stamina than regular swimming, allowing you to swim for far longer.

Below is the Swim Dash skill in the River Styx Cistern upgrade screen:

A screenshot of the skills screen in Immortals Fenyx Rising. The Swim Dash skill is highlighted.

And that’s really all there is to it! With the Swim Dash upgrade you’ll be able to swim faster and farther. But that’s not all the knowledge we have to impart on Immortals Fenyx Rising! Why not check out our guide on How to increase Stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

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