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Immortals Fenyx Rising Ajax's Fort walkthrough: how to activate the fortress mechanisms

How to solve both fortress mechanism puzzles in Ajax's Fort

Featured post Immortals Fenyx Rising Ajax's Fort walkthrough

As you work to complete the line of main quests in Immortals Fenyx Rising featuring the God of War, Ares, you will at some point find yourself inside Ajax’s Fort. And you’ll likely be wondering for a while how to activate the fortress mechanisms in order to access Ares’s treasury. Well, fear not! Our Ajax’s Fort walkthrough will show you exactly how to complete both the puzzles in this fortress and access Ares’s treasury.

Spoilers follow, obviously. You’ve been warned.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Ajax’s Fort walkthrough video

Below is a full video walkthrough of both the puzzles in Ajax’s Fort. So if video is your medium of choice, then take a look! If, on the other hand, you prefer to read through the steps at your own pace, then a full written walkthrough is just below.

First mechanism walkthrough

The first mechanism is on the south-west side. Go up the stairs and inside the building at the top. Jump up to the platform to your right and press the button to activate the puzzle. You should see before you multiple platforms of different heights with circular pressure plates at the tops. A laser traces a path between them all. Your aim is to press the pressure plates in the order shown by the laser, starting with the one in front of the main doors you entered through.

But first, you have to head round to the right-hand side of the building, and through the broken wall. Navigate through the lasers in this side-passage and climb to the next level (there’s a broken wall here with Pomegranates you can take). Turning around, your way is blocked by lasers – but you can use Herakles’s Strength to pull the puzzle cube beyond towards you. There’s a broken wall at the end of the passage, so throw the cube at it to break it down, revealing another cube. Now pull both these cubes and position them on the pressure plate just beyond the lasers to deactivate them.

You need two puzzle cubes to activate this weighted pressure plate, so use the first cube to break the barrier at the end to reveal a second cube.

You need two puzzle cubes to activate this weighted pressure plate, so use the first cube to break the barrier at the end to reveal a second cube.

Now return to the main entrance, and press the circular buttons in order. Just follow the lasers and you’ll get the right order. Hitting the final button will open a passage next to you at the top. Head up the stairs and through the broken wall, and press the button to activate the first fortress mechanism.

Throw the cube up onto the platform to your left, then follow it up there.

Throw the cube up onto the platform to your left, then follow it up there.

Second mechanism walkthrough

Entering the building with the second mechanism, you should be greeted with a cube on a pressure plate in front of you. Take the cube, and throw it through the lasers onto the ledge high up to your left. Then climb up the side to follow it. Once up, throw the cube east through the next laser field, and climb the wall to get above the lasers and follow it. Now stand on the circular pressure plate to open the door in front of you, and throw the cube through it.

Follow the walkway around and you’ll see that you can jump into the area where you just threw the cube. Defeat the soldier enemies there, and place the cube on one of the two pressure plates (it doesn’t matter which one). Now head to the right of the stairs, and jump across to the other platform. At the end of the corridor here is another broken wall beyond which are some Pomegranates to claim, but next to this is a cube atop a pressure plate. Take the cube. This will activate lasers to make it more difficult to come back the way you came, but you can just throw the cube through and then follow by climbing above the lasers. Take the cube back to the second pressure plate and place it down, activating the button on the platform between the two cubes for you to press.

The second button again requires two cubes. You'll have to really hurl this cube in order to get it up to the top.

The second button again requires two cubes. You’ll have to really hurl this cube in order to get it up to the top.

That’s one of the two buttons pressed. Drop back down into the flooded ground floor, and head south through the giant broken wall. At the end there’s a cube and a pressure plate in a room barred from you. Use Herakles’s Strength to pull the cube onto the pressure plate, then do the same with the neighbouring room and its cube/pressure plate pair.

This will lower the barrier so you can enter the first room. Press the button, then take the cube off the pressure plate. Then press the button again. This will allow you to escape the room with the cube. Throw the cube up to the very top platform above you on the east side. Climb up there, and defeat the guards.

You’ll see at the end of this area a room with a barrier preventing you from entering. Beyond the barrier is a large cube, and above the barrier is a broken wall. Throw the small cube through the broken wall and follow it. Place the small cube on the pressure plate to deactivate the barrier, and then push the large cube through and onto the weighted pressure plate (the one with the anvil icon). Now retrieve the small cube, throw it back through the broken wall, and follow it. Place the small cube on the other pressure plate, and press the button in the centre to open the door to the north. Follow the stairs up to find the button which activates the second fortress mechanism.

That’s how to solve both the puzzles in Ajax’s Fort and activate both fortress mechanisms. If you found this guide useful, just know that we’ve got plenty more top-tier guides on Immortals Fenyx Rising! Why not start with our guide to the Best mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

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