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2K announce an announcement for next week that's definitely a Mafia remake

Family. Family. Family.

Don't ya love a teaser trailer for an announcement that's also a trailer for a game that's coming out in three months? Classic. 2K have put up a new Mafia trailer today to announce that they'll make a real announcement next week. At least part of the reveal looks to be a remake of the original gangster 'em up Mafia game, according to a Microsoft Store page that's already floating around.

For today, there's just a teaser trailer of yer mafia men all talkin' about "family" in extremely serious Chicago accents. The real announcement is to come next Tuesday, May 19th at 5pm BST / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT over on the Mafia website, 2K say.

I don't suppose 2K intended to have a store page live yet, but the link to one is already circulating. On the Microsoft Store page, 2K say that the Mafia: Definitive Edition is "re-made from the ground up," and that it's been "faithfully recreated, with expanded story, gameplay and original score. This is the Mafia you remembered and much more." The screenshots of shiny olden taxis and nighttime shipyards are pretty flash, I'll admit.

The teaser trailer above refers to the entire Mafia trilogy so it's probably safe to speculate that uh, they aren't just remastering the original Mafia game. Are they remaking all three? Even the one that came out just four years ago? Doubtful, but that would be a very 2020 thing to do.

The Microsoft Store has Mafia: Definitive Edition slotted for an August 28 release date.

Oh look, I was wrong and the teasing actually began with a tweet teasing a teaser trailer for a real trailer for an announcement of a game coming out in three months.

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