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Night Of The Living Devs: 3D Realms Relaunches

New games and more coming

Names have power, oh names have a terrible power. Names define and names bind, names create and names destroy. No name can ever truly die. Utter those syllables by chance or by mischief and the name returns, just like that, hungry to reclaim its power. When we instinctively shush a burbling baby, it is a primal terror that they might speak a forbidden name. From the mouths of babes, indeed.

But hark, why do the cats wail so? From whence does this gale blow? You press your hands to your ears but cannot keep in the gushing blood nor block out the howling winds and the name they carry:


All of which is to say that 3D Realms have declared themselves officially relaunched.

The brand has been back for a while, but now it's official. They say they have an "exciting game development incubator program" going on as well as several games in development. Duke-Nukem-with-a-lady-instead shooter Bombshell is one, we know, and I suspect they're up to more with Rise of the Triad and Shadow Warrior after last year's series reboots. (Our Adam was quite taken with Shadow Warrior.) Who knows, perhaps they're even still trying Earth No More after all these years.

Today's 3D Realms is, of course, not the old 3D Realms. The development team left 3DR when Duke Nukem Forever did, and for several years it existed as a vague idea, a few people, a still-ongoing legal battle with new Duke Nukem owners (and DNF-finishers) Gearbox Software, and a handful of intellectual properties. After a few years of re-releases, they surprised folks with those solid reboots, then surprised us even more by being bought by Interceptor Entertainment - the folks who made that RotT reboot. The new team of six includes 3DR founder Scott Miller, dear community manager Joe Siegler, 3DR veteran Bryan Turner, and Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber.

To celebrate all this, they've put out a 32-game 'Anthology' of things 3D Realms have made and published over the years, from Duke Nukem 3D and Raptor: Call of the Shadows to Math Rescue and Word Rescue. It's got a few good'uns and a lot of filler. It'll cost $19.99 (about £12.50) until 5pm on Saturday, then double in price. It also includes what 3DR call a "re-rockestrated soundtrack" with a medley of songs from those games.

To repeat, the term they use is "re-rockestrated".

Here, have a video celebrating all this. Come for the nostalgia, stay for Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem, skirting around saying the name 'Duke Nukem':

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