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Made It! 80 Days Out On PC Today

Wonderful words

80 Days [official site] was a mobile game various RPS writers have snuck mentions of in around the place whenever they could, keen to write about it. Myself, mine were mostly reminders that I really should play 80 Days after all the wonderful things I've heard about Inkle's globetrotting adventure filled with beautiful words.

Well, now we can be loud and proud, as 80 Days is out on PC. Our version is rebuilt in Unity 5, with new cities to visit, new plotlines, and many thousands of new words.

Set in a steampunk version of the year 1872, 80 Days sees Phileas Fogg boldly betting that he can cross the entire globe within four score earthly rotations. That's all good and well for him, but players are the ones responsible for him actually making it - I bet he'll take all the credit too. As you plot your route via balloon, mechanical camel, walking city, and whatnot and manage resources, you'll stumble into intrigue and excitement. It's mostly textual, and our Adam said the original "puts almost every other collection of words I pored over in 2014 to shame". Gosh!

If you've played the mobile version, here, this blog post goes over the new adventures arriving with this release. The new stuff will make it to pocket telephones too, by the by.

80 Days is out on Windows and Mac for about £7. It's on Steam, GOG, and Green Man, and due to hit Humble today too. Here, have a trailer:

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80 Days

PC, Nintendo Switch

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