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87 Bazillion New Clips Of Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 will have guns. Of all the things in the entire universe I'd be absolutely, un-hesitantly comfortable staking my life on, that'd rank only behind "Texas is warm" and "Borderlands 2 will have lands." Gearbox, though, wants to set its more-than-87-bazillion guns apart from the rest of the industry's comparatively tasteful collection of 63 trillion, so it's attempting to infuse real personality into brands this time around. If you delve into the vault beyond the break, you won't find some bizarro squid god, but you will come away with three very silly gun "commercials" and (bonus!) an impressive showcase of BL2's PC-only PhysX features.

The ending to the Tediore one made me laugh hysterically, which is probably a good sign for the game and a bad sign for my ability to pass whatever test is administered to figure out whether or not people are sociopaths. Also, there are Space Russians! Hooray!

Meanwhile, I don't usually ogle physics and particles and bits of cloth flapping serenely in the breeze, but goodness, those are some really nice physics and particles and bits of cloth flapping serenely in the breeze. And then exploding, no less, because Borderlands. I can't think of a more immediately impressive implementation of PhysX tech, honestly - at least, not that I've played. Can anyone else? Now if only we could get someone to use this for more than eye-popping flecks of debris. I'm ready for a truly evocative rock quarry sim already, yet the gaming industry refuses to heed my call.

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Borderlands 2

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