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£90 is a good deal for EVGA's 850W G6 80+ Gold power supply

A nifty £30 reduction on a PSU that can handle RTX 4090.

The EVGA P6 850W is a great high-capacity power supply, and today it's been discounted by £30 over at Scan, dropping from £120 to £90. That's a good deal on a PSU that meets the steep requirements of the RTX 4090, as well as Nvidia's more sanely-specced RTX 40-series cards like the RTX 4080 16GB and the RTX 4070 4080 12GB.

This is actually the second time I've brought up this PSU on RPS, although last time it was for a deal on the other side of the pond. Here's how I described the EVGA P6 then:

This particular power supply gets strong reviews, with an A 'best in class' rating on the influential Cultists PSU tier list - itself an continuation of the LTT Forum tier list - which is a strong mark of quality. They describe it as 'the best Seasonic-made PSU on the market, ironically not sold by Seasonic themselves', with high ratings for its silent operation, build quality, compact size and excellent cables.

So altogether then, quite a fine choice. The 850W model isn't quite as fancy as its 1000W Platinum-rated counterpart, but it should offer more than enough power for even Nvidia's RTX 40-series flagship. That should also translate into full compatibility with AMD's upcoming RDNA3 GPUs, although given that they've yet to be announced of course this isn't an ironclad guarantee.

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