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A Break In The City: Crysis 3

Crysis 3 isn't the first piece of entertainment to show us New York reclaimed by nature, but the city become prison-park could make for a compelling setting. The latest video advertisement for the game is the first part of the 'Seven Wonders' series, directed by Albert Hughes who you may know as one half of the Hughes brothers, mighty cinema-men of From Hell and Menace II Society. I think I'm supposed to care about the story here, but is it really anything more than an excuse to cram opposing forces into an interesting place so they can shoot each other? Nothing wrong with that but I'd prefer to see more of the weighty in-engine conflict and less of the build-up.

Will they just order him to put the bow down as well? That's what I'd do but then again I'm not really sure what's happening. I've already forgotten what all of the voices were saying but if movement feels as good in the actual game as it looks here, leaping around the ruins could be very entertaining indeed. I rate the glass-shattering very highly as well. The piecemeal destruction of glass is one of the incidental details that I always tend to enjoy, like foliage that reacts to people pushing through it.

I saw a tree performing what I can only describe as a 'radical interpretive dance performance' in Far Cry 3 yesterday. It was an unusual and glitchy reaction to a passing vehicle but I stood and watched, quietly impressed. Which game has the best foliage and/or breaking glass?

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