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A bunch of kids in Japan held their graduation ceremony in Minecraft

The wholesome content we all need right now

Minecraft has become a graduation venue for a group of students in Japan, after schools have been shut for more than two weeks due to Covid-19. The Japanese school year ends in March, so rather than miss their end of year graduation ceremonies, a bunch of kids got together to create their very own virtual celebrations in Minecraft - and it's exactly the content I needed to see today.

These kids are around primary school-age, and set all this up themselves. Their graduation hall is complete with rows upon rows of seats, a lush red carpet, and a big old stage for them to wander across and wave at all their classmates.

“‘What are you doing?’
‘We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!’"

“They spent all day online together playing games and laughing. I’m glad they all had fun.”

“The assembly hall is also really well made.”

Thanks Sora News 24 for the translations.

I will never get over the amount of wholesome content that can come from Minecraft, and given the world's situation right now I think it's a little bit of what we all need.

Perhaps once we all start self-isolating, RPS should head back to Minecraft and become denizens of Nate's server for the foreseeable future. Actually, we should probably just start a new one because Nate let that server go feral, and you won't catch me setting foot in that cursed realm.

With coronavirus concerns cancelling and postponing so many gaming events that were supposed to take place in the coming weeks, here's hoping we'll all find more ways to hangout as a community inside our favourite games.

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