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A Dance With Dates: Stronghold 3 Changes

Promising build'n'bash'n'badger game Stronghold 3 has moved first from a Spring then to a Summer and then September release date and now to a nebulous 'Autumn' release date - which is bad news for anyone who, like me, is currently reading A Dance With Dragons and was hoping for a bit of brutal castle sieging afterwards. However, the change in date brings with it a shiny new trailer, and news that it bears a whole new publisher.

Well, sort of. It'll arrive under the freshly-revealed 7Sixty imprint, which is a splinter of original Stronghold 3 publisher Southpeak. This new lot will be focusing on digital titles, which means they'll hopefully be a reliable source of interesting electronic video games for personal computers.

Such as Stronghold 3, which goes a little something like this:

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Stronghold 3


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