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A Fortnight Of IGF Demos Starts On Onlive Today

Onlive and the IGF are spooning for a fortnight. The sensual lovers are celebrating the Indie Gaming New Year by giving you access to 30 minute demos of 16 IGF finalists. The alphabetically sexy list of games is: Atom Zombie Smasher, Be Good, Botanicula, Dear Esther, Dustforce, English Country Tune, Frozen Synapse, FTL, Lume, Nitronic Rush, Once Upon a Spacetime, POP, SpaceChem, To the Moon, Toren, and WAY.

So that's 16 games, and all you need to do is create a free OnLive account. There seems to be Facebook integration, begging for a like, but I think the Showcase is available on the front page of the OnLive app without that. If I'm mistaken, it's one extra mouse-click. The demos are limited to 30 minutes, but you can play them as often as you like. I'm not going to link to 16 trailers, because that way browser hell lies, so here's Botanicula's. Now If you'll excuse me, I have to right a wrong and get FTL up on RPS.

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