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A Goosebumps horror survival game is creeping out this summer

Talk about a monster mash

Guess who's creepin' out with a video game spinoff. No guesses? It's Goosebumps. Remember those spooky books on your primary school shelf with the weird covers where animals transformed into—oh heck that was Animorphs. Sorry, I literally only read fantasy as a kid and still do. Goosebumps are the horror ones, now spawning the "spooky first-person survival horror game" Goosebumps Dead of Night sometime this summer.

In a world where Goosebumps stories aren't real but apparently Goosebumps books still are—some (literal?) clown called Slappy The Dummy's gone and summoned those spooky creatures into the real world. It's on you to put 'em back by way of stuffing their pages back under the cover while sneaking around and solving puzzles.

"Discover the missing pages and avoid getting caught by terrifying creatures like the Graveyard Ghoul, Lawn Gnomes, Annihilator 3000, Murder the Clown, and the Werewolf of Fever Swamp," all names that I imagine mean something to someone who wasn't buried in the Harry Potter books at the time.

Scholastic Entertainment say that Dead Of Night is "reimagined for consoles and PC," based on the mobile VR game Goosebumps Night Of Scares. Dead Of Night has "more puzzles, five terrifying new monsters with improved AI, and more," they say.

Goosebumps Night Of Scares is expected sometime this summer though they've not announced a final date. You can find out more over on their website.

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