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A House Of Many Doors Smashes Kickstarter Ask

Gets three-times original goal

Never mind the procedurally-generated poetry, Sunless Sea-inspired combat, and exploration-based RPG-isms that A House Of Many Doors [official site] thrusts into your computer telly screen - it's a game that lets you scoot about in a train with mechanical legs! A train. With legs. If the DeLorean and KITT had an automotive offspring it still wouldn't be as cool as this. Luckily, A House Of Many Doors has reached its Kickstarter goal 300 per cent to the good, thus this walking train abberation is a thing that will actually happen. Rejoice!

Perhaps I'm getting over-excited about the wrong things here. After all, the other stuff in A House Of Many Doors looks great too. Levelling up by collecting in-game experiences and penning procedurally-generated poetry (something RPS holds close to its heart) sounds fascinating, as does the game's "parasite dimension" that "steals from other worlds". When the Kickstarter campaign kicked off this time last month, Adam was excited, although didn't quite buy into the roaming trains hype to the degree I clearly have. Each to their own.

Nonetheless, upon finishing the campaign three times over his original ask, creator Harry Tuffs had this to say:

We reached £12,866 in funding. That's over 300% of our funding goal. And most importantly, 1,103 people pledged. I am outrageously grateful to every single lovely one of you. Actually, I've had so much gratitude recently that I'm running out of ways to express it, so I'm just going to proffer a traditional 'Thank you.'

Thank you, all of you. What next? Well, I'm going to attempt to celebrate, which means I actually stop developing the game for a day! Hopefully this will mean I can interact with humans, consume non-coffee beverages, and experience this thing called “a sun” that people keep talking about. After that, of course, there's a lot of work still to be done. I'm looking forward to it. (And I'll be providing you with regular updates along the way, of course.) Let me say it one final time, okay? Thank you.

A House Of Many Doors is due April 2016, according to its Kickstarter page.

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