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A Jurassic Lark: The Stomping Land Trailer 

You know me. You know I love games with dinosaurs. I think I was born in the wrong time period. I'm more of a late-period cretaceous type of guy. Don't believe what those "scientists" would have you believe. People and dinosaurs did live at the same time, as evidenced by the totally fact-based multiplayer dino-hunting game, The Stomping Land. See those hunters? See those dinos? I rest my case. Games One, Science Zuheero. Take a look at the trailer. It has traps, and at one point the guy pole-vaults a stegosaurus.

Let's play the 'ignore the alpha assets' game, shall we? Those dinos might look like they've been made of the same material as Army Men, but there's only so much a prototype game can do. Instead I'm going to coo at the hunty bits, where the buff scavenger uses his bow and arrow to drop a dino, then has to yank the meats off before the bigger lizards come in. How to stop that from creating a dino-feast while you get naught?


There aren't enough games with traps, so seeing the menu pop up in the trailer made my finger hover over the 'Yes' thumb on Greenlight. Then the hunter ran into a herd of dinosaurs, leading a flock into a larger flock as a distraction. And then he vaulted a stegosaurus. I mentioned multiplayer: it's a tribal game, so the other way to survive is to raid other tribes for meat and supplies, while growing your own. I bloody well clicked that Greenlight button. I can only encourage such historically accurate stick-wielding.

I am currently preparing a loincloth for cosplay.

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