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A Monster's Expedition sets off on its chill puzzle romp today

Signed the "log" book yet?

Pack your bags, fellow Bigfoots. Alan "Draknek" Hazelden and pals are ready to take us on A Monster's Expedition. A delightful log-pushing puzzler from the creator of Cosmic Express and Sokobond, Hazelden's latest is a thoughtful trek through an unconventional museum of forgotten human curiosities. The expedition sets off today, so hop along if you're up for a particularly "twee" post-apocalyptic puzzler.

Thank goodness normal museums don't make you bash down trees to visit new exhibits - I'd never made it to the cool skeleton room with these weedy arms.

Having grown tired of building good snowmen (it's hard, after all), our wobbly monster friend has taken a trip through the remains of "Human Englandland", an educational archipelago containing curiosities from a long-lost human civilization - and descriptions the management reckon are accurate enough. It's a wonderful place, but you'll need to be a dab hand at puzzles to find your way around.

In line with Draknek And Friends' previous peculiarities, A Monster's Expedition offers up a banquet of bite-sized puzzles to work your way through. An open-world structure will let you pick and choose which challenge to take on, sure, but you're largely going to be engaging in countless, tiny moments of problem-solving with a timber toolset. Fortunately, early reviews seem to suggest it never becomes too arduous - rather, A Monster's Expedition appears to be a wonderfully chilled-out way to while away a cozy afternoon.

"There's no tension, no forced direction, just curiosity and momentum and a reward that feels, at times, like a welcome embrace," said our friends at Eurogamer in their review. "Pop in and out wherever you like. A free exhibition, on a slow Wednesday you've taken off work, without a message or a sniffy guide."

A Monster's Expedition is out now on Steam and Itch for £13.94/$18.00.

Disclosure: A Monster's Expedition was written by former RPS-er Pip Warr.

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