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A new Alien shooter is in the works, says Fox

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A new Alien game is skulking in the dark, early stages of development, according to the videogames division of Fox. Details about the xenomorph’s next appearance are still hidden in the vents but if we give the flamethrower of journalism a little puff of the trigger here… Ah yes, it’s a shooter. A little more juice maybe… Aha, it’s being made by the relatively young development house Cold Iron Studios, and will "explore areas of the universe that fans haven't got to experience." Cool. All right, just a bit more on the gas… oh no that’s too much you’d better stop. I said TOO MUCH JOURNALISM. ABORT. ABORT.

This info comes from a GamesIndusrty.biz interview with Aaron Loeb, head of FoxNext. The entertainment giant recently bought Cold Iron Studios, which was founded in 2015 by folks who worked mainly on MMOs such as City of Heroes and Star Trek Online, and has given them the eel-tongued project to work on.

“Cold Iron adds a whole dimension of game development and play to our arsenal: long play-session MMOs targeted to PC and console gamers,” said Loeb. “The kinds of games Cold Iron develops will enable us to deeply explore the worlds of our franchises, starting with the Alien universe.”

Another Alien game seemed inevitable, it being a beloved franchise and all, not to mention how well the stealthy horror of Alien: Isolation was received. It’ll be hard to follow Creative Assembly’s detailed homage but here’s hoping we avoid another Aliens: Colonial Marines situation. It definitely sounds like very early days, however, so you may as well forget you even read this story.

In related business news, 21st Century Fox is now owned by Disney. That’s good news for Alien likers, since (as many have pointed out) it now means that the xenomorph is a Disney princess.

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