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A New Slice Of Warframe: Update 10 Is Here

Free-to-play sliver updates

This is a shout-out to the chaps of ROCK PAPER SKANA, the small but dedicated part of the RPS community that slips into their Warframe ninja-bots and slices through the procedurally generated levels. 'Sup? With that social pleasantry out the way, I'm here to tell you about Update 10 of Digital Extremes' popular free-to-play online brawler. Shadows of the Dead introduces two new Warframes for players to purchase, as well as new mission types and other space-ninja accoutrements

The Nekros is the most exciting new addition: a necromancer with a soul punch, which is a punch that rips the targets soul from its body and turns it into a deadly projectile. I can do that. He can also gain more loot, scatter enemies, and resurrect their corpses as a private army. He's so cool he got his own video below. The other, slightly less cool new Warframe is Mag Prime, an enhanced variant of an existing Warframe.

The update also brings a new mission-type. Survival is a fight against spawning enemies. As you fight your oxygen drops, but the enemies drop oxygen as loot. You need to survive for five minutes, sucking down their looted oxygen to avoid asphyxiation. With 22 of those missions scattered throughout the galaxy, and the addition of small PvP battles called Conclaves, there's a fair amount of new content to take part in. So says the Dev Diary.

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