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A New Warframe Of Mind: Open Beta Weekend Begins

Valentine's Day occurred recently. You probably spent it adrift in a mushy sea of rose petals, composing romantic ballads and/or making out with complete strangers. But let's be honest here: there's only so much affection one can spread before it just gets to be a little too much. Fortunately, Digital Extremes is making Warframe, not Loveframe. Better still, you can give the co-op space ninja hack/slash/shoot/burn/boil/mash/stick-'em-in-a-stew-'em-up a go over the weekend, starting at 12pm EST today. Eat that, most powerful of all human emotions. Eat that while I go eat more chocolate.

As per usual with these things, no beta key's needed over the weekend. Simply make an account on Warframe's warsite of wartacular vernacular (and also war), and you're in. Oh, and that'll net you an exclusive weapon thingy, because why not?

"Anyone who has yet to experience the satisfaction of sliding and slashing through enemy mobs now has the chance to join their Tenno brethren. PLUS, all players taking part in our Open Beta Weekend will have the chance to grab the EXCLUSIVE Braton Vandal weapon.  Available this weekend only at the in-game market."

What's a Braton Vandal weapon? I have no idea. But it sure does sound capable of harming people, as per the dictionary definition of the word "weapon."

Warframe has been looking quite impressive, though, so I'm anxious to try my hand at mixing and matching choice bits from its positively mad power selection. I want teleportation-based decoy switcheroos in all my sword games, damn it. Really, though, swords aside, Warframe looks like what Mass Effect 3's multiplayer wanted to be. And it was already pretty alright!

Thinking of joining the fray? Well then, here's a video of semi-recent additions to the beta, which should give you some idea of what you're in for. Happy warring! And framing! Just so long as you're happy. That's all I really care about.

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