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A Plague Tale: Innocence trailer unleashes ravenous rats

Ohhh no

"[It] will almost certainly be That One Game With The Brilliant Rats," our Adam declared after seeing a bit of A Plague Tale: Innocence [official site] earlier this year. It's a stealth game set in France in 1349, when the Black Death is in full swing and swarms of rats are feasting on corpses. Two kiddywinkles are our stealth heroes, trying to dodge both the ravenous horde and the Inquisition, using light to protect themselves from the rats and taking light from their foes to feed 'em to the squeakers. Nasty. Now we can see those rats for ourselves, as the game's first trailer has arrived out of E3:

As Adam explained:

"Rats don't like the light, so the darkness is often a sea of teeth and eyes. Portable light sources keep them at bay, but are hard to come by, so you’ll need to stick to what light there is in the environments, while destroying the lanterns and torches that the inquisitors carry. When you do, they’re soon covered in rats, screaming and devoured. Grim."

He wasn't sure if the demo slice he saw is actually in the game but he did admire those rats:

"At one point, rats pour through a church's windows like streams of oil, flooding the floor and lapping against the flicker of torchlight that protects the protagonists. They’re fluid, like a particle system with teeth and claws, and the way that they writhe and surge adds an element of horror to what might be fairly conventional environmental light-based puzzles."


A Plague Tale: Innocence is made by Aosobo Studio, who are best known for open-world racer Fuel. Publishers Focus Home Interactive haven't announced a release date, or even a release window, yet.

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