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A Short Hike is journeying onto Steam and Itch soon

What kind of bird it is does remain a mystery

“Hike at your own pace — there’s no need to rush to the summit!” is good advice, both in life and in A Short Hike. The mountain explore ‘em up invites you to chat with fellow ramblers; find secrets that’ll let you scale more of the peak; and generally walk, climb, swim, and fly at your leisure. Here’s a breath of fresh air of a trailer.

I thought that this bird friend was a penguin, famously flightless, so when they first hopped off the cliff my heart did stop for a moment. Luckily, I am just a bad ornithologist.

The idea of talking to fellow hikers and perhaps solving a mutual need is a nice one. The obligatory “hello” when you pass someone on a walking trail is one of the best bits of walking; a nice little moment of acknowledgement, so it feels like a natural extension.

This game was a Humble Monthly exclusive (they have those!) back in April. Since then, though developer Adam Robinson-Yu has been working on an update called The Extra Mile with some lovely little detours like new characters and the ability to fish. That certainly adds to the Animal Crossing vibe of the whole thing. The update will be baked into the release on other stores, and should be a free addition for anyone who already has the game through Humble.

A Short Hike: The Extra Mile is coming to Steam and itch.io on Tuesday, July 30th.

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