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A Total War Saga: Troy finally adds multiplayer this week

There's plenty room in the Trojan horse, lads..

Like any good strategy game, A Total War Saga: Troy is a battle of wits between two seasoned commanders. But 'til now, Creative Assembly's Homeric army-smasher has only let you face the cold, calculating mind of its AI strategists. That changes with the commencement of Troy's multiplayer beta this Thursday, finally letting you bash heads with friends for control of the ancient Greek archipelago - or join them in battle across a co-operative campaign.

You put up a good fight, computer opponents. But it's about time I ruined some friendships on the killing fields of ye olde Greece.

Kicking off on Thursday, November 26th, Troy's multiplayer beta will let you finally duke it out against other human players. While matchmaking hasn't been mentioned so far, you'll be able to play custom matches against up to 7 other players - either on the game's own battlefields or on community-created custom maps available through Troy's mod page on the Epic Games Store.

Should you prefer to make allies, not enemies, Creative Assembly also mention that you'll be able to play through Troy's campaign in full co-op multiplayer - drowning your enemies in oceans of their own DLC-enabled blood. I'd expect more details of this co-op campaign to come when the beta launches proper later this week, and the devs note that there'll be more to Troy's multiplayer offerings over the coming months.

Our Nate had a grand old time with the mythological strategy romp in his A Total War Saga: Troy review, but lamented that maybe adhering to the tired Total War format did the game a disservice, writing:

"This is a good Total War game. I love Total War games. I could spend forever comparing every element of it against its corresponding point in previous Total War games, and we’d none of us feel any the wiser for doing so. I suppose the frustration for me is the thought of what sort of a mind-blower Troy could have been if it hadn’t needed to be a Total War game in its entirety."

If it's going to adhere to any Total War trappings, though, you could do much worse than multiplayer.

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