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A Total War Saga: Troy is now on Steam, alongside new Mythos expansion

Let slip the gryphons of war

It seems as if the historical Total War series has been looking enviously at the gleeful monsters of Total Warhammer for a couple of years now, but Mythos is the clearest sign so far. An expansion for A Total War Saga: Troy, it embraces "the legends of Ancient Greece" by saying 'fuck it, let's put a gryphon in.'

It also marks the base game's arrival on Steam after a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity.

A Total War Saga: Troy already contained "mythical units", in that it tried to represent the people who might have inspired the original myths. What if centaurs were not half-man half-horse, but simply men who rode horses without a saddle? As what-ifs go, these are terrible. I've not seen Marvel's new "What If..." series on Disney+ but I'm betting it's not, "What if Spider-Man was not, in fact, a superhero, but instead simply a competent high school student with an interest in glue and string?"

Render billionaire Tony Stark and his flying metal suits more believably and suddenly he's Jason Kingsley.

Mythos is instantly exciting, then: a new DLC that just puts the actual mythical monsters in. Gryphons, cerberus, proper horsemen, hydra, the cyclops. They're all here. It's out now and costs £20/€25 on Steam.

If you're an Epic Games Store holdout, it'll also be exciting that the base game has escaped Epic's Calypso-like grasp after just a year. In his A Total War Saga: Troy review, Nate found the game frustrating for its limitations, but still ultimately a good Total War game - and a good entry point for folks new to the series.

You can now grab ATWS: Troy from both the Epic Games Store and Steam, with a 25% discount knocking it down at the time of writing to £26.24/€37.50.

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