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A Work Of Artyom - Metro: Last Light's Last DLC Out Now

Lights out

Seems like only yesterday that we weren't even sure if Metro: Last Light would ever see the light of day. Seems like markedly closer to yesterday that it was flinging massive balls of spiders at us (this is the point where you should begin imagining this all like one of those fond memories flashback montages, except with the aforementioned imagery instead of a slow-mo snowball/food fight). Now, though, it's packing its bags and preparing to leave us, probably forever. But before it closes up shop once and for all, it's got one last dollop of content for us to remember it by. Three characters, three stories interwoven with Artyom's adventure, three thousand borscht-o-flops of intrigue. Unlike the Faction Pack, however, Chronicles' freshly playable faces should strike you as a bit more familiar.

Deep Silver's keeping concrete story details fairly vague, but - if you've already played Last Light - you should at least be able to infer a little from the trailer. Here, meanwhile, is what you're getting in the plainest terms possible:

"Revisit the Moscow Metro in these three original missions – play as Anna, Pavel and Khan with Ulman in these gripping side stories to Artyom’s quest. The Chronicles Pack includes three original single-player missions, each from the perspective of a different character from the Metro story."

The Chronicles Pack will run you $4.99 on its own, or you can grab it and three other DLC packs as part of a $14.99 season pass. It's available right now, so you'd best hope aboard before this tearful farewell train leaves the station. Before you start playing, though, how are you feeling about the Metro series as a whole so far? Do you want more somewhere down the line, or would you rather see 4A Games apply its considerable, elements-resistant brand of game development to something new?

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