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Action Half-Life 2: The Sauce Of Death

Update! Now with non-hideous video!

Sometimes, you just don't need to think up a funny headline. In this cause, the subtitle does its own job. The sauce... OF DEATH!

If you don't know the John Woo-inspired mod Action Half-Life, you should immediately go and read this. Once you done that and then finished lamenting that there aren't more mods with the same kind of fun!fun!fun! ethos, you can then go and nose trepidatiously at the just-released sequel, which relocates the kung-fu, Max Payne leaps and strangely gentlemanly brutality in the Source engine.

It's early days, with obvious compromises, very few official maps and some key features missing, but the rudiments of AHL's delectable blend of stupidity and balance are there. I'm worried it's not yet doing enough to warrant its own existence (i.e. that there should be this as well as AHL1), but hopefully the community will gradually build it into something special, rather than the crude, if entertaining, skeleton it currently is. Happily, however, it has these things:

- An introductory movie that made me funk-shuffle around my bedroom whilst air-punching and yelling "FUCK YES".
- G-Man with a porn tash.

Oh, just go and play it, would you?

Can't find much in the way of videos yet, bar this one, which I believe stems from some beta tester rather than the creators. The unnecessary ow-ow-ow soundtrack and hyper-editing doesn't sell it very well, alas. Honestly, you probably shouldn't even watch it. I'll stick a better one in once I find one.

Horror-video removed, and replaced with a proper trailer. Don't panic about the first 10 seconds - this isn't a real Rick-Roll. We wouldn't do that to you.

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(Thanks to the various folks who tipped us off to this, including floppy-haired friend-of-RPS Jonty Hicks).

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