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Aerofly FS Lands On Steam. Lands! Get it?!

After the disappointing flop of Microsoft Flight, you may well be asking how you should be taking to the skies. Well, if you follow the advice of our Senior Flying Things correspondent, Tim Stone, you'll know Aerofly FS is a good option. Tim wrote about it back in February, where he was gosh-darned surprised by how good it was. And now it's out on Steam.

I'm not going to pretend to understand flight sims, and I'm even too tired today to make up plane types to annoy buffs. But I really do recommend you go read Tim's piece linked above, as he discusses the various aspects with his flare.

Buying the game through publishers Ikarus is bloody confusing. I eventually reached their store page, and then couldn't find Aerofly FS on it, instead discovering that I could buy Aerofly5 for £250. But that might be a model. Despite linking from the game's page. Go to the international store page and there's a link for Aerofly FS, but this takes you to another information page, that then links you back to the page where I started. Humph.

However, the version on Steam has no number, just Aerofly FS, and obviously comes with no controller at all. So overall, I'm plain (plane?) confused. It does seem that this is the one you should go for, unless you've some extraordinary insight into what on Earth Ikarus are doing. It's currently £25, going up to £30 by the end of next week.

Obviously there's no official trailer or in-game footage, because to provide that wouldn't be massively obtuse. So instead here's a fan-made video that gives you an idea:

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